Murder , Revenge , Love /// RAGLAK \\\ Chapter 4

thank you thank you so much guys.. I’ve already updated intro of next ff named rab ne bana di jodi.. sorry guys, I know you’d asked me to write abirag ff and ragsan ff.. but I can’t because I loose the interest when writing ff for different jodis…sorry.. because none spelled a cast on me like Raglak did..

scene 1,
it was next morning, swara was sleeping in her house lonely.. she was restless on whole night because thinking of the murderer…she got into sleep just now about few hours ago..
swara has one brother that’s Laksh and hadn’t have parents.. she lived with laksh till graduate….after that she bought a house and now living there..
a man in black suit parked his car outside and walks to her house… he wore a black boots and his modelation as a angry man.. he stand infront of the door of swara’s house.. he rings the calling bell… swara jerked wake up and her face is sweat even there is air conditioner on.. she checked her body and scared…
again the man ring the calling bell.. outside of the house, there is no one.. the area was empty and silence.. the man Waited.. swara jerked looked straight..
swara :(thinking) the same scene as in my dream..
she took out the blanket around her and steps slowly.. she’s biting her nails in panic.. she came to the door.. again the calling bell rang..swara looked grave expression and jerked..
swara :(feeling so sure) I know it’d the murderer.. I’m going to die..
she slowly bends and saw outside via the hole on the door.. she saw a black dress..she then stands aside of wall biting her nail again..
swara :(thinking) the same black suit the murderer always wear… I’m hundred percent sure.. he’s the killer.. I’m going to die..
she thinks negative.. but then she changed her mind to confidence and stop biting her nail..
swara :(thinking) no, I’ll not die.. why I want to die?
swara searched for somethings and saw a weights full vase.. she got idea and took that vase..
she slowly opened the door… the man looked at the door open.. she opened it fully.. the man puts his hand on pockets to take something.. swara thinks it somethings.. BASH.. a sound came.. the vase was broken… the man was lying down… his face is shown and its Sanskar who was lying on floor unconscious..
swara looked bold and brave.. she puts that vase aside and bends to him.. she checked what he has.. then only she finds his wallet.. she takes it and opened… she saw a identity card of himself..
it’s written RAW Agent Sanskar malhotra.. swara looked shocked and looked at him..
swara :(shocked) RAW Agent?
she’s fumble… she got panicked…
swara :(sorryfull) oops, it’s mistakenly.. sorry, sir..
she said it to unconscious Sanskar.. she looked around and saw no one..
swara :(relieved) thank god, nobody watch it..
she thanks and moves him inside house by pulling good legs with difficult..

scene 2,
ragini looks restless all the way.. Laksh came to her with tablet and water for her.. Ragini looked at him..
Laksh :(knowing her tension) hey, don’t make yourself as weak person… forget those matter..
ragini :(worried) how Laksh? I was relieved that all are came to peace after that incident.. but all are again coming again.. I’m losing our bestie one by one.. first, mansi then riddhi and next, I don’t know… I’m or swara?
laksh puts his hand on her lip and stopped her from speaking anymore..
laksh :(supportively) don’t think negative.. the police will catch the murderer before anything happens..
laksh hugged ragini.. Ragini looked worried and scared..
Laksh :(lovely) ragini, don’t worry.. I’ll be there for you… if anything happens to you, I’ll be there for your need..if I can’t help you then I’ll be dead at that time…
ragini looked shocked and slapped him hard enough.
Laksh :(shocked) ouch..
Ragini :(glaring) don’t say like this otherwise, don’t think i’ll be calm.. I’ll kill you…
ragini threat.. Laksh knew her feelings.. he hugged her again…
Laksh :(lovey dovey) oh, oh, oh… okay, done…I’ll not speak about it… but it’s true…
ragini broked the hug and glared at him..
laksh : okay, let’s forget it… now eat this..
Laksh gave the medicine and water… Ragini eats the medicine and drinks the water…

scene 3,
swara locked the door and looked gravely.. she looked at Sanskar who’s still unconscious..
swara :(thinking) first aid… ice pack… yes…
swara thinks and goes to get it.. she walks to her room and come outside with a first aid tool box.. she puts it in a nearby table beside Sanskar and goes again.. she goes to kitchen and open the door of fridge… there is some ice pack…
swara :(whishper) thank god.. I have it..
she thanked the god and takes the ice pack to Sanskar, closing door behind her after..
he came to Sanskar who was sitting unconscious on sofa.. she sat beside and put the ice pack on his head softly…
while, she putting it… Sanskar slowly, slowly opened his eyes.. .his vision is unclear and blurred. .but he can saw a woman. ..


I hope guys.’ll like it…bye.. .see you.. .

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