Hello this is VHM back with an FF on IB….. please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….

Sumo ‘’Mr.Ranjit ’’ She whispered

(Traces of flashback turned through her mind reminding how he said Saumya that whom she saw was not Anika but Anjali)

Anika too stood up and said ‘’Sir ….you here and I understood with the shot that it can be only you’’

Ranjit ‘’Yes …it’s me and before we speak something Anika alias Anjali……first take Shenaay into custody before she gains consciousness’’

Anika followed his orders …while Sumo still was standing confused…….

Anika handed over Shenaay to Lady police officers and ordered them to take her to Central prison for questioning……

Later Anika saw Sumo in shock looking at Ranjit…….she went near her ……

Jhanvi and Pinky took Riyanshi and Sahil to their room…both were in utter shock to see fake and RSJM getting shot……..

Khanna called Ambulance and took RSJM to hospital along with Mrs.Malhotra……

Shivaay – Om –Rudra – Gauri – Sumo –Anika-Ranjit were only present……

Anika ‘’Sir …you here…when I saw the shot I understood it can be only you…and when I turned I was right…but how come you are here’’

Shivaay ‘’Anika..wait …wait a minute…can you tell me who is he first? And why are you calling him Sir’’

Anika ‘’ohh I am sorry Shivaay …… him…he is Mr.Ranjit …the head of Research and Analysis Wing for this mission of ours……I and Arjun report to him …we call him chief or Sir’’

Shivaay shaked hands with Ranjit……

Anika ‘’Sir , I know you know all of them but still I want to introduce them as they are my family…hope you don’t mind’’

Ranjit ‘’go ahead Anika..i can see you are very happy and relaxed today …probably first time since two years’’

Anika smiled and later she introduced Om and Rudra and he shook hands with both of them …

Anika introduced Gauri and Sumo…Ranjit greeted Gauri and looked at Sumo and greeted her …she reciprocated but stared at him horrified …..Ranjit understood why Sumo was horrified……..

Shivaay asked Ranjit to have seat and everyone too sat there……

Ranjit ‘’ms.Saumya…am I right …don’t get shocked …you recognised me correct…that day I was the one to help you in Canberra airport …’’

Sumo ‘’you did not help me misguided me…I was right then…it was Anika Bhabhi that I saw …but you convinced me that it was some Anjali and she was travelling somewhere else’’

Ranjit ‘’I am sorry ms.Saumya but I had to do so…we were on this mission and we were afraid that you would revive Anjali’s I mean Anika’s lost memory…which we did not want to happen at that point of time…so I had to misguide you ‘’

Anika looked on shocked….so were others ……

Anika ‘’Sir ..i didn’t understand anything…you were in Canberra while we were on mission there..i mean ’’

Ranjit ‘’Anika what do you think I will sit idle while my team is working hard…that’s not what my duty is …even I am supposed to protect my team while serving our nation and people and that is what I exactly did’’

Anika ‘’but…’’

Ranjit turned towards Anika and then towards rest of OF members and started saying the events

RANJIT’S NARRATION OF EVENTS (so ’’ I ‘’From here refers to Ranjit)

I and RSJM were friends and I know him and his family very well…
while I was working on Sultan’s case I got to know Sultaan has enmity with Malhotra’s and Oberois…..when I was studying the case I got to know, his son Sinzaan was studying the mannerisms and everything about RSJM…

I didn’t understand why then …but when I saw his photo he looked almost nearer to RSJM …with a bit of make-up he can easily look like RSJM….

Later I got a clue that he was trying to take RSJM’s place ….

By that time Shenaay entered as Ragini in Malhotra mansion through Mrs.Malhotra…..

I had no clue that Shenaay was related to Sinzaan , Sultaan and Fauzi, so none of us suspected her at that point of time…….

Being a friend and an RAW agent i informed RSJM and his wife who were living in Australia that there is a big threat to their family and they should be careful……

That was the time RSJM decided to bring his family back to India…

But after listening to me he dropped that idea and he came here alone..

I assured that I will take care of his family in Australia in his absence…

Also for security reasons I asked RSJM to change his house , YASHI’s name to something else (to which he changed her name as RIYANSHI …)

I also asked him not to take and place any pics of Yashi or their family in the house in Australia…they did so …

As assured to them I used to stay in Australia when RSJM was in India and was doing my duty from there juggling between India and Australia as per RSJM work…

Also in India, Shenaay as Ragini did her duty well to become an important member of Malhotra family and in a short span entered Oberoi’s life too…….

Everything was going fine but suddenly 6 months before RSJM stopped contacting me and he stopped coming to Australia ……

One day when i went to meet RSJM’s wife i got to know… he only contacts her through calls and gets to know about them and my doubts and fears started increasing….

I put my men to work to find out about RSJM in India while i stayed back in Australia……..

But when my men were failing in my attempts… i decided to travel back to India after calling and meeting Arjun in Australia…..

So I asked Arjun and Anika to come to Australia and work for the mission….Arjun knew everything about me……

When Anika and Arjun where in Australia , Arjun met me without the knowledge of Anika/Anjali…

During our meet he gave me the key to locker where he had placed all the evidences against Sultaan and his family collected till then, a packet which will help anyone from Oberois and/or Malhotra’s in disastrous situations and a file ……

Sultaan and Fauzi who were alive then got to know that proofs and evidences against them were being collected and they were in their work of getting the proofs……
Arjun and Anika worked on the mission for which they came to Australia and the mission was going on as expected …..

