Muquamal mohabbat ki adhuri dastan ab hogi puri!!ep14 (last episode)

Hello friends!!
I m ending this ff…as my school are starting and my coaching too….so plzz give ur response to this and thank you to all of u for ur love and support…if I got chance I would write another definitely….!!
So let’s start-
Swasan and raglak have departed for their honeymoon

Scene 1
At banglore..isro
Swara- sanskar why u have bring me there….
Sanskar- to complete ur wish
A man- sir all is ready
Sanskar take swara to a room and give her a costume wear by astronauts….
Swara wore it …they move towards rocket
( I know this can’t happen in reality at this time but they are really advances then us)
They both enters the rocket …it starts
Scene shifted-

At Paris
Hotel sweet moments(imaginary)
In honeymoon suite
Ragini- its beautiful……u know I was always having a dream to visit paris
Laksh- I know Japan….and I will complete ur every dream
They keep their luggage and went to change
Ragini came out in a red crop top written Paris on it…and blue shorts with blue shoes….open hair without any makeup …..but still was looking like an angel
Laksh wore white T-shirt along with blue denim
Both went for lunch then go for site seeing

They visited all famous places and took many selfies
Then they go to land of love
It was a beautiful place …all things were in heart shape…….but none was there as laksh has taken special permission
Ragini – woww
Laksh- u like it?

Ragini- no
Laksh shocked
Scene shifted
Rocket stopped-
Swara- I m scared

Sanky- I m with u my angel
Swara smiles and they both landed on moon
Swara- I didn’t thought in my dream that I would actually come here
Sanky- but it was ur dream
Swara- yaa…but I never thought that it would be completed
Sanky- I will do complete ur each an every dream
Swara- its not like that in fairy tales but still it has its own charm……omg…sanskar see earth…….swara WS wondering seeing all things…
She hugged sanskar- I love u sanskar
Sanky- I love u too swara

( u all will be thinking that how they r talking on moon…..its swasan yr…kuch b ho skta h)
After seeing all things they again move to earth
Scene shifted
Ragini- I mean I loved it

She kissed laksh
Laksh responded and both were lost in each other
Then they dance on ishq wala love
After enjoying all day they return back to their hotel and go to bed and slept in each others embrace….( they are tired yr……let them rest first)
Scene shifted

At Bangalore airport
Swara- today is my bestest day of life…….thank u sanskar for coming in my life
Sanskar- thank u for making my life beautiful….its because of u that I realise what is actual meaning of life love
Swara- but why where we are going now ?
Sanskar- just wait and watch
Swara- itna suspense…

They took their flight…..
After sometime they landed in paris
Swara- omg we r in Paris….woww….u knw what mai air ragu hamesha se Paris ana chahte the…..achcha where are raglak
Sanskar- actually me and laksh were seeing different places but neither of could decide and then we went to Bangalore so I don’t knw
Swara- o yaa …even meri b ragu se bat ni hui
Sanskar- now let’s go to hotel

They too go to hotel sweet moments as it’s the best
They got room just opposite to ragalak…all were unknown of fact
Swara changed and come in white and pink one piece with white stilettos
Sanskar wore light pink shirt and white pant
Both went to lunch and then for sight seeing
They saw many famous places especially all romantic places .

Then they went for shopping…
Swara bought a silver clutch for her and many dresses for her. Sanskar bought goggles for himself and shoes ……and jacket
Then they bought for their families…
Then they return to hotel and take some rest.
Scene shifted
Ragu – yr let’s go …..I m hungry
Laksh- even I m hungry but want something else

Ragini- first let’s eat
Laksh- OK Jess apka hukum
They changed
Ragini came in a blue off shoulder middi and laksh wore blue shirt and white pant
Laksh- u r looking really seducing….don’t go anywhere we will order the food
He orders pasta and strawberry juice.
Scene shifted-
Swara – sanskar order some food
Sanskar- sure my angel
He orders noodles and cold coffee.

