Hello this is VHM back with an FF on IB….. please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….

Shivaay dropped the mobile and with the sound OmRu came to Shivaay and saw the mobile broken and Shivaay teary eyed……

Om’’Shivaay…are you alright? What happened?’’

Shivaay jerked away Om’s hand and spoke

Shivaay ‘’I didn’t expect this from you…you both started to hide things from me? What did you think …I am so weak not to take harsh truths…….’’

Rudra ‘’but bhayya first let us know what happened…why are you angry and why are you saying all these words’’

Shivaay ‘’I received Sumo’s call on Om’s mobile…….she was speaking of seeing Anika in Australia and you both knew this…….and you didn’t feel important to let me know this…why ?’’ he shouted

Om ‘’Shivaay……Shivaay relax…we wanted to let you know once we confirm so that we can see happiness on your face…we didn’t mean to hide anything from you…trust me this is the only truth’’

Shivaay ‘’trust….i am losing trust on myself what will I trust someone else……you have hurt me OmRu…you have deeply hurt me’’

He looked at them for a moment

Shivaay ‘’and happiness …happiness left me the same day when everything ended ‘’

Saying this Shivaay left from there

Rudra called up sumo and asked what she found …Sumo explained everything and this was listened by Rudra and Om as Rudra kept speaker on mobile……later after they dropped the call…..both of them became sad and lost their final hope too……..


Arjun and Jwala stepped into the chawl disguised as a Gujrati couple and entered the chawl……Jwala felt some old relation with the chawl….she felt as if she lived there earlier too…and stood still looking around…..a kids words were ringing in her ears…….and she was turning around…Arjun saw her in stress and made her stand still holding her by her shoulders……

Arjun ‘’Jwala what are you doing? Why are you behaving so odd? Please control …you must always remember : one wrong step will lead to a hell of disaster …so please understand and concentrate in the work we are here for’’

Jwala ‘’sorry Arjun …I will concentrate from now on’’

Arjun ‘’that’s ok…come let’s move’’

They both entered a house and closed the door……..

Jwala ‘’Arjun please let me know what’s the next plan and why are we here…if you don’t say anything how will I do my job?’’

Arjun ‘’Fine I will say but just check if anyone is around…I can’t take risk’’

Jwala looked outside the windows and for safety sake she closed them for a while

Arjun ‘’Jwala …our chief has got information that someone has tried to verify our identity in Australia…this indicates someone is following us…and coming to the next steps…we
have got to know the criminal whom we have come here….. his men are in and around this chawl and the criminal might be having a secret meeting held near by this chawl…this was from our intelligence report…so we are staying here disguised…our immediate step is to identify his men in this chawl and get to know what is he planning during Ganesh puja…tomorrow we will be meeting ACP Mumbai and will get to meet the lady officer who is working on this case starting from Meerut since last one and a half year’’

Jwala ‘’lady officer on this case right from Meerut …what’s her name….’’

Arjun ‘’ACP Bhavya’’

Jwala ‘’Bhavya…Bhavya……..’’

Jwala POV ‘’Why am I feeling I know her…not know her but know her very well……..what’s happening with me ….why am I getting so much troubled after coming to Mumbai…what’s my connection with this place…No Jwala you cannot be disturbed this mission is important for you…so concentrate on this mission first, later you can solve the disturbances in your personal life’’


Bhavya ‘’Hello sir!’’

ACP Mumbai ‘’Bhavya come to the office tomorrow at sharp 9:00 AM , we have RAW agents coming in and you will work in association with them’’

Bhavya ‘’But why RAW in this sir…I have tried my best in past one and a half year and I am very close to get him …then suddenly why they are being involved’’

ACP ‘’It’s government order and believe that there is something more to this case’’

Bhavya ‘’sure sir you say …Jai hind sir’’

The call ended and Bhavya was in thoughts when Rudra entered the room

Bhavya ‘’Rudra what happened why are you sad?’’

