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Shivaay looked at Pinky and Shakthi angrily…….he walked towards them when Mahi stopped Shivaay…..

Mahi ‘’Shivaay I think we must go inside and talk’’

Shivaay ‘’you don’t know what they did’’

Mahi ‘’I know everything as Anika said me everything…so I am saying let’s go inside and talk’’

Shivaay decided not to speak or think about Pinky and Shakthi Singh Oberoi anymore as they should not matter to him from now on…

Anika ‘’Sahil come ..we make a move’’

Mahi came near Anika and said ‘’Anika …if you have atleast some respect left towards OF then please come in…it is important to get your first aid done…despite of your hand being shot you were driving..i didn’t stop you because you were on duty…now with dropping me safe you are out of duty at this hour…so let’s go in’’

Anika couldn’t deny and all of them walked in……..

OF members came in the hall……..they first cherished bonding with Mahi……Anika, Pinky, Shakthi were feeling odd …..

Dadi ‘’Anika puttar…why are you standing at the door…come inside….look at you…you are full of bruises and your hand is bleeding……’’

Shivaay just looked on towards Anika without blinking his eyes….

Dadi ‘’Go puttar get your first aid done and take rest for a while…..’’ she turned towards Rudra and spoke

Dadi ‘’rudra call the doctor ‘’

Rudra agreed……..

Anika ‘’No dadi …I will leave now…it’s your family time now and it must belong to you…am an outsider and has nothing left here…it’s just because of Mahi I came …and I am so happy finally your family is completed’’

Everyone looked on …….

Shivaay ‘’Anika…you need to get the first aid done…Rudra is already calling the doctor…and what were you saying Outsider and all…….have you’’

Anika ‘’I am saying what I have understood Shivaay…..and about doctor these all are common and nothing to worry about’’

Jhanvi ‘’Please stay back Anika for us…I know you are hurt with whatever Shivaay has said…I ask you for forgiveness ……’’

Anika ‘’Aunty please…I don’t want all these…don’t ask for forgiveness from me…but if you really want to do something for me then …… can you please forgive Pinky aunty and
Shakthi Uncle’’

Om ‘’bhabhi…you are saying this? They did the most wrong with you…they separated you and Shivaay bhayya’’

Anika was about to answer when

Mahi ‘’Om…I think we should accept them as our family ….’’

Rudra ‘’but bhayya…we can never forget what they did …and specially you, shivaay bhayya, mom, dad, Anika Bhabhi everyone suffered…’’

Mahi ‘’You all have accepted me despite of whatever I have done two and a half years back ….if you can do this to me why can’t you all forgive and forget what they both did……you all very well know I haven’t experienced the love and warmth in a family and specially a joint family….so if my entry marks an entry of them it should be the happiest moment …so please I request you all to accept them the same way as you all accepted me’’

Everyone were into thoughts while Anika smiled looking at Mahi…Shivaay was still looking at Anika

Shivaay POV ‘’I am sure this is all done by Anika…she might have asked Mahi to convince all of us to accept Mr&Mrs Shakthi Singh Oberoi…my admiration on her is increasing day by day…and here I am standing like a fool still not able to decide how to convince her and get her back’’

Seeing none speaking or agreeing to Mahi’s words…….. Anika decided to speak up

Anika ‘’I think Mahi is right…I also know I shouldn’t speak in your family matters but still ..i just wanted to say my opinion……..hope you don’t mind’’

With Anika’s words Shivaay came out of thoughts and was listening carefully………

Dadi ‘’you may not feel this as your family anymore puttar…but we still and will always consider you as our family…your words will hold the same value as Shivaay’s words will hold in this house…so speak out what you want to say’’

Anika ‘’thank you dadi…I just wanted to say that …You must all forget what all Pinky aunty and Shakti uncle has done earlier and accept them as a part of your family….. and if you decide that you cannot accept them , then I will take both of them with me and they will be my responsibility…..’’

Pinky looked towards Anika teary eyed……..Anika too looked at her, assuring her through her looks……

Pinky POV ‘’OMM …how bad I have done with this girl..…She already wrote off of my and Shakthi’s case that Jehth ji has filed …. now she is saying that she will take both of us and take our responsibility …..Shivaay says correct … we will never find anyother girl with such pure heart…I was so wrong in judging her…I gave importance to everything else than her character and today this character of her made me realise what mistake and blunder I did….i am not getting words or thoughts of how to apologise to her and thank her at the same time’’

Om ‘’bhabhi…you are saying this…after what all she did with you?’’

Anika ‘’Om …me and Shivaay have got separated not because of Pinky aunty…we got separated because we never understood the depth of our relationship…so why blame them…..i agree they did wrong…but as they say when it’s about family you must forgive and forget…none of you can deny the fact that Shakthi uncle is the son of this house…he has his right to stay here’’

Dadi ‘’I agree to your facts but the final decision I leave it to Shivaay…because he is the one who has lost everything because of their deeds’’

Everyone looked at Shivaay……….Shivaay was looking at Anika and then Pinky and then Shakthi……He finally spoke

Shivaay ‘’I have no objection if they stay in OM …’’

Dadi, Jhanvi and rest other smiled…Anika looked with frown

Anika POV ‘’I am sure he will keep a clause…I know him …he is not the one to easily forgive anyone and easily forget anything…..’’

Anika ‘’But…what is your clause Shivaay?’’

Shivaay was surprised

Shivaay ‘’But …they must prove themselves to be worthy of this family …till then family matters will not be discussed in front of them…they will not decide anything about the family and the day they will prove themselves that they have changed and have no bad intentions …everything will be normal’’

Everyone relaxed……Jhanvi went near Pinky and spoke

Jhanvi ‘’Pinky , the day you prove yourself as per Shivaay’s conditions …Shivaay will call you as MOM and Shakthi as DAD as he used to call and I and Tej will remain Badi maa & Bade papa for him……I promise you this’’

Pinky & Shakthi folded their hands infront of Dadi, Jhanvi and Tej …and with same folded hands turned towards Anika……..

Anika ‘’No Aunty ji & Uncle ji…please don’t do this…everyone deserves a second chance and only few lucky persons like you get that’’ she looked at Shivaay while saying this……..

Anika ‘’so I hope everything gets back to normal for you very soon…’’

Pinky ‘’I am sorry Anika…I did much worst with you but still you cleared off the case against both of us and bought us back to our family’’

Anika ‘’Aunty ji…it’’s true I can never forget what you did with me..not now not in near future…I don’t know I can ever forgive you or not…….but with your that deed a good thing happened…I am in a good position now and am living on my own terms…I lost my personal life but ……’’ she couldn’t complete the sentence and turned to go……

Shivaay held her hand and walked towards the room while everyone looked on in surprise and then smiled……….He went inside his room and locked the door…….


Rudra ‘’We got to know you were in Pune then how come you were being captured?’’