After sometime-
Ragalak received order but they got swasan order
Same happened with swasan
Swara- sanskar I told for noodles and cold coffee
Sanskar- I ordered that only …don’t know I we got pasta and strawberry juice
Ragini- yr I want pasta not noodles……
Laksh- I think our orders got exchanged with our opposite room…lets go
Ragini- we shouldn’t disturb…its also a honeymoon suite
laksh- are yr they must be wanting same…..I m going

Ragini- I m also coming or they will get u wrong and think u r disturbing them
They went to swasan room
Sanskar opened the door
Sanlak were shocked and surprised to see each other
Swara too comes

All remain silent then laughed
Without disturbing their privacy they took their orders and both couples had dinner
Raglak room
Ragini was standing in balcony…suddenly laksh came and start giving her kisses all over her face and neck
Ragini- what r u doing
laksh- just doing for what we have came
Ragini- achcha she too kissed him …tually bite
Laksh- sherni

Ragini- hehe
He picks her up in his arms her put her on bed and made love each other.
Scene shifted-
Swara was taking bath ……..she was playing in bathtub…sanskar was waiting for him but she was not coming out so he entered an was mesmerized to see her ladylove playing with soap bubbles
He went near her swara saw him – aye don’t u know some manners
sanky- I know but if ur beautiful wife is looking so adorable then who idiot would think about manners …

He too joins her and kissed her ….then he himself made her wear bathrobe and and both came in room
Swara puts him on bed and started kissing him
He holds her and came over her and kissed her neck and then lips…..both pulled blanket…..blurrr
In morning swara was sleeping in sanskar embrace but her moment was disturbed by a phone call
She picks
Person- mam plz come in hospital its an emergency…..wo terrorist …man….heart surgery…..uwant…meet
On the other hand

Laksh received a call
Head- laksh Mumbai is in danger some terrorist have captured it
Laksh- OK sir I m going to india
Ragini – what happened dear?
Laksh told her all matter
There sanskar came to know about matter…he opens his laptop and run his software connected to satellite
He searches India and find 3 bombs in 3 region.
Sanskar- omg ….he showed to swara
Swara- o god we have to rush for india

Ten they heard a knock on door
Sanky- laksh u yaa …see this….he showed him the bomb region
Laksh- I received the call
Swara- ragu our hospital is captured by terrorist…o god
They orders for emergency tickets and reached India …..

Next day morning
MD bospital
Swara was allowed to comin

Terrorist- lo we got very precious thing
Swara- what u want..plzz leave my patients
Terrorist- we will leave ur patients but in exchange we want u
Swaa- OK…but leave my patients
The terrorist released all patients.
So miss ragini…o sorry Mrs ragini sejwal wife of NDA officer laksh sejwal…he killed my brother and now we will get revenge.
Swara monologue- this means they interpreted meragini…I cant tell them truth or ragu will be in danger…I can’t it happen
Terrorist- now we have to search for that sanskar Singh…he has made satellites to search and diffuse bombs

Swara- oh no my sanskar is in danger I have to do something….but how
The terrorist tied swara with time bomb then called laksh-
Great officer laksh ……ur wife has been tied with time bomb … have two hours either ur city or ur wife and yaa we want sanskar Singh device or ….
They were on video call
Laksh saw swara- u
Swara- don’t waste ur time laksh and plzz save all people …nt take tension about me…I know u will …plzz……and plzz save my sister and sanskar

Terrorist- dono hi desh bhakt……wah
There laksh-hey bhagwan …….they thought swara as ragini….an mai kya kru ……
Sanskar and ragini have heard about this
Ragini- I will go to them …they wants mme not my sis
Sanskar- firstly we have to secure mumbai
Laksh- I will save both my country an swara
Sanskar opened his software and diffused bombs but only 2 could be destroyed
Sanskar- still 2 r left ….they can’t be diffused as they are secured
Laksh- swara’s is time bomb while other one is remote …sanskar u can jack the security and could diffuse the remote.
I will go to swara.
Ragini joined sanskar

Sanskar and ragini reached there and started diffusing .
There laksh reached with some other army officers to hospital where all territorists were.
They all secretly entered the hospital attacking some of terrorist guards.
Then finally reached where swara was there .
They managed to escape swara…swalak went to some lone place so they could throw bomb as it was time bomb an couldn’t be diffused.
There ragsan were trying to diffuse the bomb

Sanky- we can’t diffuse it completely but can make it less effective…so it would not harm anyone who is in distance of 500 m
Ragini- this time there is noone who is at 500 m distant
Sanskar- done…now let’s movenow…the terrorist can do anything ..
Both starts to run from there…sanksar called laksh and informed him….
Then a boom side was heard by laksh
He was broken
Swalak reached the cliff .
Laksh was trying to open bomb…..he managed it ….some terrorist came there and shoots him……sue to sudden think swalak fall in cliff.
Its not end …..picture abhi baki h mere dost

