Hello this is VHM back with an FF on IB….. please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….

OmRu looked at Shivaay and held his hand and then turned towards Anika …..Anika stood still seeing blood oozing out of Shivaay’s hand and then looked teary eyed at OmRu…….she didn’t move seeing all three of them together in such state……..and that too because of her…….her feelings were clearly visible on her face………..

She ran towards her home and bought the First Aid kit and eld Shivaay’s hand to clean the blood and dress the wound ……OmRu left Shivaay’s hand the moment Anika held it….as they knew she would take care much better than them….they both looked at Shivaay and Anika satisfactorily…

All the while cleaning Shivaay’s wound and dressing it………

Anika ‘’Pagal ho gaye hain kya aap? Itna gussa ki khud ko chot pahuncha diya ? koi aise kartha hain kya? Aise tadi dikhane ki kya jaroorat hain? Kisi aur ke baare mein naa sahi tho kam se kam hamare baare mein hi soch lethe ……Bhagad ……’’

She quickly stopped completing the word as she understood she spoke much more than required hinting them again that she was Anika……

Shivaay ‘’complete …what were you saying…Bhagad what ?’’

Anika ‘’nothing and I didn’t say anything of that sort’’

Shivaay ‘’you..’’

Anika ‘’look Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi…….i am doing this out of humanity as you are hurt …don’t think and assume anything else…I hope you understand’’

she spoke while tying the knot of the dressing…..she was about to tie the final knot ..when Shivaay’s anger and ego awakened and he at once took his hand away failing her to complete the dressing ……

OmRu looked at Anika and then Shivaay …… Shivaay was disheartened and went to his car…….….Anika noticed the questions in OmRu’s face and went inside the home and locked it…..

OmRu decided to meet Anika and talk to her after few hours to ensure that Shivaay reach home safe ………

For few hours silence prevailed at both OM and temporary residence of Anika/Jwala taking away the sleep of everyone…….

OmRu couldn’t resist anymore and went to Shivaay’s room

Shivaay ‘’why did you stop there…come inside…’’

Om ‘’why did you go there and meet her?’’

Shivaay ‘’to know the truth’’

Om ‘’what truth are you trying to know….when everything is clear infront of you?’’

Shivaay ‘’the truth that you always discuss among yourselves but never let it come before me….the same truth which you were about to say two years back when we all saw Anika being the victim of terror attacks…..the same truth which you were discussing to disclose to me few hours back but did not’’

Om ‘’Shivaay……’’

Shivaay ‘’Om….when I received Sumo’s call and heard everything I said a thing…we are brothers and we made a deal between us that we will not hide any matter pertaining to each other …how difficult or harsh it may be….but you both broke that deal for the second time….this time I will not ask you why and what because I have no more hopes that you will tell……so let me by my own way get to know that truth because of which my life turned dark from past two years and still continues to be in dark’’

Rudra ‘’but how do you know we were discussing about Anika bhabhi’’

Shivaay ‘’what do you think I can’t understand or know that matter is about Anika…..everytime her topic comes Mom says something and you both and Badi maa go against Mom’s words and reprimand her….all this is enough for me to understand that there is something more than what happened that day…may be which I couldn’t see and may be which you three know apart from my Mom….’’

Rudra ‘’bhayya …you are……..’’ Om held his hand and nodded NO to Rudra

Shivaay ‘’I am what? Rudra?’’

Rudra ‘’nothing……..bhayya ….please understand we are and will always be with you’’

Shivaay smiled sadly and said

Shivaay ‘’you know om and Rudra…no matter what I cannot think of anyone except you both at this stage of my life.….as you both are my strength and weakness…….because you both are my reason to live at the present moment……but now I really want to find out everything that happened behind my back with Anika…which I failed to sense…..which I failed to understand…..which I failed to imagine…..which I failed to believe……and the day I find out everything and I get to know the truth … may be I will either get back everything or lose everything including myself ’’

Om ‘’shut up Shivaay…what happened to you…why have you changed like this….why are you saying all this……Shivaay when truth has to come out it breaks all barriers and comes out…till then please don’t punish yourself…if not for anyone else atleast for both of us…..and you want to find truth on your own…fine go ahead find out … we don’t want to stop you .. but I definitely from bottom of my heart want you to find truth on your own so that you have peace and we get back our old Shivaay back……we will not come in your way for this…but just promise us that you will not do anything under haste’’

Shivaay ‘’fine……I promise …I will bring the truth out about what happened two years ago …why Anika behaved as such…… everything I will find out and will not seek answer from you both or badi maa ‘’

OmRu came near Shivaay and put their hands on Shivaay’s shoulders pressed it and smiled assuring him to go ahead……..Shivaay looked at them determined……..