Mahi ‘’Yes it’s true I and Kamini ji were in Pune …..after Kamini ji tried to kill Shivaay , I saved Shivaay and then Anika came and made me confess that me and Shivaay are twins…..after that I was asked to go underground for some days by Ranveer and Kamini ji….so I left to Pune…..we were staying there when a person by name Sultaan came to our house ,six and a half months back ….There was a massive argument that happened between Kamini ji and Sultaan…I couldn’t hear about what they were arguing…later all of a sudden he took a gun and pointed towards Kamini ji…I was scared and ran to protect her…..but he caught both of us …he took me to Madh island fort and I don’t know where he kept Kamini ji as captive…..from then on I have never come out nor met anyone…until Anika came to my rescue, saved me and brought me here…’’

Jhanvi ‘’thank God you are safe’’

The family again bonded happily and Mahi was getting pampered …….


Anika ‘’leave me Shivaay? What are you doing? Is this the way to bring someone that too infront of all family members ?’’

Shivaay ‘’Sshhhhhhhh…today you will not speak anything…you have done and spoken enough…now just listen’’

He made her sit on the bed and brought the first aid kit….

Anika ‘’I don’t need all this…I am fine..just let me go’’

Shivaay ‘’I have not held your hand to let you go’’ he said looking at her……

Anika remembered her Sangeet ceremony when he said the same dialogue…..She looked at Shivaay and remained silent……

Shivaay was cleaning her wound and in between intervals blowing air on her wound…….Anika was getting nervous……she immediately took her hand away from him and stood up……..

Anika ‘’please Shivaay don’t do this…let me go…I have after lot of efforts made up mind to leave and go away from you as per your wish…no by doing all this don’t make me fall weak’’

Shivaay came near her and held her by her shoulders and made her sit…he again started cleaning the wound……

Shivaay ‘’Anika it’s true I asked you to part ways with me……but you very well know other truth why I said so….don’t you?’’

Anika ‘’no…I don’t know…because I have stopped understanding your unspoken words’’ she turned towards other side and spoke nervously trying to take her hand away from his……

Shivaay looked at her and smiled and said ‘’you can’t lie seeing me Anika….the day when you left me two years back you couldn’t lie looking at me…those both times when I confronted you that you were Anika not Jwala/Anjali.. that day too you couldn’t lie looking at me and today too it is the same’’

Anika ‘’What are you trying to say?’’

Shivaay ‘’You know I can never be happy without you beside me…and if I say something in anger then I don’t mean that’’

Anika ‘’no Shivaay…this time you meant…I asked you to look into my eyes and say that and you meant so..’’

They both looked at each other remembering the conversation that happened near the Ratnagiri clip


‘’Anika ‘’ will you be happy if I stay away from you’’ she asked him while crying

Shivaay ‘’yes’’ he turned his face away and replied having tears in his eyes

Anika ‘’look into my eyes and say that Shivaay…and I promise I will leave you forever…….’’

Shivaay looked at her after wiping his tears and said ‘’YES …I WANT TO BE ALONE’’


Anika ‘’this time you meant Shivaay…this time you meant…so let me go’’

Shivaay ‘’I know I said that but you also said me something… you remember?’’

Anika looked on




Shivaay ‘’Now I am asking you to stay back Anika…you said that you will come back if and only if I ask you to come back……I promise Anika…I promise I will stay with you forever…but please don’t go away from me’’

Anika was into tears………

Anika ‘’Why do you want me to come that you can again hurt me? So that you can again have a chance of pointing my mistakes …so that you can again find an opportunity to leave me on my fate’’

Shivaay ‘’Anika …did I ever do that?’’

Anika ‘’ always did that Shivaay….a 100 mistakes from those who tried to harm you never mattered to you… but one lie and drama I did for your benefit mattered to you and hurt you so much that you very easily and ruthlessly me dragged me out of the house and closed doors on my face…..’’

Shivaay ‘’what did you expect me to do at that situation ? i can understand I was at fault then …but you did everything so suddenly that I had no time to think about anything else’’

Anika ‘’you had no time to think anything else but you had time to kick me out because of your anger…Shivaay…time and again I was the only one to fall prey to your anger…why ..because I am your wife…because I never take anything to heart knowing you……’’

Shivaay couldn’t speak anything…..

Anika ‘’Shivaay I may not have a surname, whose blood I am may not be known, which lineage I belong to I may be ignorant…but I am a human with heart …I too have a heart
Shivaay and it hurts when someone very close to it just pricks it out of their anger… can you forget that Shivaay?’’ she held his collar and asked him teary eyed…..

Shivaay wiped her tears and held her by her waist


Anika was speechless with Shivaay’s this line…she didn’t know what and how to respond…..she just looked at him while he released his hold and she unknowingly released his
collar……..He walked towards the window while her eyes followed Shivaay’s stride

Shivaay held the Window glass and looking outside the window started speaking

Shivaay ‘’

Anika after you left me……I was alone….just alone despite of having everyone around me…I couldn’t move on…I even now don’t understand how I was alive then…my world , my life just stopped when I threw you away from OM ….and the same day when I saw the news on TV that you were in the bus that blasted I felt as if my life ended …..i can never explain what I went through because I had nothing left …no desire , no reason , no aim, no emotion nothing was left for me to live….OmRu , badi maa , Dadi , Mom , Dad , Gauri, even bade papa who never cared tried to make me smile, bring me back to what I was…. but I just couldn’t recuperate ….you were lucky enough Anika that you had this memory loss…but God has not given me even that chance…as if he cursed me to live like a dead after whatever I have done with you and may be he wanted me to live only with your memories….

And then the circumstances and situations in OM was something different…….OmRu , badi maa everyone used to taunt my mom and they used to stop when I came infront of them…I understood that they were unhappy with mom…I never tried to understand why…because I somewhere knew it was related to you… as this behaviour of them towards mom , started after you left….i stopped caring about everyone and everything…I was just a robot in form of human you had taken away every such emotion from me that makes me SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI…it would have been better if you would have taken even the emotions called pain and agony from me…my life would have been good if not better…
My only reason to live was Sahil because I believed …in Sahil I could see you….but I could not always keep him with me……as your dream was to get him educated well… I decided to fulfil your dream…..i wanted to fulfil his every wish …I wanted to be Anika and Shivaay both for him…so I decided to even get married to Ragini without thinking anything else…what will I think I even lost that power of thinking anything…….

Two years later when I picked up the call from Sumo on Om’s mobile unintentionally …I heard that Sumo saw you and she was sure it was you…that was the day I got back my emotion called anger…..anger because I thought you never wanted to meet me again and your disappearance through blast was your another move to hurt me……i decided to know everything about you …my emotion called curiosity raised…. When Gauri said me about your innocence in Ranveer-Prinku’s elope drama …an emotion called Hope raised within me …..when I first confronted my mom….an emotion called stubbornness raised in me…….and finally when I saw you in Ganesh Pooja shoot out….my emotion called happiness came back to me……….with that happiness I got back everything that makes me as me…my belief and my sense of feeling you even when you are not seen but you being around everything returned back….… I was me Anika ……I was me again…..

When my every emotion is linked with you…when my every sense is linked with you…when everything that makes me as Shivaay Singh Oberoi is linked with you …how can you think that I can live without you … left me once Anika and I suffered this much…if you leave me again in such a way again …then I may not have the courage to even live like a human robot… really hurts Anika…….it really hurts…….


