Murder , Revenge , Love /// RAGLAK \\\ Chapter 1


hi guys… tq for the coriousity that you showed… tq tq tq so much for your support.. tq,, i hope it’ll continue as it was… i hope.. even swaragini ends, the couples are the we remember still…even the couldn’t get the trp but the couples got more fans… hope, the fans will be always support them… like thaahaan, we hope one day our Raglak also will act a serial together.. waiting for that one day..

Scene 1,
a apartment is shown, there were a big shouting sound.. the camera zooms into the apartment to the shouting side.. there is girl shouting..
girl:(agrily shouting):oh, laksh.. get out of my side, you idiot just go.. I know you told to that girl about me badly.. I knew..
she threw a suitcase at the boy who was standing infront of her and he also shouts..
boy(angrily while taking the suitcase): uffo, ragink just stop your drama and listen.. it’s not what you’re thinking. listen, yaar..
ragini:(angrily and shuts her ears up and looks at him)oooh, stop it, laksh.i won’t listen to you anymore.. I’m not a toy who can tolerate anything you say.. okay?
they shouts at each other.. there is a crowd around them watching their fight..
yes, they fight always everyday atleast, 2 times a day but got patch up in a small time.the people have the entertainment to watch their fight as a daily routine in their every day life..
a girl came out and watched their.. she looks like just got up from sleep now only…
Girl :(frustrated)erghh,fighting again.. why god kept them here? they taking out my beautiful sleep from me every day.. do something..
then, the girl got into her house and closed the door..
while, there ragini throws out laksh’s all related things out from their house..
Laksh (angrily): get lost, Ragini.. I won’t ever see you.. get lost..
he then takes his things and walks to the opposite house to ragini’s house… he opened the door and got in…
ragini stopped anything and thinked. she hears the one word now.. “GET LOST” she got more angry and it turned half a cry.. she was having a perfume bottle.laksh house door closes.. ragini turned and saw the door.. the tears falls from her eyes.. she suddenly threw the perfume bottle fastly to the door. it hitted the door.. laksh stopped walking inside and turned..

Scene 2,
the people start to see their own works..ragini is sitting in the sofa and was crying thinking his word.. “Get Lost” it rings in her ear like restless thing..
on the other side, on the opposite house.. Laksh was angrily making a sandwich.. he looked so angry ..he took the sandwich in his hand and about to bite it but stopped as abruptly.. he thinks about ragini.
he got up from the seat and the walks ragini’s house..he stopped there looking at the door..
laksh :(thinking)should i knock or not?
he turned away and stand.. while one hand still have the sandwich.. ragini opened the door.. Laksh turned with the door sounds… they looked at each other.
Laksh:(his voice shivering like he was about to cry) sorry, ragu. mera baccha..
ragini:(already crying) Sorry, laksh.. mera baccha..
they couldn’t control their emotions for even a second and tightly hugs each other..

Scene 3,
it’s been take a long time to broke their tight hug..
Ragini:(wiping her tears) come in, laksh.
they gets in and closes the door.. Laksh gave the sandwich to her… they shared it and eats it..
after a while, they got a call from someone unknown… ragini took it and heard the talk of the person…. blah blah..

To Be Continued..

prologue link…

si guys… hope you’ll like it… keep support me and read it… bye… tq.. see you on next episode… bye…

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