Murder , Revenge , Love /// RAGLAK \\\ Chapter 3


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scene 1,
a building is shown, into the building, a few police officers and RAW agents were gathered in.. they all kept silent in..a lady came there.. she looked brave and bold.. she was about 45 above.. she has white hair and wears a uniform..
lady :(no expression)hmm hmm..

they all looked at her..
lady :(pretending a smile) guys, I’m Ahana Sharma..we’re here to investigate about two murder..
she turned and the screen glows..there is photo of a girl who has cuts on her face.. she was in a pool of blood and was lying in her bed naked..the officer and all stared at the pic..
Ahana Sharma :(looking at the officers)so it’s the case we’re in.. this murder took place on 5 December this year.. the girl killed by a man who’s estimated to be at least 75 kgs..
she said she clicked on laptop.. the big screen changes into another was riddhima pic in the railway.. her face was fully damaged.. she cannot recognizable.. the officers cannot looked at it..they turned.. Ahana Sharma knew their feelings and changes the pic to riddhima’s pic..

Ahana Sharma :(serious)so, this girl is murdered on 18th December.. it’s 13 days after the 1st girl dead.. the link between this two girls is they were friends…the same man who wrote black dress is the one killed the both women..
police officer :(conclusion)it’s must be a serial killing..
man :no, it’s not.. because if it’s a serial killing them victims will not known to each other.. it’s must be a planned..

a man said.. he is wearing a black coat and looking so handsome.. that any girl would fall for him..
Ahana :(slapping the pen on the table)yes, sanskar. you’re right, we also having the same doubt.. it’s must be a planned murder.. i think the murder will not stop here.. we should stop him from attempting next murder plot.. but we’ve no clue for it except the murderer wear a black coat.
she said.. the officer gets to know the full case..
Ahana : (looking at them)we’ve chose a guys for this task.. it’s none other Sanskar..
she said.. Sanskar looked on surprise and looked at ahana..
Ahana :you guys all should help him..
she said..

scene 2,
RagLak reached their house where they are living.. Laksh was the breadwinner of the family.. while ragini, does a small business by sending biscuits to who asking..she loves to cook.. Ragini sat on sofa and was smiling..laksh puts the plastic bag which have the medicine for Ragini on table and smiles at her.
he came to her and sat..while Ragini watched his moves.. he cupped her cheek..
laksh : i love you ,ragini..
Ragini :(smiling)me too.. i love you so much..
she hugged him.. he hugged het back..he remembers their marriage and smiles..
suddenly, there was a calling bell sounds.. they looked.. Ragini about to get.. but laksh stopped her..
Laksh : sit.. I’ll see..
he stands up and goes to see.. he opened the door and saw a girl standing.. she was having a bouquet with her..Ragini saw her and smiles…
Ragini :(happy)come in, swara..
she said.. swara smiled and waved her hand..
swara :(looking at Laksh)hello, Laksh..
she said and hugged Laksh.. Ragini came there and smiled looking at the duo..
Ragini :good to see you two together.. brother and sister..
she said and welcomed swara in.. swara happily hug Ragini..
swara :good to see you, bhabhi.
swara said..Ragini smiled..
Ragini :(smiling)don’t call me bhabhi..we’re friends before.. call me Ragini..
swara nods to her and smiles..laksh looked happy..
Laksh :uffo,it’s gonna be a bad day for me..
Laksh said.. they all were giggling.. they got in.. swara sat down..
Ragini :you both talk.. I’ll go and make a cup of tea for you..
Ragini said and turned… Laksh grabbed her shoulder and stopped het.. Ragini looked confused.. swara looks it and smiled..
swara :(acting)no, laksh.. no, Ragini.. I’m here..
swara said.. RagLak got shy… Laksh threw a paper at swara.. swara hid herself behind her hand.. they all were giggling..
Laksh :(smiling)you sit with her.. I’ll make tea..
laksh goes.. Ragini looked at him going and came to swara.. swara gave her the bouquet.. Ragini takes it..
swara :(smiling)get well soon..
Ragini :(smiling)tq, swara..
they smiled at each other..
Ragini :(sad)how’s the funeral gone swara..?
swara’s smile fades away.. she looked sad..
swara :(sad)what to say? they buried her..she was out bestie..
Ragini’s eyes filled with water..
Ragini :(shaking voice)I’ll miss her.. I’m not able to see her burying..I’d unlucky..
swara :(consoling)it’s not like that, Ragini.. it’s fated.. the police said to be careful because they don’t know who’ll be the next..
Ragini :(sighed)yes, be careful.. because we’ve lost or two friends already..
swara :(scare)yes.. be careful..
swara said..Laksh came there with cups of tea and gave it to them.. they smiled at him and takes it..


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