He turned towards her………Anika was by then crying vigorously ….she was having hiccups…..Shivaay bought glass of water and sat beside her…she tried to hold the glass but

Shivaay made her drink water and wiped her tears ……she looked at him as if she just wants to be with him in his embrace and not leave him…

Shivaay ‘’I had not said all these to gain your sympathy…I said all these because we never spoke our hearts out…we never spoke what we felt for each other…we understood each other but we never spoke out thoughts..…this was the biggest mistake that happened in our relationship….you thought good for me and you did the drama…and I thought you would have handled me even if I broke and got angry..…these unspoken words made such a huge difference that they made us apart with just one harsh blow of confusion and misunderstanding….’’

Anika still looked at him teary eyed……

Shivaay ‘’wouldn’t you want to say anything Anika?’’ he asked still holding the glass

Anika nodded in no

Shivaay ‘’Anika I know I have hurt you much but answer me… was my anger not justified ? how would you expect your Tadi Singh Oberoi, Stupid Singh Oberoi, Stone Singh Oberoi to react as Sweet Singh Oberoi in such a situation……so I asked you to go away from me…..i felt I was not suitable for you…I felt I did not identify your value…I felt you deserved someone better than me who will care you….i was in such a turmoil that nothing was correct and nothing was seeming wrong’’ he just crushed the same glass through which he made her drink water……..

Anika ‘’Shivaay……’’ she screamed and held his hand…….

Anika ‘’have you gone mad…this is the second time you are doing ….what’s wrong with you’’ she looked at him……

Shivaay ‘’why do you get hurt when I am hurt Anika? Did you ever think ?’’

Anika ‘’Shivaay…this is not the time to ask this question…first let me do the aid’’

Shivaay ‘’I am okay…as you are okay’’

Anika ‘’Stop it Shivaay…you are not okay …you are just not okay….because I am not okay’’

She hugged him and cried in his embrace……..she let her tears run away and he reciprocated the hug ….they both were lost in each others arms as they missed this closeness for two years…..

Finally they both broke the hug…he kissed her forehead……she closed her eyes and smiled…..

Anika ‘’I am sorry Shivaay…I was so rude to you …I didn’t want to listen to you….’’

Shivaay ‘’I must be the one to say sorry…but I will not say …because a mere word called sorry will not make any difference to the pain and sorrows I have given you…..Om and
Rudra say truth that I can never find a better life partner than you…….you have time and again proved that if Shivaay Singh Oberoi is the wall of OF then you are the wall surrounding Shivaay Singh Oberoi…you have once again joined my family…you have once again saved us from sultaan and his men… to pay you back Anika for each and everything that you did for all of us’’

Anika ‘’SSHHHH ‘’ she closed his lips with her fingers…….

Anika ‘’You speak a lot Shivaay…..this family of yours is my family too…how much ever I try to go far away from you …this family and particularly you will and can never allow me to do so….and speaking about whatever I did for you and OF …you too did much more than that by taking care of Sahil in my absence….else he would have got devastated by now and then I could have never forgiven please never say all such lines again…this is not MY SHIVAAY …’’

Shivaay ‘’thank you’’

Anika smiled

Shivaay ‘’you will never change…when someone says thank you should say ‘’’

Anika ‘’you are welcome or my pleasure along with a smile not simply smile……I know you were about to say this…but I am Anika…just Anika and I will not change these habits of mine …because as your tadi makes you Shivaay …these habits of mine makes me Anika’’



They both touched their foreheads and Shivaay moved to hold her hand…….she writhed in pain……

Shivaay ‘’ohh God …I forgot to do the bandage…hold on’’

Anika laughed and said ‘’How will you now …your hand is also hurt…I think we both are mad in our own ways…isn’t it?’’

Shivaay ‘’no…I am mad about you….because I love you’’

Anika hugged him……he too reciprocated………

Rudra knocked the door of Shivaay……….they both parted their hug and Shivaay went to open the door……

Shivaay ‘’Now what Rudra?’’

Rudra ‘’bhayya Doctor has come …so I came to call you…by the way is everything alright?’’

Anika ‘’How can it be when your bagad billa bhayya is with me?’’

Rudra ‘’Bhagad Billa…that means you both patched up?’’

Shivaay ‘’Not bad Rudy …you are becoming Smart…’’ he lifted his hand to pat on Rudra ‘s shoulder but writhed in pain

Rudra ‘’Bhayya …you are hurt ? but how?’’

Shivaay ‘’Because of your Bhabhi …she is a cop now…so she hit me…now come I too need to get first aid ‘’

Anika ‘’you both move I will just clean the glass pieces and come’’

Shivaay ‘’Anika we have enough staff to do that..’’

Anika ‘’Shivaay…I want to do that…so will you allow me’’

Shivaay ‘’can I now dare to deny you..come soon and yes be careful’’

Anika ‘’ok now go……..’’ she smiled

Rudra ‘’Waah bhayya waah…bas kuch hi paloon mein aap joru ka gulaam ban gaye’’
(wow bhayya …in a very short time you became your wife’s puppet)

Shivaay ‘’Shut up Rudra…come we will go’’

After they both left…….Anika picked the glass pieces and then she started walking towards the living room…….when she received a call…she picked up the call and listened to the caller …she said ‘’Okay’’ and ended the call..she again went back to Shivaay’s room then searched for Arjun’s file… she wrote something, placed inside the file and closed the file….. and later in thoughts she reached the living room…….


Doctor did first aid of Shivaay and then Anika came and got her first aid done…….meanwhile Pinky prepared dinner and called of them for dinner……

Shivaay looked at her angrily but Anika held his hand and said

Anika ‘’Shivaay …remember all th while you rwere explaining me you called Pinky aunty as your mom…till few days before despite of anything she was your mom ….so…if you don’t give aunty ji a chance to prove herself …how will she prove….so please don’t be angry and enjoy with the family…’’

Shivaay ‘’you are right …as I got a chance again to get you back….i have to give her a chance too…I promise I will not get angry on her’’

OmRi ‘’Bahujaai/Bhabhi…shall we go…you have whole night to spend with Bhayya’’ they giggled

Anika ‘’I am sure this is the same with you both?’’ she winked at Shivaay

RuMya ‘’what’s going on without us?’’

Shivika ’’ Nothing we were just discussing about Om and Gauri’s special nig’’

Om ‘’okay stop …..i am feeling hungry…shall we go’’

Sumo ‘’yeah bhayya even I am feeling hungry and afterwards we have lot of things to talk …specially I want to know many things from Anika bhabhi’’

Rudra’’me too’’

Everyone had their dinner …as Pinky heartily prepared everyone’s favourite dish as a first step to make her way into everyone’s heart….after they ate everyone smiled much to the relief of Pinky…..

Very soon all the elders went to their rooms to have a peaceful sleep……..

Sumo ‘’bhabhi…we still did not know what happened after the bomb blast and how you became an RAW agent…..’’

Om ‘’yes Bhabhi…let us know what happened?’’