Silence prevailed for a while and Rudra broke the silence …….

Rudra ‘’you still love Anika Bhabhi right bhayya?’’

Shivaay looked at Rudra with teary eyes and didn’t reply

Rudra ‘’bhayya answer me…am I saying correct?’’

Shivaay ‘’don’t you still love Sumo? Rudra !!!’’

Rudra was shocked hearing Shivaay asking so……..

Rudra ‘’answer to my question is not your question bhayya…I need yes or no’’

Shivaay ‘’no …I hate her …….i hate for whatever she did…I hate her for breaking my heart and after I know the truth I might hate her even more ‘’

Om ‘’without knowing truth you can’t hate her Shivaay’’

Shivaay ‘’I didn’t expect you to say this Om…because without knowing truth you are hating Gauri too……’’

Om and Rudra were in their thoughts and silently left to their rooms thinking Shivaay had a point to put and he was not wrong……..

A pair of eyes which listened to all this conversation among brothers also left from there without getting noticed by anyone of them………


Anika was reminiscing what all shivaay did and spoke……. and tears made their way out continuously…she didn’t know when in thoughts she slept …….

A person knocked the door and she opened with red eyes …the person gave her a file and left from there……..

Anika got freshened and then sat back to read the file………she at once got up and dialled her chief……..

Chief ‘’I am sure Jwala you might have read the file by now…….so tell me still you want to leave the job’’

Jwala ‘’sir …I want to meet you once’’

Chief ‘’fine turn to the last page and find the tickets’’

Jwala saw it and said ‘’thank you sir…I will be there on time’’

Chief ‘’see you soon’’

The call ended………..

Anika packed her luggage and rushed towards the airport giving her car for service in the midway……the car service guy said that he will deliver the car in 10 days as the glass has to be ordered from company…….Anika agreed to him and left from there…….

As Anika left to airport…… OmRu came to the chawl……….but it was too late for them…………they felt sad and sat down for a while there thinking what sudden turn the lives of their Shivaay bhayya and Anika Bhabhi took……When they were sadly sitting in their car Rudra got a call………..

Gauri ‘’Hello Rudra’’

———–SOMETIME BEFORE , After OmRu left towards Anika’s chawl…….Meanwhile in OM

Gauri went to Shivaay’s room with his Americano and placed it on the side table………

Shivaay smiled at her and asked her to sit…….he freshened up and came to her

Shivaay ‘’kya baat karna chahhti ho Gauri ?’’

Gauri ‘’aapko kaise pata bhayya ki mein aapse baat karna chahhti hoon?’’

Shivaay ‘’itna tho tumhe mein jaanta hoon Gauri…bhayya bhi kehthi ho aur aise stupid sa sawaal bhi karthi ho?’’

Gauri smiled sadly

Shivaay ‘’now tell me what do you want to say?’’

Gauri ‘’will you listen and believe what I would say now?’’

Shivaay ‘’first tell me then you will know’’

Gauri ‘’it’s about…’’

Shivaay ‘’it’s about ANIKA ..isn’t it?’’

Gauri looked at him in surprise and said ‘’YES’’

Shivaay ‘’go ahead’’

Gauri ‘’I don’t know what exactly happened two years before but I know few instances where Anika bahujaii was not at fault’’

Shivaay frowned looking at her

Shivaay ‘’I didn’t understand’’

Gauri ‘’I will explain you….bhayya remember you accused Anika Bhabhi of letting Ranveer and Priyanka meet believing choti maaji’s words?’’

Shivaay thought for a while and the whole scenes of accusations came infront of his eyes

Shivaay ‘’hmmm…I remember…but it was clearly seen in CCTV footage that she was the one to open the door’’

Gauri ‘’no bhayya…you were wrong and I can guarantee you on this…because on that day I went to meet Anika bhaujaii and tried to calm her, she spoke about what all happened …later while discussing we called Rudra and asked how to see the CCTV Footage recording..Rudra helped us…you can verify this with Rudra if you want……when we saw it slowly there was someone else who opened the door after Anika Bhabhi came in……’’

Shivaay ‘’what?’’

