Murder , Revenge , Love /// RAGLAK \\\ Chapter 2


thank you, thank you so much guys for your grace and support full comments.. I promise you guyss that I’ll update ff of RagLak more.. keep reading and enjoy and read also fanaa ff its all about supernatural and reborn story… if you have time..

Scene 1,
Raglak reached a house, there were all wearing a black suits and dresses…the house was silent.. but few sober sounds.. RagLak came in and looked worried.. they walks in and saw a coffin in the house.. ragini gulped the tears in and controlled her… Laksh was standing behind her.. he consoles her by grabbing her shoulder and gave a squeeze..
he. let’s her go… ragini walks in silent… there is some girls were sobbing.. she gets inside… a girl came to her and take her with him.. she was crying.. ragini’s eyes get filled with tears as he get close to the coffin.. she is gulping the sobber..
girl :(crying) look, ragini… riddhi…

the girl cut short as the sobs get strong and cannot let her to talk more.. the girl buried her head on ragini’s shoulder and cried.. ragini puts her hand on the girl’s head and looked down in the coffin… a body was lying with covering fully.. ragini lets her tears down.. it flows down and cried…
the girl kneel down and looks at coffin..
girl :(sobbing) riddhi, get up… our friend ragini is here..
ragini kneel beside the girl and touched the coffin..
ragini :(crying) she’s with us, swara..

ragini said and hugged swara… swara hugs back and cried…
laksh looked at ragini and came to her.. he touched her shoulder..
Laksh :(worried) don’t cry or sob.. control or it’ll be bad for you..
Ragini :(wiping her tears by back of her hands.. she looked at him) lete cry, laksh… it won’t affect me.
ragini said and turned… she cries… laksh worried looks at her… after few minutes, now the tears of ragini turned to sob… her eyes are red.. suddenly, Ragini sobs abnormally.. laksh kneel beside her… she suddenly suffocate to breathe..
Laksh : ragini! Ragini!
he shouts and shakes her… swara also got worried and shaked her to get her into normal.. laksh said..
Laksh : I have to take her to hospital, immediately..
Laksh tries to lift her… swara helped him… then laksh takes her and get into car.. he makes her lie and get the asthma spray.. but it finished.. so he took her to hospital immediately.. swara sends them off and looked worried..

Scene 2,
it was after three hours, ragini was admitted in the hospital.. ragini opened her eyes slowly and looked around.. she then looked beside her and saw laksh sleeping on her hand.. Ragini smiles tiredly.. she tried ti take her hand from his grip without disturb him… but he got up and looks at her.. he smiles..
Laksh : hah, you’re wake… at last I got my heart back..
Ragini : how am I here? I was there in riddhi’s house, right?
laksh looked on.. he said..
Laksh : so you Don’t remember anything?
he looks confused.. ragini looked on and nodded no to him.
Laksh : you got asthma attack and I bought you here…
ragini nods and gets into deep thoughts… Laksh noticed it..
Ragini : riddhi was my Best friend…
Laksh stops her..
Laksh : it’s a past so better to forget it…. do you know, how I struggled to lift you in my arms? uff,see my hands are painful..
Laksh said… Ragini looked surprised by his talk and beats him on hand… Laksh gets his head close to her and smiles..
Laksh : be happy forever no matter what… I want you to be with me..
he said.. ragini smiled and looks at him… Laksh kissed her forehead and scalp her hair, affectionately..

Scene 3,
in a isolated house…the house is so dark with a little bit of sunlight in.. a man wearing a black shirt and a black pant sat on sofa with a coffee mug.. there is so many photos all around the house which is of Ragini and her besties..
he switch on the tv and changed to news channel… there is news about India were saying… after that the news change.. a photo is shown of riddhima on tv..
reporter : a murder in kolkata… a 25 year old girl is murdered in train station..
blah.. blah… blah… the news finished after awhile.. he switched off the tv… his lips are smiling like he won.. but his eyes are in verge of revenge.. he stands up with coffee mug in his hand.. he walks to corner of the house… he stands and looked at group photo of ragini, swara and their besties.. he smiles and took marker… he then mark X on riddhi’s face and stared at the photo…

Scene 4,
Laksh was helping ragini to sit… while the doctor came in with a report… he smiles at raglak..
doctor (smiling): good morning, mr and mrs. Maheshwari..
Raglak smiles at him and welcome..
raglak together : good afternoon, doctor..
doctor looked confused and looked at his wrist watch..
Doctor : oh, it’s afternoon! sorry,
he smiles.. Raglak also smiles.. doctor came to ragini… Laksh walk backwards and waited…..
Doctor : how are you feeling, now?
Ragini (smiling): good.
Doctor : okay, .
he opened the report of ragini.. he them said..
doctor : you’re okay to discharge.. but ragini, don’t cry or take anything serious.. it’ll get your health bad.
Ragini : okay(nodding)
Laksh look at her.. he came to doctor..
Laksh : get her realize it.. she won’t listen it and doing the things what you say don’t do.
doctor (looked seriously): no, no ragini… it’s not good..
he signed her no. while ragini look at Laksh and whishper…
Ragini (whispers): idiot.
Laksh smiles naughty and looked at her.. doctor finished his advise and looked at Laksh..
Doctor : laksh, take care of her… here is the medicine… give it to her whenever she needs it.. and one more thing, have extra spray for safety..
thus the doctor leaves.. Ragini laughs on him… laksh came to her… Ragini cough.. laksh gets concerned and takes care of her..

scene 5,
while they have a good time. outside of the room, a man was standing and looking at them.. his eyes looks for vengeance… he is burning inside while looking them happily..
the crowd passes and suddenly he dissappeared from there… Ragini felt something looks at her and looked at the door but there is no one…
the man is then shown waking outside of the hospital and takes his bike…he then starts it and rides it like a racer from there… the screen freezes…

To Be Continued…

episode 1s link…

I hope guys you’ll like it… bye.. keep reading and enjoy…

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