Anika smiled and said ‘’it’s not important Om and Sumo…I will tell you later….let’s talk something else…I don’t want to remember that incidents now’’

Gauri ‘’yes bhaujaii …everything is set just now…so let us know when you are comfortable’’

Shivaay looked at Anika in suspicion….Anika smiled looking at him..Shivaay too reciprocated the smile

Shivaay ‘’if she is not comfortable in answering we still can know that…Arjun has filed it I suppose’’

GaMya ‘’yeah…we forgot about that’’

Rudra ‘’Cool…tomorrow morning after breakfast we will read that’’

Everyone except Anika shouted ‘’DONE’’

Om ‘’Waise I am happy for both of you because YE MUKKAMMAL MOHABBAT KI ADHURI DASTAAN AAKHIR POORI HUIN’’
(I am happy for both of you because the incomplete tale of unbreakable love has finally completed’)

Anika ‘’ shayad abhi tak nahi…isse poore hone mein aur waqt lagega’’
(Probably not yet…because it requires some more time to complete)

Shivaay winked and looked at her …she nodded her head in NO…a similar sort of situation was with other two pairs…..Everyone made an excuse and left to their rooms ……


Shivaay ‘’Anika why are you not revealing about how you became jwala from Anika…..why do you want to hide’’

Anika smiled

Anika ‘’Shivaay we just made everything fine …why do you want me to remind that day again …I am not interested so I avoided the question…so please let’s not discuss it now’’

Shivaay ‘’ok fine…as you say’’

Anika ‘’So …from tomorrow the old Shivaay singh oberoi will be back to look after everything as the great wall of Oberoi family…I am so happy for you’’

Shivaay ‘’All because of you…you are back so I will be back’’

Anika ‘’I love you Shivaay’’ she hugged him……….Shivaay too reciprocated the hug in the tightest possible matter……

She looked at him lovingly …he leaned to steal a kiss from her lips……she blushed and he smiled…..they both enjoyed the taste of their first step of togetherness…….after some time they broke apart from the kiss in need of oxygen and smiled looking at each other………

Shivaay ‘’we should sleep now so that we rejuvenate to make our upcoming nights much better’’ he said naughtily

Anika ‘’chi…cheapde Shivaay aap aise 2 rs batein mujhse mat kijiye’’

Shivaay ‘’accha…accha…you are my wife and I have every right to talk to you like this…both our hands are hurt else I would have completed the important part of marriage tonight’’

Anika shyingly hugged him and they after more than two years spoke about the general routine of Anika and lot many things except what happened after the blast took place and later on slept peacefully in each others arms….


The sun rays bought a new morning for Shivaay…he woke up but did not find Anika anywhere….he thought she might have gone for jogging as just a night before he learnt about her daily routine…..

The time was ticking on…….and everyone got ready and reached the dining hall……

Dadi ‘’Billu …where is Anika?’’

Shivaay ‘’she is not seen since morning…I thought she went for jogging..but now even I am thinking why is she not back home…Don’t worry she will back …may be she has got some urgent work and she would have directly went there’’

Dadi ‘’I thought I will ask her how she survived in the bomb blast …this is something which we are not aware of it yet’’

Shivaay ‘’dadi …don’t worry every one has the same question….but Anika doesn’t want to remember that day …so she is avoiding answering the question…but I have a solution…
Arjun has filed it…so after breakfast I will bring the file and read it so that we all can know’’

Jhanvi ‘’that’s a good idea’’

Everyone had their breakfast…..After that Rudra hurried Shivaay to get the file …….Shivaay left towards his room and bought the file from room………he opened it and started turning pages…

Everyone were waiting for Shivaay to read it …..but Shivaay found nothing related to what had happened with Anika after the bomb blast took place….He realised that when he read the file to find out clue about Mahi.. even then he did not find this matter…….he then quickly brought ARJUN’S DIARY……


‘’Every details about Oberois and every details about ANIKA BECOMING JWALA HAS BEEN FILED….How Sultan is connected to your family, why did Anika leave your family AND WHAT HAPPENED AFTERWARDS WITH HER are present in a file…’’

He read the lines again and again and looked in shock at OF members

Om ‘’what happened Shivaay?’’

Shivaay ‘’Arjun’s dairy says he has filed what happened with Anika after she left OM and how she became Jwala…but this file has those papers missing’’

Om ‘’but how is this possible? I mean you have read the entire file to find clues about Mahi how come they go missing’’

Shivaay flipped the pages and said ‘’SEE PAGES 28-30 are missing and in hurry to find something about Mahi I never identified that pages were missing…but the important question is where are they and why are only those papers missing…and why Anika was hesitating to answer the question’’

Rudra ‘’bhayya give me the file I will see once’’

Rudra flipped the file pages when the pocket of file had a letter for Shivaay…Rudra gave the letter to shivaay…….

Shivaay opened it and it read

Shivaay …Anika here……I know by now you might be thinking about and me trying to find me… if you have opened the file to get this letter then you might have definitely tried to know how i became Jwala from Anika…now you must be correlating …why I was avoiding answering to the question of how I became Jwala and more importantly why the pages in the file are missing that would give you the answer……

Shivaay relax….let me answer you the second question first…….the pages that will give you the answer about me becoming Jwala has been torn off by me…now you might be thinking when…on the day we had an argument at Ratangiri cliff …do you remember …I handed over your car keys to you …that day while you were in thoughts I went and opened Arjun’s file and tore off those papers which had this truth……so you wouldn’t find them now… you might want to know why I did this …Shivaay some secrets should take their own time to get revealed …right now this is not the correct time to get these revealed…so let the MYSTERY BE A MYSTERY FOR SOME MORE TIME ………..

Now the first question where am I …….i have already started my next mission while I was searching for Mahi…the day you asked me to part ways I spoke to my chief that I want to take up the next mission as soon as possible…he agreed and assigned me the next one…coincidentally while I interrogating Kamini, Fauzi and Shenaay to get details about Mahi …I got a clue from them which was related to my next mission…….this is also important Shivaay…I should have said it yesterday to you but I didn’t want to ruin your happiness and our peace that we got after a very long time…

(the incomplete tale of unbreakable love is not incomplete but it requires some more time to complete)

He completed reading the letter and sat down in thoughts, smiling…….when his phone rang and it was from a private number…he picked up the call

Shivaay ‘’Hello Anika’’

Anika ‘’Are you annoyed with me Shivaay?’’

Shivaay ‘’No Anika..i am proud of you…’’

Anika ‘’really’’

Shivaay ‘’yes…you have responsibility of the country along with my responsibility and don’t worry about Sahil…I am there for him and so are everyone else..’’

Anika ‘’Thank You Shivaay…thanks a lot.. … me Shivaay …the sleep which I got yesterday being in your arms is the most peaceful sleep I got after years….’’

Shivaay ‘’when will you be back?’’

Anika ‘’Very soon and this time when I come back we will complete the left over important ritual of our wedding night…till then take care of everyone and your heart too…as ‘’

Shivaay ‘’this heart of mine is yours and mine’’ he spoke touching left side of his chest …….

Anika ‘’I love you Shivaay’’

Shivaay ‘’ Nan Unnai Katalikkiren’’

Anika smiled and so did Shivaay……..

———————–IS IT THE END ???———————————-


I Know and understand many of you might have the question of why I haven’t revealed the details about how Anika became Jwala… the answer to your question is , if we see the whole FF it will look complete …it really doesn’t matter how Anika became Jwala as long as the rest all questions are resolved and answered and the prime task of Shivika union…….this is exactly what i imagined….in short when Nikita gave me the concept I decided this FF to end on a suspenseful note…..A suspense story ending with a suspense element…..also not to forget justifying the title of the story !!!