Rudra explained everything and Bhavya listened to him in shock…

Bhavya ‘’that’s okay Rudra don’t worry …we should move on letting the past go…otherwise we can never see the future’’

Rudra ‘’may be you are right …but I am worried for Shivaay bhayya…he is not able to move on’’

Bhavya ‘’try Rudra …try to make him come out of this…this is the only way…isn’t it too late we haven’t done so’’

Rudra ‘’yes…we have to bring him back to his old self otherwise we might lose him forever…’’

Bhavya ‘’that’s the spirit’’

Rudra ‘’thanks for everything Bhavya…thanks a lot’’

Bhavya ‘’my pleasure…. And one more thing Rudra ….tomorrow morning I am going on some by the time you wake up..i might not be in OM’’

Rudra ‘’that’s okay…take care’’


Shivaay POV ‘’has Sumo really seen Anika in Australia……is Anika still alive……I am sure she cannot leave me and go so early……I know how I managed myself all these days in past two years……..more than managing myself……. the pain that Sahil underwent is terrible..Sahil had only Anika with him and now he feels he lost everything…..I had to act very strong infront of him and assure him that I am there for him…..but he is a kid……and me ……I lost everything the moment I sent Anika out of OM…..what an unfortunate day it was…the darkest day of my life…how it started and how it ended…….but how could Anika do that with me……why did she try to divide me and my brothers …till few days before that she was very normal and enjoying….what was that sudden change within her…what was she hiding? And what was badi maa saying two years ago when the news of death of Anika broke out………why was badi maa taunting my mom.what truth was she talking about….’’ we three know the truth ‘’ …one is badi maa who are the other two…OMRU ? or my dad and bade papa? Or Gauri and Bhavya ? apart from Badi maa who are the other two who knew the truth? Above all what is the truth? So many questions and I have no answer…..Anika what mess have you created ? where are you ? I have never believed you left me so if I am true please…please come back…I just want to see you once …just to ensure Sahil that you haven’t left him if not for me…….’’

Om came to Shivaay……Shivaay came out of thoughts and saw Om…shivaay turned away his head….Om went to the direction where Shivaay was looking…he knelt down and looked at Shivaay

Om ‘’still angry with us Shivaay?’’

Shivaay ‘’how does it matter to you Om? You both have broken the basic rule between us. And I am very upset because of that’’

Om ‘’Shivaay …do you really think we can hide such a big matter from you? Shivaay when Sumo called I wanted to ensure she was right or wrong before informing you….so I called up external affairs ministry and got the job done…’’

Shivaay ‘’if it was Anika you would have said me for sure…I believe you…what if instead of me you picked up sumo’s call and got to know it was not Anika….would you have still said me the truth?’’

Om bent his head down…..

Shivaay ‘’answer me Om? Would you have informed me?’’

Om couldn’t speak anything

Shivaay ‘’your silence says everything Om and that’s the exact reason why I am upset…..Om I know my heart is weak but I am not as weak as you think…Shivaay Singh Oberoi can never fall weak…..’’

Om ‘’everyone falls weak for their dear ones Shivaay and you are not any exception…’s true if I got to know before you that she (Sumo) was mistaken I would have never said it to you ……..because’’

Shivaay looked on

Om ‘’because if the point of discussion is Anika Bhabhi then you cannot bear anything …you go weak and the reason is you still love her….YOU LOVE ANIKA BHABHI EVEN TODAY SHIVAAY…and you cannot deny this fact’’

Shivaay ‘’stop it Om ..i don’t love her…she did much and she very happily died making my life terrible…if at all she comes before me the only feeling I will develop is revenge’’

Om ‘’really Shivaay…revenge? Then let me ask you why are you taking care of Sahil …Sahil is ANIKA bhabi’s only weakness …if you want to take revenge then not taking care of

Sahil is the best revenge right…then why are you taking so much care of him? why do you love him so much? When Anika Bhabhi gave Sahil’s responsibility to Rudra and me …you decided that you will take care of him….accept it Shivaay you still love her and if she comes before you, you will only love her not feel like taking revenge from her’’

Shivaay couldn’t speak anything else….

Om ’’Shivaay …..i just wanted to say if matter is about Anika Bhabhi…we will think twice before letting you know anything because it is the most sensitive matter of your life and we cannot take any risk as we cannot see you in pain’’

Shivaay looked at Om teary eyed and hugged Om ……Om allowed him to take his tears out and get rid of the pain…….


Bhavya reached on time and ACP and Bhavya were waiting for Jwala and Arjun….

Arjun entered just then

ACP saw him and gave him a frowned look…..

Arjun ‘’I knew you were expecting my colleague too….but we had some other matter popped up…so she will not be making here on time today…we can proceed’’

ACP ‘’Mr.Arjun …meet Bhavya…ACP Meerut…’’

Bhavya and Arjun shaked hands

Arjun ‘’Nice to meet you ACP Bhavya….well I hope you know who I am now…and what’s purpose of my visit here’’

Bhavya ‘’yes sir…ACP sir told me’’

Arjun ‘’so whatever I am going to tell you…it must be confidential and should be between us three …I will not take a step back to suspect either of you if the information leaks out of this room….sorry but I have to be harsh in warning you both as a part of my duty’’

Bhavya ‘’that’s absolutely fine sir…so may I now know why have you taken up this case?’’