Gauri ‘’yes bhayya…and the person was……the person was……’’

Shivaay ‘’tell me the name Gauri…..why are you struggling to let me know the name?’’

Gauri ‘’will you believe me bhayya if I take the person’s name?’’

Shivaay ‘’tell me Gauri’’

Gauri took a long breathe and said ‘’PINKY MUMMY JI’’

Shivaay dropped his Amerikano on ground and looked at gauri….Gauri was scared ……..

Shivaay ‘’are you sure gauri ?’’

Gauri ‘’yes bhayya…if the footage is still available then I can show you even now’’ she said while picking up the broken cup pieces that fell a few seconds back….

Shivaay called Khanna and asked him to bring the CCTV footage……..Khanna brought it and gave it to him

Shivaay played the video and was seeing it in a slow motion…..gauri asked Shivaay to stop the video at one point…….Shivaay stopped then Gauri asked to play again and she was explaining how Anika locked the door after coming and then a hand which opened the door……Shivaay couldn’t believe what he just saw and looked at Gauri

Gauri nodded her head in positive and said …..

Gauri ‘’it is true Shivaay bhayya this hand is of Choti maaji’’

Shivaay ‘’this can be of Anika’s too’’

Gauri ‘’no bhayya …look at the bangles the hand has …now play the video…stop …here look the same bangles Chotii maaji wore that day………this was how we concluded that all this was done by Chotii maaji…..and …..’’

Shivaay ‘’and what Gauri ‘’ he raised his voice out of frustration

Gauri ‘’and after that I don’t know much but I think Anika Bahujaai met Chotii maa to confront her …..but from then on Anika bhabhi’s behaviour totally changed’’

Shivaay was not able to believe what Gauri was saying…….Gauri stopped and held Shivaay bhayya’s hand to tie the knot that he did not allow Anika to tie few hours before……

Gauri ‘’Bhayya…not only this on the mehendi day…..when we found that Mehendi had Acid ……sometime before chotii maaji gave Anika bahujaii clove oil to mix in mehendi …and though I was not present while checking the CCTV footage this was also seen…you can see if you want….Anika bahujaai mixed what she was given by choti maaji……all these cannot be coincidence …there is something else to this bhayya…as if it was planned by someone just to make Anika Bahujaii to fall in your eyes’’

Shivaay was reminiscing all the incidents that happened two years before……to him what Gauri was saying was making sense and his heart and mind synced in agreement………

Gauri ‘’Bhayya…..i don’t know the truth what exactly happened but all I can say is …Anika Bhabhi can never think of separating you from your brothers ..not even in her dreams…nor she is interested in money …..I can also tell you that she was; may be that day acting to hide something big…which may be she doesn’t want you to know….who asked her to do so ..why she did so …even I don’t have any idea …but I have only one belief ANIKA bahujaii is pure hearted, innocent and trust worthy…….’’

Shivaay ‘’Gauri…when you knew all this long back why didn’t you let me know’’

Gauri ‘’bhayya when I knew that chotii maaji accused Anika bahujaii…she stopped me from letting you know because she felt it will create differences between you and chotii maaji……I was also unsure to let you know because I was new to the family and my relation with Omakara ji then was miserable…….later I didn’t understand why she was acting weird….then when I thought there was a major reason for her to do so was already late…we saw Anika bahujaii’s death in news…..what purpose will it resolve if I say truth then…it will be the same as Anika bahujaii thought before…I will be creating differences between you and choti maaji and so I stayed mum’’

Shivaay ‘’then why did you say it now?’’

Gauri ‘’because today at early hours I heard the conversation between you , Omkara ji and Rudra…..i heard you want to find out the truth on your own..i also heard Omakara Ji and
Rudra want you to know the truth on your own……so I thought may be I can help you if I say this now…I don’t know whether I am leading you in a proper way or not…but I just wanted to let you know please don’t hate Anika bahujaii….I also believe Jwala is Anika bahujaii…….my heart believes it…you might not know and omakara ji and Rudra may not have noticed but when you were slipping down the cliff and we all were trying to bring you and Sahil up…she looked at Omkara ji and Rudra with same affection as she used to look when she was in this house with all of us…at that instance I understood she cannot be some Jwala …she is our Anika bahujaii…your ANIKA’’

Shivaay listened to her and sat on bed in thoughts…….gauri knew shivaay needs time and left from there……..all this conversation was heard by Pinky……….