Leap of 2 years-
At md hospital

Raginj was working in her cabin …she received a call
Maid- mam swaranshi is calling u
Ragini- then say her dad.
Sanskar- madam ur princes don’t listen anyone bilkul apni masi pe gyi h…he realiswd what he said his voice gets low
Ragini too understand…- in lowly voice- I m coming…today is no emergency
Scene shifted-
Swara was running behind a boy of 2 yes for giving him oats
Swara- babu eat it
Baby- no ma…papa will feed me

A voice came- oye papa k sher aja
He fans toward him – papa a dye….yes…deko mum ….chi chi…toat…thila li h
Laksh- o who is torturing my ragansh…this lady
Swara give him a death glare.
Laksh- shona we have to go Mumbai…
Swara- me too but after losing my husband an my sis…how I will face that city
Laksh- I know its difficult but my permanent posting has shifted to there
Swara- I should pack.

Swalak reached Mumbai ….
There was something different in the winds……like they weree changing thedirection
Scene shifted-
Ragini- that one incident snatched everything…My daughter coldntbsee her father but sanskar u gave her immense love .thank u
Sanskar- don’t this…ahe is my daughter also and u r my friend my wife’ssister…moreover my bestie’s wife..u r my responsibility
Ragini- but till when we will show to world that we r married ….an actually we r not
Sanskar- its for swaranshi
Scene chng

Swara- we r here again…this place snatched everything and we r back
Laksh- swara plz don’t let anyone know that we r not married
Swara- yaa I know..and thanks alskh for being my ragansh’s father
Laksh- he is my bestie’s child m..he is no less than my own child
On the way swara reached MD hospital
Swara- laksh I want to go there..plz
Laksh- ok
She entered…she was surprised to look it…it was like before…all things were acc to her choice
Nurse- swara mam u r alive…mam u don’t w how much we missed u and ragini mam …she
Swara- ragu is alive?…where is she?
And sanskar
Nurse- mam both r alive…e gives her address
Swaa told to laksh…both were so much happy
Both go to ragsan’s house

Maid opened the door-
Swalak entered
Ragsan were doing lunch with swaranshi……all face off each other and were shocked …surprised…happy…but they misinterpreted situation and both couple thought that they have move on
Swalak and ragsan were speechless ….they go from there
Whole night 4 of them were crying of their destiny

Next day-
In temple
4 again face off
Swara- so u both move on

Ragini- u both too
Laksh- no ragini ….actually we didn’t…..hamare pyar pe Hume vishwas ta …ki shyd dusri duniya me hi him mile….mile to yhi PR…dekho
Sanskar- socha to yhi ta kismat hamesha side khel khelti ..laksh tumhari beti ko mene but pyar dia PR timhari patni aaj bi tumhari h PR merit kismat
Swara- this means u both didn’t marry …hum meet gye….hamara vishwas meet gya…sanskar ragansh is our son
Ragini- this means it was a misunderstanding…..nothing has changed…..
Swasan and ragalak shared a hug then swaragini and raglak…..laksh and sanskar love their children
All took blessings of god !!!

After 6 months
At MD hospital
Who organisation- so MD hospital has been declared the best hospital of Asia.
All credit goes to swara and ragini
Swaragini- its swaragini
Scene shifted-
Mr sanskar Singh once again did it….u have launched a satellite to Neptune an Saturn ….
So mr sanskar Singh has been declared a the chief of isro.
Clappings were all around
Scene shifted- mr laksh u r declared as major NDA…and now be ready for giving training to all other people and make them like u an to handle all .
Diary closed

Ragansh- wow kya story ti
Swaranshi – no Bhai kya love story ti
Namish- swaranshi ur mom-dad and masi -masa were so romantic like us.
helly- exactly ragansh….mom-dad air masi-masa ki story pe to movie bnayi jani chiye…aha love story
Swasan and raglak- we r romantic an not were….got it?
All give a family wala hug

Thank u his for all ur love and support…….thanks to all people…silent readers…especially iqu..
Meet u …when destiny decides!

If I unknowingly did any mistake or hurt anyone..then sorry…
Phir milenge chalte chalte
Air ha for all bashers..mplz yr respect each other and I m a swasan fan but I like raglak too…so don’t bash !!

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    Nice,start one more raglak story please

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    abhi di you totally left me speechless!!
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    the last scne was totally lovely and family time scene so loved it too
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      And i will try to post os whenever possible..till then bye….take care…keep smiling..keep studying ….love uh!!!

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      Thank u dear ….ur precious responses r reason for the climax of my stories …..i will surely try to write new story whenever possible!!!love u too dear and take care!

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