Sorry if I have disappointed anyone with such an ending but to me it seemed apt…..






So this was the twenty seventh episode of the FF ………..Please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad is welcome…I will reply as soon as possible….all credits to NIKITA !!!

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  1. Nida

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    1. VHM

      Hey Bestie…today i am not getting words to say as i donno what to say…so thank you so much for being there with me right from the beginning of my journey in TU till date…it’s true our association and friendship is something extraordinary…we don’t know each other but connected through hearts and hope we be connected like this….i don’t want to say thank you and make this relation weak…so love you loads and i know and believe whenever i am back you will be there for me…..all the best for your studies and love you loads…keep smiling and take care…once in a while i will ping you in TU …you can reply me if you come online and see my messages else it is perfectly fine……bye and take care

  2. Zaveesha

    Woowwwwwww Harika di…as I have already said this earlier whenever I read ur ff only this word comes to my mind… Seriously it was amazing…the ending was also wonderful.. although it was different from what we supposed but still it was amazing…now Anika has also national duty..the whole chapter was written very beautifully…Totally I loved it….

    Nd about the whole MMKAD it was beyond my expectations…it was fully a suspense nd mysterious one…after the end of every episode we were left with a question..nd thats the beauty of a mysterious story…
    U have portrayed every plans stories flashbacks nd emotions very well…
    I have already told u that ur writing made me imagining all the situations…
    It was my daily routine from past one month to open TU in the morning nd find ur ff…
    U r a brilliant writer…. I hope that the book which u have started writing complete very soon nd u will rock then…
    All my best wishes r with u always…
    Do come up with another ff…
    Till then bye…
    Take care…

    1. Zaveesha

      Nd yeah awesome storyline Nikita di..very well thoughts.. thanks for sharing ur story through Harika di…my best wishes for u too….

    2. VHM

      Hey Tanzeela…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…i thought many of you would kill me for ending the ff in this way but you all proved my thoughts wrong…i just cannot express how happy i am feeling every opinion posted today…my journey in TU from October 2016 till date has given me many sisters, friends and well wishers and everyone hold a special place in my heart…thank you so much once again dear for all the compliments and amazing lines that you wrote for me and Nikita…i will also miss you and your opinions …but i will once in awhile ping you in TU messenger and let’s be in contact….

      whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads …keep smiling and take care

  3. Wow super
    Reading the story it was goosebumps on my hands it’s so amazing ending if the story
    Love u dear for the excellent story
    We are waiting for next segment in future come asap

    1. VHM

      Hey Chaithu…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee so sweet of you dear to write those sweet words for me….love you loads…keep smiling and take care…whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….

  4. Lauren

    Amazinggggg dii…. loved it…. phenomenal… incredible….. u know wat dii, I have got addicted to ur ff…. it juzz make my day… come up wid anyone soon…..
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    1. Lauren

      Another one **

    2. VHM

      Hey Lauren…thank you so much dear..thanks a lot…it has been a fabulous association with you and i will chesrish this forever…thank you for every amazing word you wrote about this FF , me and Nikita…can’t thank enough as i am seriously out of words to express how good i feel after reading your opinion…whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads…keep smiling and take care

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    Thank you di… For giving me a opportunity to help you in tis ff….. I am so happy that I helped u…..
    This episode was awesome mind blowing fantastic fabulous lovely and emotional too……
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    They are no words to describe your writing…. I am speechless di…
    I know we will be always in touch…
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    Come back soon di …. We all are waiting to read your ff…
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    1. Sagithya

      Nikita di ur idea was awesome mind blowing fantastic fabulous n lovely…. without you MMKAD is not at all possible… So tq for giving us such a lovely parts… We will be waiting for your next part… Come soon with another part di….

    2. VHM

      Hey Sissy…first of all sorry…i have got very busy that i am not able to ping you in WA…thank you so much dear …thanks a lot…i know to what extent our bond has reached and how close we are now…we will always be in contact and share everything that we do regularly…thanks a lot once again for the translation …the moment i asked you without any question you translated it…so nice of you…this gesture of yours can never be forgotten…also thank you from bottom of my heart for all the appreciation you have poured over the FF, me and Nikita….whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads …keep smiling and take care

  6. Katz

    Hey vhm…how are you my friend ?. First of all thanks for this amazing ff. You completely justified the title. Ending is heart breaking and heart warming at the same time. In the last episode I told that,”Shivay ka kuch nahi ho saktha “. But this time he really stole not only Anika’s heart but also our hearts. Mahi’s reunion, dil bole oberoi moment, pinky shathi’s return Shivay Anika’s confrontation, their understanding everything is perfect. I don’t know what else to say?. I am glad that icame to know you through TELLY UPDATES.
    I wish your this amazing writings may not restricted within this TELLY UPDATES. And I really wish you to take this talent to the outer world, and get all the deserving success with flying colors. I mean you experts in different journals like love, family story, thriller, suspense and what not…. . All the very best for your future. Infact I am not gonna miss you. Because I know that you will be back with bang very soon. Am I right?. Till then I started revisiting your old ffs. After finishing karwa chauth wala, now I started the jealousy love.
    Come back soon. Waiting for the next best thrilling/ romantic/ family oriented story. Till then bye and take care…..

    1. VHM

      Hey Katz,….i am fine dear…thank yoiu and hope you are also doing good…..thanks a lot dear…thank you for the enormous support you have given me…your encouragement that comes with every opinion you post is something that makes me write something sensible…i don’t have words and i don’t know how to express how overwhelemed i feel with every opinion of yours….thanks a ton for that…and yeah i am just a budding writer if at all some opportunity knocks i will definitely take up my writing to other level…till then i am alwaysbe with something or other in TU and off course these days Wattpad…….whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….keep smiling and take care


    Dear Vhm
    Miss You Yaar.Please Come Fast Another FF Work.Mera Ek Request Hai.Aap Rudy Ki Opposite Soumya Ko Add Karna Please,Show Main Tho Bhavya Ko Rudy Ki Opposite Dekh Rahi Hai,And I Really Miss RuMya In Show So That Why Iam Request You Because Now Only FF Storys Pe Hi RuMya Mil Sakthe Haina That Why.And Jiss FF Main RuVya Hai Wo FF Iam Not Read And Support Any More.RuMya Show Main Na Hone Ka Sad Main Aise FF Read Karke Kam Kartha Hu.Aur Thab Iam Feel Happy.So I Hope You Understand Why I Always Request RuMya Add In FF Works
    Please Come Back Fast With Another Great Story

    Take Care?

    1. VHM

      Hey UF …thank you so much…thanks a lot…to make you happy in particular i wrote OS on RuMya in the OS competition…..

      UF you need to know change is inevitable….many of us write a fanfiction keeping the current track in real IB…so it’s always not possible to include and involve RuMya…because sometimes the situations in the story line will not allow us to cater them…so i cannot guarentee that whenever i come up with next Ff or OS RuMya will be there……i never did nor will ever insist anyone to read my writings as it is readers personal choice…but if you read the next w=writing of mine even if i go with RuVya pair i will be the most happiest person…rest i leave it to you and your choice…..