Arjun ‘’well to catch SULTAN’’

Bhavya ‘’but why is he under your radar’’

Arjun ‘’that’s confidential ACP …just understand he is a biggest threat to our country and now he is planning something big for the upcoming Ganesh Pooja and in his hit list are the Oberois’’

Bhavya stood up ……..

Bhavya ‘’ Oberois?’’

Arjun ‘’do you know them …I mean…. I know… everyone know them what I meant was do you know them personally?’’

Bhavya ‘’sir, I am residing in Oberoi Mansion from past one and a half year….so by now you might have understood how well I know all of them’’

Arjun was now surprised

Arjun ‘’great…so we are in good line…now I need one help from you….you need to make mine and Jwala’s entry in Oberoi mansion at the earliest…..’’

Bhavya ‘’sir, I know it’s confidential but still please let me know how are Oberois linked to this case?’’

Arjun ‘’I cannot divulge much details …but just let me tell you sultan has a long time rivalry with Oberois and he knows Oberois are going to do the Maha aarthi at coming up Ganesh
Pooja…so we need to take utmost use of the opportunity…keeping them safe and catching our target ‘’

Bhavya ‘’sir but you said threat to our country and now you are specifying threat to Oberois…I don’t understand anything’’

Arjun smiled and said ‘’ ACP…he is going to kill two birds at one shot…..his personal and professional rivalry………Personal rivalry with Oberois and professional rivalry with country …more than this I cannot let you know anything as …even as of now I donno anything…I hope you understand’’

Bhavya ‘’right sir…when do you want to enter the mansion?’’

Arjun ‘’will inform you sooner after talking to my chief and Jwala too’’

Bhavya ‘’as you say sir…I will leave now’’

Arjun ‘’jai Hind ACP’’

Bhavya ‘’jai Hind sir’’

Arjun greeted ACP Mumbai and left towards chawl……….he reached the chawl and saw the mess in their house at once he got alert and searched the house …to see all the glasses and utensils dispersed here and there except for a glass …..he went near that left alone glass and picked it up to see ….jwala leaving a code under the inverted glass….

Pno : 11 / 7 / 1980 was all that he found…he smiled and went near his suitcase ……..he searched for his personal notepad and opened the book and turned to 11 th page and looked at 7 th poem……

‘’Jaa rahi hoon us khoj mein
Milne un andekhon se
Jaha sunayi degi khamoshiyan ki awaaz
Aur khulenge un awaazon mein kuch chupe hue raaz’’

He flipped to page no : 19 and saw she underlined few numbers…………he started writing the numbers in an order and finally got the sequence

‘’1 18 1 2 9 1 14 : 12 1 20 5 18…21.. 10 15 9 14…23 9 12 12.. 9.. 13 9 19 19 9 15 14…15 21 18…23 9 20 8…16 18 15 3 5 5 4…21.. 21 19.. 15 14…5 25 5.. 11 5 5 16 9 14 7…9 19…19 15 13 5 15 14 5’’

Arjun smiled and left from there understanding where she went and what she meant !!!

Arjun called Bhavya and said that he want entry into Oberoi mansion the same evening…Bhavya questioned him about Jwala…he asked her to say that he will be entering with his wife…..Bhavya understood and agreed……..

Bhavya entered OM and saw everyone in the living room with sad faces

Bhavya ‘’What happened why are you all sad?’’

Rudra ‘’nothing…did your work get completed?’’

Bhavya ‘’yes…but what’s the matter Rudra? Why is everyone sad?’’

Dadi ‘’bhavya Puttar…what else can be the reason …tomorrow is Ganesh Chathurthi and it’s our custom to do maha arthi in the Ganesh temple…however this time Shivaay has disagreed to come for the aarthi….’’

Bhavya POV ‘’ohh no…if Shivaay bhayya doesn’t come then all the plan is going to fail…I have to do something and make him agree…the plan shouldn’t fail….i know I am putting them in risk but still this is needed for all good reasons’’

Rudra ‘’Bhavya…what are you thinking? ‘’

Bhavya ‘’no…no …nothing’’ she kept quiet……

Bhavya ‘’Rudra today evening my friend will be coming here with his wife to meet me…sorry I asked him to come …hope you don’t mind’’

Rudra ‘’that’s okay ..’’