Gauri came out and saw Pinky looking at her angrily…….


Pinky held Gauri’s hand and dragged her away from Shivaay’s room and spoke :

Pinky ‘’Gauri , what were you trying to tell Shivaay? ‘’

Gauri ‘’what did I say Choti maaji ? I said what had happened then….that’s it’’

Pinky pointed her Index finger towards Gauri and started saying

Pinky ‘’you said much more than that…and remember if Shivaay….’’

Pinky was about to complete the sentence when Shivaay came out…he saw Pinky talking to Gauri pointing her finger towards her…….Pinky and Gauri also saw Shivaay looking at them…..

Shivaay walked towards Pinky and said

Shivaay ‘’what should Gauri remember mom? Tell me even I want to know’’ he spoke this time in a bit louder tone

Pinky was giving fake smile while trying to fetch words to answer him

Pinky ‘’Shivaay…when did you come? ‘’

Shivaay ‘’mom…first answer me? What should Gauri remember about ?’’

Pinky ‘’ohh that’’ she smiled fakely and continued ‘’I was just saying Gauri to remember that if you hurt Shivaay once again by making him remember Anika ,then I will scold her…that’s it’’

Shivaay ‘’really mom…do you think so?’’

Pinky ‘’off course’’ she again fumbled ‘’why are you asking me like that’’

Shivaay looked towards Gauri

Shivaay ‘’gauri you go and rest …I have to talk to my mom in person’’

Gauri looked at Shivaay and then at Pinky , and left from there confused and above all scared as where will this lead to……

Shivaay ‘’Mom…come to my room…I need to talk to you’’

Pinky ‘’but…what is there to talk’’

Shivaay ‘’many things needs to get cleared that are disturbing please’’

He held Pinky’s hand and took her inside his room and closed the doors………

—————–Present Situation…………

Gauri called Rudra ……OmRu were sitting in the car sadly near Anika’s chawl………

Gauri ‘’Hello Rudra’’

Rudra ‘’haan Bhabhi’’

Gauri made him know the situation, and ended the call……Rudra inturn informed Omkara about the same…….

OmRu rushed towards OM…………….


Anika reached the head office of RAW….she directly went to meet her Chief……she knocked the door

Chief : Welcome Ms.Jwala !!!

Jwala : Thank you Sir….and I am sorry I couldn’t save Arjun

Chief : once you are in this organisation , do you think you should care about your life

Jwala : Sir, but he is someone to his family

Chief : Jwala … his family must be proud of him.well let’s leave this and come to the actual topic…….did you read the file?

Jwala nodded her head in positive……

Chief : so what’s your decision ?


So this was the Ninth episode of the FF ………..Please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad is welcome…I will reply as soon as possible….all credits to NIKITA !!!


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    And Shivaay…….very painful Shivaay same as IB. But one difference is ur ff Shivaay is still remaining as old SSO n IB he is emotionless Shivaay not SSO!! He is same SSO version 2 for Sahil. Very emotional parts….seriously very emotional. More than Anika I felt bad for Shivaay. Bcz in this matter he is not fully wrong though he is the one suffering from solid pain.

    Anika…..again she is wrong! She is not the old tadibaaz Anika!! Apart from this I don’t know what to say bcz I don’t like Anika’s this stupid decision(in both that is in IB n in ur FF).

    Jhanvi also bounded by Anika’s promise?? Did u changed it for ur FF di??

    Thank god di, finally u ended that girl’s chapter!! So, soon Sumo is back!!! Yayyyyy….

    OmRu….whatever Shivaay told them is absolutely correct. With or without their knowledge they are also hurt Shivaay n his feelings!

    Gauri….thanks di for making her little bold unlike DBO Gauri!

    Pinky yuckkkk ponky(her pkj name from myside di)….no redemption track for her di….plzzzzzzzzzz

    And ending, expected or very expected??! What was that di?