      Keep smiling and take care

  8. Navz

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    The way SHIVIKA convo started..the way it proceeded…and the way it ended…all r epic…and d best part is shivay himself giving all d explanation..which was not his style although.
    The words awesome..superb..excellent are all less to measure or to rate this…and this is not at all an exaggeration dii…really this one is much more than that those words mean.
    The end point..where she left for her duty and he..understanding it and saying that he will wait for her…shows that their relation is now way more stronger….this last part is lovable dii.
    And the main lady behind all this beautifully woven suspeNSE thriller…nikhitha… u have done a brilliant job dear……
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    Forgot to say….thanku dii…for messaging the links without fail…thanku.
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    Bye dii…lots of love and good wishes to u and nikhitha.luv u guys.
    Ur choti is signing off.

    1. VHM

      Hey Chotii……thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…what more can i say…everything you wrote made me feel so good… so good that i am unable to express my happiness through words…just a big hug from me to you…and regarding your question …i too don’t know at present how will i prove Shivaay illegitimacy track if at all such situation arises in my next ff or os…but by that time who knows any other idea may pop up and if not i will play safe as not to touch that track…..

      yeah we will meet frequently in TU messenger….love you loads Chotii…keep smiling and take care

  9. Nikita_jai29

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    Thank you soooooo much my friends and silent readers for reading and commenting on MMKAD…. Main jitna bhi thank kr lu bahut Kum h kyoki agr aap Sab MMKAD…. jo KI ek off beat mysterious and thriller FF h….. Ko support nhi Kiya hota to aaj ye itna successful nhi ho ta…
    Readers aapne ek questions pucha tha KI mujhko ye idea kase aaya…
    To idea k piche vhm dii KI superb writing ka Kamal h… Mere ek wish tha KI Maine Anika ka character ko Thora rough and tough ek spy ka role play krte dekhu… Or back ground plot mysterious thriller ho… Or fir vhm dii k FFs read karene ka chance mila.. Or Maine unko bola bhi KI vo ek mystery FF likhe… Dii aapke nafrat se pyar tk ya unbelievable truth FF me… Maine comments section m kaha tha… Tb akka n kaha KI ishqbaaz ek family based show h or ye idea isme Thora off beat h… Or show ka flavor change nhi karena chahiye..
    Fir jab show m separation track aaya tho Maine fir ek barr akka ko pareshan Kiya…. Or dii Maan gyi… So here is the little flash back of MMKAD (behind the scenes)
    I have decided that this FF is only done by vhm dii….kyoki akka se behatr koi mystery FF nhi likh sakta….
    Thank you so much ishqies for your love and support… Each update is received more than 25 comments and along with 56 readership… And our silent readers too…..
    This is the last episode of a very good and beautiful journey of MMKAD…..
    Here I am stopping my self… Love you all… Bs apni duaoo me humko yaad rakhiyega or comments karte rahiyaga….

    1. VHM

      Hey Nikita…if have to thank someone first i should thank you for many reasons

      1> feeling that i am worth enough to write your concept
      2> having trust in me
      3> very patiently listening to all my rants in email’s
      4> never said a word against whatever i wrote
      5> giving me freedom to own this FF despite it being yours
      6> never said a word that why didn’t i send you the rough draft after episode 14 and directly posted in TU
      7 > bearing all my tantrums if any i did
      8 > late posting in TU
      9> leaves and /or no responses
      10 > for the comfort zone you gave me to write it my way

      there are many more but these are all prominent…….so thank you for everything..this success if yours so enjoy the success….

      love you loads…keep smiling and take care

  10. AnuluvsIB

    It feels like an epic coming to an end! Hats of Harika and Nikitha!! For the awesome flawless plot and the amazing writing..

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    1. VHM

      Hey Anu…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…never expected this offtrack FF to be such a worth read by many….thank you for encouraging us by posting your opinions …taking time out of your busy schedules…it is such an value addition as it was much required….coming to sequeal or season 2 …have left this FF in such a way that if Nikita has some idea again she can continue it or if she doesn’t even then this FF seems complete….so thank you once again…keep smiling and take care

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  12. Afnanekd

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    1. VHM

      Hey Afnanekd…….thank you so much for visiting this page and posting your opinion…coming to what you wrote…please ping me so that we can talk as this page is not appropriate to discuss about it….

  13. Afnanekd

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    1. VHM

      Hey Niriha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…you are also the best dear…awee so sweet of you damsel to write such awesome words for this FF, Nikita and me…… feels so special to read your opinion everytime …i am so glad you liked the ff…..without your support this would not have been possible and i can never deny this fact……whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads dear….keep smiling and take care

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    1. VHM

      Hey Pritika…you know why i thank you for giving me permission to use your daughter’s name…it’s because whenever we see our kid’s name we by default imagine our kid being in the place…this is a fiction story and that too a mystery thriller…if i would have written that Riyanshi was in trouble or was beaten or something of that sort …unintentionally that would hurt your sentiments for the same reason i said above…so i thank you each and every time because you never said a word against that child character…so thank you a lot….

      I am so very happy that you liked this FF..and my writing skills are very normal it’s Nikita’s concept that made this interesting….thanks for those awesome words dear…best wishes to you and to your family from all of us…keep smiling and take care

  16. Pritika

    firstly, thanks to u di for using my daughter’s name, thanks for the best wishes, i will convey them to her…
    secondly, i m just speechless to say anything abt ur writing skills, u r writing marvelous, awesome, thanks to u for giving us a opportunity to read a master piece, thanks to u too Nikita as idea is also yours, congratulations to both (Harika Di and Nikita) of u on the completion of the FF….

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    1. VHM

      Hey Dharani aka Earth …i know Dharani means Earth…..your patience and words are apt as your name……thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee so sweet of your dear to write such sweet lines for this FF, Nikita and me…i will always cherish this support and gesture of yours as these form the pillars for any writer not only me…the way you keep on encouraging is remarkable…thanks a to dear…whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads dear…keep smiling and take care

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      Hey Mohitha..thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…how to give back the love that you have for me…you dedicated your ff to me …thanks a lot for everything…i will keep in touch with you and where you always know…whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads dear..keep smiling and take care

      1. Nithu

        haaww akka……………dont give me back the love like this….and by any mean just keep me in your heart thats it………..this is the only way u can love me back…………

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    1. VHM

      Hey Saiiiirrrrrrriiiiiiisssssssshhhhhhhhhh….so cute name….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…for every single word that you posted throught out this ff…everything meant a lot to me…you specifying what you liked , what you felt good and what you analysed what you expected…everything was something beautiful…your words always made me happy and your name brought a special curve on my face…thank you loads……

      whenever i complete the novel i will inform all my sisters and friends in TU …and you know you are also one of them……and as you are fan of me i too am a fan of your writings without a doubt…….

      whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads dear….keep smiling and take care

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    1. VHM

      Hey Kavinda….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee so sweet of you dear to let me know that you liked Shivaay’s understanding……thank you once again dear…thanks a lot

  21. Alekhika20

    Wonderful ending

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Alekhika…thanks a lot…even though you very rarely write a big opinion , your two word opinion does really matter a lot with me…and with the first one oi can measure whether i was good with the episode or i needed to improve….so thank you for your time and patience…keep smiling and take care

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    1. VHM

      Hey Komal…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee so sweet of you to let me know that you loved Anika Shivaay convo…trust me it took me around 4 hrs to write that convo…i know i just deleted 6-7 times that i wrote earlier and finally finalised that was posted…and when you said you liked it i feel i am successful ….thanks a lot dear…whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads…keep smiling and take care

  23. Awesome….Loved it….?
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    Amazing story though I had been irregular in commenting in this 1…
    Come back soon with one of ur amazing works soon…?
    Lots of love ❤

    1. VHM

      Hey Shivika…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…what more can i say …you were a major support for me throughout this FF….everytime you raised a question or proposed and expectation …i used to work on it and then the output was always been appreciated …so you are major part of this FF….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…….whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads keep smiling and take care

  24. Gayathri.visu

    God not again!! Where is my comment???