Bhavya ‘’are you sure…the situation in our house….’’

Rudra ‘’it’s fine Bhavya…….the situation has been the same from past two years …because of someone who doesn’t care ‘’ he said looking at Pinky..

Pinky glared at him angrily……


Arjun arrived with Jwala to OM…….

Jwala started feeling uncomfortable …….she saw OM and flashbacks of her being there earlier was haunting her…….

Arjun ‘’Jwala please …why are you in thoughts ‘’

Jwala ‘’I am feeling uncomfortable here….i don’t why…but this place is giving me some memories which I am not able to recollect properly’’

Arjun ‘’But Jwala…….’’

Jwala was standing infront of Arjun facing her back towards the main door of OM……..she received a call on her mobile …she spoke and looked at Arjun …Arjun saw Shivaay coming towards them…..

Arjun saw Shivaay and then looked at Jwala who by then completed the call……

Shivaay’s sensor started working as he was feeling that Anika was somewhere near him……he saw a lady facing towards the gate …….and from the back she looked like
Anika…….Shivaay started moving towards her while his heartbeat was growing …….

Jwala ‘’Arjun there is something very important to let you know…’’

With the presence of Shivaay around her …her heartbeat was also growing fast and she was feeling as if someone who is so precious to her is around her…and started to turn around ………….

So this is the Fifth episode of the FF….please let me know how you felt after reading this……any comments good or bad are welcome…I will respond as soon as possible…all credits to Nikita

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  1. Jahanara

    Awsm akka as usual…… So shivaay jiju’s anika-meter started working aftr 2 years??….. he is going to be hell shocked to find tat he saw jwala wife of arjun not Anika didi ?? but jiju u can’t deny the fact tat u luv didi whn my om bhaiyya said ??
    U jst rocked akka luv u akka??

    1. VHM

      Hey Jahanara …thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…..yes finally anika meter worked after two years…..yes offcourse he would but when? wait for tomorrow’s episode to unfold the next mystery………..

      Thank you so much dear and love you loads…..

      All credits to Nikita too

  2. Priyadas

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    1. VHM

      Hey Priya… thank you so much and sorry dear…i had to stop there to continue the revelation in next episode……..awee thank you so much once again for those awesome lines…this FF is because of Nikita and i am just playing a role of making her imagination converted into words…..thanks a lot again dear

  3. Awesome…..
    ShivOm scene was emotional…..Beautifully written….
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    Again a cliff-hanger….
    Waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Shivika…thanks a lot…will he see or will he not will he react when he sees her? all these questions will be answered in tomorrows episode……

      Next episode i uploaded dear waiting for it to get posted……..

    1. VHM

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    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Sweety….thanks a lot….don’t feel bad for Shivaay …he will soon gain his original form …very soon…will Jwala be in OM now or will she not …wait for tomorrow’s episode…

      Yes Jwala and Arjun as Gujrati couple specially for you and read tomorrow’s episode without fail …there is something special for you……..

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    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Chotii…thanks a lot….and sorry…….

      suspense maintain cheyali kada..ala akkada aapakapothe repu naa next episode nuvvu chadavavemo ani naa bhayam…maa bhayalu maaku untayi kadha……

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    actually i was listening to that song while reading it and coincidently it matched the theme in the last part. so thought of writing with the same flow…
    PS: i know i have done a major blunder with the above one so whoever finds it incorrect please forgive me!!!

    1. VHM

      Hey Ashwinee….thank you so much dear…these days i have not been able to listen to songs properly…even this song is new to me…but i will listen whenever i get time……

      thank you once again dear…love you so muchhhhh

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      Thank you so much Mohitha……..

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      saiiiiiiiiiiirisshhhhhhhhhhhhh…your name na brings a big smile on my face….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot for all the compliments

      q> do shivaay know pinky’s truth or he has to found out
      a > no he doesn’t know Pinky’s truth….very soon the current track of real IB will start in this FF…..

      q> one more thing..was this chappy a flashback .
      a> yes this chappy is also the flashback……..once the flashback ends i will cleraly mention end of flashback in the episode….the flashback started while Anika and Oberois were driving after saving Shivaay and Sahil from Fauzi towards their respective homes!!!

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      Thank you so much Zaveesha…thanks alot…and i hope you are not scolding me for stopping at the nick of time……

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