    That Arabian code word( right to left), such a unique thought di!! Really this is wonderful concept….HATS OFF TO NIKITA. AND BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES TO NITHA/ MOHITHA…… Waiting for next part di…

    • VHM



      Hey Gayathri…thank you so much for such a sweet long opinion…first of all i am so happy to see you back….and next i am even more happy to know about your result…congratulations…finally i am much more happy that you read all episodes in one go…you gave me so much of happiness dear and i am so overwhelmed for the same…
      Anika will come back once again…but with a major twist…..and probably a head spinning twist…i hope you all will like it…thank you so much once again dear……thanks a lot

      • Gayathri.visu


        |Registered Member

        Thank u so much di!!
        Head spinning twist???! But waiting for that twist di…. Ok bye di, I have to catch my college bus….

  17. Jerry_36


    |Registered Member

    Hey Harika Di !
    The update is super fabulous. I loved the way you showed conversation of Gauri with Shivaay, now I think he is steadily understanding everything.
    Loved the update totally, awesome writer as well as a awesome update. Truly fabulous.
    Also loved Anika’s caring nature !! Love you loads. Post soon !❤

    • VHM



      Hey Vedika…thank you so much dear..thanks a lot….yes now he will understand everything step by step……awee so sweet of you thank you so much

  18. Banita

    FABULOUS update di…. Shivri convo was just Superbb..,.. Luv it…. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt…

  19. Ahsana98


    |Registered Member

    Sorry Di for this late reply. I was reads your ff yesterday but I don’t comment. I have get time today, before going college I wants to comment on your work. Like you Both’s all episodes it’s episode also super duper. It’s was very emotional part . When anika saw shivay hurts himself she goes to take care him. Anika very hurts seeing his wound . She says to shivay why he do like that but when she saying bagad billa she stops in midway. Her answer for take care him for a humanity concern make shivay ‘s angry more.
    I like the ways you describe the part. When rudra ask do you still love anika bhabi right but without answering his question shivay asks rudra do you forget sumo. Rudra was silent after hearing the question. But he again ask his reply. That time om says you are misunderstand bhabi without knowing the truth and that time shivay asked you also misunderstand gouri without knowing the truth. It’s was the best part of this ff. This questions help oberos for rethinking about their lives. And I like the way you write shivay says without omru ‘s help he will find out the truth. It’s was good. If shivay himself find out the truth, that’s was good. And gouri give hint to shivay for finding the truth. I’m happy shivay finally knew anika ‘s truth not full truth but he knows she is innocent. And the next episode will witness the encounter between shivay and pinky. Anika change her decision of leaves RAW, I waiting for knowing what the reason that change her decision. And Di I didn’t read your previous ff till now. So I don’t know what was happens on that ff. You are decide shivay is illegitimate child of kamini and shakti. So its story give an another twist and turns. I’m waiting for that. I hope shivay is not illegitimate in real IB. Update soon Di. Good morning Di have a nice day

  20. Nita D

    Nita D

    |Registered Member

    The story is getting more n more interesting with every chapter….Anika in a panicked state was almost about to slip the truth….she controlled it but that much piece of information was enough for Shivaay to decipher that she was his Anika….the brothers convo is also very nice…everyone spoke what the feel or mean… least there will be no misunderstandings now….and all have unanimously agreed that Shivaay should find out the truth by himself…this way OmRu’s promise to Anika will also not be broken….

    My respect for Gauri has increased even more after this….the way she calmly explained everything to Shivaay and cleared all his doubts and revealed each n everything was fab….N the way she justified herself for not reveal it till now us also lovely….
    I liked that Gauri is also there in the foreground…..

    Now what’s this new thing with the file??? Whatever it will be, it help shivika come closer. As Anika is not quitting her job after reading that file…..

    • VHM



      Hey Nita…thank you so much for the super khidkitodh analysis…thanks a lot…i am happy you liked it…well after episode 11 i am bringing in new twusts just to maintain the genre of the ff…
      not deviating the essence though…hopefully you all might support me the same way as you did…and why i am saying this you will know after reading next part last part………

      I didn’t want to patch up Omkara -gauri at this stage so i left those strings still loose…their patch up will happen a bit late but respect for each other is gonna increase…

      too many spoilers i gave but that’s oaky …i can give this much to you naa…

      thank you so much once again dear…thanks a lot

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.