    Shivika’s confrontation…..really emotional n fantastic confrontation!! Their emotional confession….OMG! The way u described their feelings, pain, emotions n expressions are wonderful!!. HATS OFF TO U DI… So Anika only bailed Shinky…..but I misunderstood it, right di? Shinky’s punishment…..Shivaay is absolutely correct. Obros n Obahus lil moments are so nice!! Anika’s past( means how she becomes Jwala?), u said MYSTERY BE A MYSTERY FOR SOME MORE TIME?!! But what is meant by SOME MORE TIME DI??? This ff is completed na, so that mystery will remain as mystery only that too forever…….not some more time di!!
    And ur thriller n romance movie…..oops ff finished, sooooooooooooo sad. Finally Shivaay also confessed his love in Tamil…..yayyyyyyy!!! Come back soon with a bang di.. This is third time, I m typing this comment. So if I missed any point or scene, I m sorry di.
    Take care n keep smiling!!!
    Love u so so so so sooooo…..much di.

    Hats off to u too dear for this brilliant n wonderful concept!!

    1. VHM

      Hey Gayu…thank you so much dear….thanks a lot…i am so sos so so happy that you liked the ending…i was famn nervous and expecting chameli’s for leaving the suspense as suspense …and when in the last episode you wrote you wanted to know how Anika became Jwala …i was all the while thinking that i was not goinf to reveal and how will you react…but seeing your response i felt so very happy…thank you so much Gayi for your unbreakable support to me throught the ff…you were and will always be there for me i believe it…and i will definitely meet you whenever i am in Kanchi the next time…we will be in touvh through FB or TU messenger…love you loads …keep smiling and take care

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    Love you loads akka, take care and will wait for the next one ?

    PS : I seriously don’t know if I’m eligible enough to review this or not because I am no one in front of all the authors and their writing skills . In case if I written a bit more ,please do forgive me ?

    1. VHM

      Hey Ashwinee…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…it’s true that maintaining suspense is one tedious job and i understood that only when i tried to do it…when Nikita gave me the concept i never expected that it will work…but you all proved me wrong and this i believe because of the number of opinions posted everyday on each and every episode….

      Regarding Collaboration…Nikita is the one who needs to be given all the appreciation…till 14 the episode of this FF i sent her the rough drafts of the episodes from then on not even a single day i sent her what i am going to post the next day…she never said a word or wrote a mail that she needs to know what mess i am creating with her concept…all she showed was patience and confidence…..she gave me all thee freedom that i require to modify and make it presentable and this is how it worked for both of us…..

      Thank you so much once again dear…love you loads dear…keep smiling and take care…whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….

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    take care n continue writing,
    love u☺☺

    1. VHM

      Hey Anu…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee so sweet of you dear to higlight what you liked about this episode…yeah true i am also feeling sad that this FF ended …but i am happy that all of you liked the FF…i just kept a way to write a sequel to this ff…if not by me some else ….truly all congratulations to Nikita for the concept….OMG that’s a big compliment dear….thank you …thanks a lot…whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads…keep smiling and take care

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    1. VHM

      Hey Sritha…thank you so much dear….thanks a lot for the valuable opinion you posted…i am so overwhelmed to read those lines that you posted about my writings…and i am so happy to know that you acknowledged that i took different concepts for all the FF’s posted till now ..though the end being same….thanks a lot…hope many more IB watching viewers would read my FF’s and let me know their opinions…well still it’s a long way to go isn;t it? ….thank you for your time and patience….keep smiling and take care…and thank you for the wishes

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    1. VHM

      Hey Jane…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…i am so glad that you liked this FF and you have always posted your valuable opinions that made me work hard and make the FF as interesting as i can…without your support this FF will not have been successful…so i owe the success to each and every reader of this FF…..whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….keep smiling and take care

  29. Ankita27

    Amazing.. Superb… Fantastic… Mindblowing… phenomenal.. Great… MMKAD Harika di n Nikita… loved it to the core.. ???
    Beautiful ending n at last pink understood that ‘insaan apne karmo se mahan banta hai rutbe se nahi’ the way shivay spoke his heart out wonderful… n kisine sach kaha hai.. assumption n lack of communication r d no one relationship killer… finally shivika ki ye mukammal mahobaat ki adhuri dastan puri hui… u completely justified the title…. Ending is also epic and mysterious….. feelings sad this beautiful journey now coming to it’s end but jese ke Nikita ne kaha tha har safar ki manzil hoti hai… so thank u so.. so.. much for this masterpiece…. n Do come up with another ff…
    take care dii n nikita… see u soon…
    lots of love…

    1. VHM

      Hey Ankita …thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…i am so happy to know that you liked the essence of the conversation between Shivaay and Anika…i just wanted to justify the title as well as concept …the one which started as mystery ended with mystery…and i am gald you liked the ending…..thank you for your patience , time and support …..whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads …keep smiling and take care

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    U send me each nd every link of MMKAD regularly but due to study pressure didn’t able to read a single one
    I read MMKAD ‘s intro on its very first day nd all de rest episodes along with de last one on de last day


    Like before today too I m speechless. …… Whenever I read a ff of urs all my words get vanish
    Thank u to Nikita di for sharing such idea with u so that we again get de chance to see ur amazing creativeness
    @Niki di u too well known aware with de fact who can give ur ideas a new flying colours

    Only two comments of mine on MMKAD 1st on intro nd second on this but every episode has its own yumm taste nd suspense

    Come back soon with a new fresh exciting story which can prove whose ff it is just by going through it but before that I m expecting season 2 too if possible do work on this

    Luv uuuu my harika di ???

    1. VHM

      Hey My Chirpy Amayaa….thank you so much for making the curtains fall in a grand way with you posting your opinion…awee so sweet of you Amayya specially for taking time out of your little left over free time from your busy schedules and studies…….this is certainly a lovely and wonderful gesture from you……

      I am so happy and i can’t tell you how happy i am feeling after reading your opinion…i am so glad that you liked the FF…

      All credits to Nikita for the concept …i just wrote what she wanted me to……thank you so much dear…thanks a lot once again….

      whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads…keep smiling and take care

  31. VHM

    Hey everyone…i am sorry for not responding to individual opinions as i was very busy today and was not in home…i will reply as soon as possible…

    thank you each and everyone who posted their opinions

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      Hey Banita…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…thanks to you for reading this FF…awee so nice of you dear for waiting for this FF episodes everyday…it is such a big compliment…love you loads dear…i am not getting what to say and how to thank you……a tight hug to you too …love you loads …keep smiling and take care…whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….

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    Ur ff is awesome…. mind blowing… fabulous… heart warming and i dunno more better words to tell (i am not good with vocabulary tht much ?).
    The way u made shivay explain gauri and sumo abt omkara and rudras point of view was so well written and explained… but our dear shivay when it comes to him he forgets wht he only told. Omru and gauya makin plan to unite their bhaiya and bhabhi was so nice. The misunderstanding between shivika created by them worked to some extent but our anika has become super smart now and understood their plan… when shivay gets jealous he neither looks left or right… and comes to conclusions right away without thinking. Finally shivay realised his mistake and tried to apologise to anika but it’s good tht anika didn’t forgive him easily this time… he should learn to control his anger and jealousy.
    Glad tht finally mahi is back to where he belongs… i really like mahi and anika’s bond… It’s different thn omrus relation with anika. Pinky and shakti are back in the house and am happy tht pinky is genuinely trying to be back into the family.
    Shivay’s words to anika today were just ??… It’s true sometimes words are necessary in a relationship even if u can understand the unspoken words between each other, it’s necessary tht one communicates with the other prply amd expresses their feelings as smtimes by doin tht ur makin ur relationship stronger. His each and every word was so true and heartfelt. Their sweet moments aftr tht ?…. more wait for their first night ??.
    I kinda had a feeling u would end this story on a suspense, it’s actually nice tht u left a suspense in the stry… as they say smthings are better left unsaid and u actually showed tht in the stry. Wht better way to end a thriller stry thn this.
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    1. VHM

      Hey Maryam…..thank you …thank you…thank you…thanks a lot is only thing i can say to you after reading your opinion…you just made me recall the entire FF in your lines…i still can’t believe i have written something that made sense and caught the attention of many readers….i am definitely give credit to Nikita for this concept and bigger credit to all readers including you to accept the FF with a great response….i am still at loss of words and don’t know what to write and express the feelings i am going through now……whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….and please don’t say sorry…infact i must thank you for taking time , reading the ff and then posting your opinions out of your busy schedules…love you loads …keep smiling and take care

  34. Jahanara

    Di…..Omgggg u jst nailed the topic .. anika didi & shivaay jiju’s confro was tooo much emotional lyk tooo …. can’t express those by words…. ???? The way jiju & didi teased Om bhaiyya & gauri didi was ??? ….. Whn jiju said nan unnai kadhalikuren ? I wonder hw he rmbr it …… Didi again on a mission??…… r u serious di is this the last epi of mmkad ??…… hope u return wit a kidhkithod story again …..Hats off to u & Nikita di ….. Luv u di????

    1. VHM

      Hey Jahanara….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…Shivaay and Anika’s relationship is not normal as other pairs….they understadn each other very well and Shivaay never forgets Anika’s words…so it is understood he remembers what Anika said in Tamil and he repeated the same……it was implied by implies sort….and yes dear this is the end of F …i know i left it on a point where how Anika became Jwala is not known…but everyone has their own views and imaginations …so i left it to them…also if Nikita has someother idea and wants someone to write a sequel to this FF …even then it is possible….so all in all i thought it was an apt ending……whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….love you loads dear….keep smiling and take care

  35. Jerry_36

    Harika Di !!!!!!!!!
    Oh my God, such a fantastic ending, that I never thought of, you write so good that you always touch the heart of readers with your skills.

    I was reading Anika and Shivaay’s scene with much intensity and I loved how you portrayed each and every emotion, you are phenomenal. And I liked the way how you ended your ff, with a suspense note, a typical Harika Didi’s style of giving a touch and trail to her writing.

    This ff, is one of the best ones that I have ever read. I know I was always late in commenting and still you never failed to understand me and send me the links. This time, I don’t know if I am late or not but I want to say that you are a KHIDKITOD WRITER and I loved this ff of yours.

    Lots of love from my side.

    1. VHM

      Hey Vedika…thank you so much dear…you know what you are never late and above all you write such khidkitodh lines that i feel loss of words to thank you…thanks a lot dear…yes i wanted to end this ff leaving the suspense to the imaginations of readers…this os my first attempt to write a complete mystery story in TU…and this has given a little confidence that my book that i have started will be good of not best or better……

      And Dear…i have crossed all those levels that you are crossing now …so i do understand very well how hectic life is when we are students and studying …so i have no complaints ……..i will meet you often in TU messenger and offcourse in CCD episodes too…..

      Love you loads …keep smiling and take care

  36. Jhansi

    I loved your episodes a lot dear . I never missed any episode because the story was amazingg……but still I am waiting for the mystery you have not solved about anika becoming jalwa can you please unfold it also…………as a request …Thank you for writing amazing episodes ……..

    1. VHM

      Hey Jhansi..thank you so much dear …thanks a lot…i am so happy that you liked the episodes and the FF in whole…well coming to your suggestion of revealing the mystery…i cannot promise you but i will definitely think …sorry if i have disappointed you because i felt how Anika turned Jwala was not important….and moreover if a sequel is planned then it will reveal those …..well i am not sure what is running in Nikita’s brain and if at all she decides to get a sequel who will write it…… promising you that i will reveal the mystery is very difficult…..

      thank you for your time and patience …….keep smiling and take care

  37. Madhuani

    Yeah it really doesn’t matter how anika became jwala/anjali as long as shivika are in togetherness.
    Tnq for extra long update felt great reading it.
    I wouldn’t go in detail as it’ll take some time & right now I’m at short of it.
    But ssly this MMKAD was like a roller coaster ride where my mind would sometimes relax and many times would run just like cheetah.
    Every part was a bliss to read.
    Arjun’s letter was plangtodh,jwala’s code message was zabri,that gujrati convo n
    I?U in tamil tauka??
    I knew you would finish it in a suspense as when I asked you the same you told me it’ll be revealed in last so I guessed it like this only.
    This isn’t THE END of MMKAD.
    I’ll miss you n your usphurta writing di..
    Love you??

    1. VHM

      Hey Madhuani…

      Thank you for your khidkitodh, darwazatodh, palantodh, tablatodh opinion…i am so happy that you are satisfied with the ending…i was sceptical though how will everyone’s reaction be to this sort of ending…but now i am relieved….i will miss your cute words….today’s words are again new…tauka, usphurta ….like i am smiling reading those….yeah true this isn’t the end of MMKAD …and our telepathy synced as you expected i would end the FF in a suspense……..whenever an good idea strikes my mind i will be definitely back….and then i will wish to find you by my side as always… you loads sweet little sister….keep smiling and take care

  38. Fffan1234

    That was fantastic end to super awesome story. Thank you Harika and Nikita for this treat.

    I am looking forward to next awesome story from you soon dear Harika

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Dipti…thanks a lot…you have been such a great support through out this journey of MMKAD…will come back when a good idea passes by my small brain…..keep smiling and take care

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