As decided I came to India and found that Sinzaan has captured RSJM and hence he was not coming to Australia to meet his wife and kid…….i also got to know he was in plan of killing them at the right opportunity…..

After further probe …i also got to know that Ragini was Shenaay and got to know how she was closely connected to Sultaan , Fauzi and Sinzaan …..

I understood their plan then……they wanted to take place of Malhotra’s and do their anti-national works without being suspected or caught…

Even if they are caught then RSJM will be the person who will be prosecuted……..

I also got to know that they were planning to tackle the Oberois through business and take their revenge from Malhotra’s and Oberoi’s…..

More than that they had their men who were keeping an close eye on us……..

So I had to come back to Australia once again and give complete protection to RSJM’s wife and daughter……

I did so and used to meet them regularly and took care of them ….

However I never disclosed them about RSJM being captured to avoid panic and confrontation of Mrs.RSJM with Fake SJM…..also I wanted the business as usual to avoid any unwanted circumstances too…….

By then Arjun and Anika accomplished their mission in Australia and were coming back to Mumbai to tackle Sultan….

It was then I got to know soumya saw Anika in the airport…

Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi used his status and power to contact Indian Embassy in Australia to get details of Anika…

But we had our own policies and rules …and no status or power can nullify the policies and rules of us..

So as per the protocol if anyone asks for the details of our agents we are informed first and without our permission details will not be given…

So I came to the airport as member from Indian embassy and helped or to say misguided ms.Saumya so that our mission doesn’t stop…

I felt sad for Saumya but I was bound by my duty……..

A day before Arjun’s death he called me to update about the happenings…..after updating he asked me about the locker key …

I said Arjun that the key will be with YASHI very soon….Since Arjun knew everything about me he knew who Yashi is even though he never met her…….

He informed me that he has given the permission to Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi to open the locker….i knew what he was upto so I okayed ……

Arjun unfortunately called me to speak from OM which was kept on a close eye by Sultaan and family……so they understood that the key had something to do with the evidences against them and Mr. Shivaay too was needed for them to resolve their one more purpose …..

The next day I got the news from Anika that Arjun was killed…. I had to return to India for further responsibilities

Then I had no other option except to tell truth to Mrs.RSJM …I thought who can be of help to them..i found no one better than Anika/Anjali…..

I said everything to Mrs.RSJM and assured her that Anika/Anjali will be the contact of help for them if they fall into trouble…

I gave all the details of Anika/Anjali to them….i asked Mrs.RSJM to inform her kid too about Anjali/Anika because it was needed in any major disastrous situations……

I asked them to come to India at the earliest so that I can personally take care of them, because staying in Australia was not possible for me then….

She agreed and assured me that she will be in India in few days…….

It was then I gave them the locker key and said that if they are in worst situation they should go and open the locker and they will find a packet which will help them…….

Mrs.RSJM took the key and kept with her …i asked her to take care and came back here to set things straight………

But the worst happened the very next day…soon after I came here Mrs.RSJM was shot dead and thankfully Riyanshi wasn’t in home then……

I used my contacts in Australia and got to know where Riyanshi was….

Coincidentally I found that Mrs.RSJM and Saumya were working for the same NGO…

Then I spoke to the NGO people and asked them to ask Saumya to bring Riyanshi to Mumbai….

That was the reason NGO people never disclosed any information except that saumya would find Riyanshi’s family in Mumbai…..

I knew Saumya will definitely come to OM if she arrives in Mumbai… plan worked……….

But things took another turn when Anika called me and informed me that she is willing to leave her job …

I understood that she had got back her memory….but somehow i had to make her meet Riyanshi to protect her …..

So I sent her a file with all the details about the threat to Oberois from Sultan’s family involving fake SJM and Ragini….

I knew Anika would never deny when it comes to OF …as expected she agreed ……and from then on you all know what happened

Now you all might be having few questions
1. Why did I not arrest Sinzaan aka FSJM and Ragini when I knew their plan?
2. Why did I not let Anjali/Anika know about Yashi/Riyanshi ?
3. Was I working only for Malhotra’s and not for Nation and wasn’t it my duty to protect Oberoi’s too

Let me answer you ……..

I could not arrest both of them because they have captured RSJM and almost house arrested Mrs.Malhotra … wrong step of mine would also cost the lives of Mrs.RSJM and Yashi… also we had no solid proofs and moreover we wanted them to catch them red-handed …which happened today……

Secondly I didn’t want Anika/Anjali to know about Riyanshi/yashi because she was about to stay in OM and Malhotra’s were frequent visitors to OM and if by any chance Anika/Anjali takes her name or Oberois get to know about her , then Riyanshi’s life will be at stake……. Which happened yesterday…..

Finally this entire mission of protecting Malhotra’s and Oberoi’s was given to us by our government as a special operation because of Sultaan’s involvement and enmity with both these families…and Sultaan was a national threat too….it was my responsibility to safeguard Oberois also …but since Sultaan’s family was directly getting into the shoes of RSJM I had taken the duty of safeguarding them while I appointed my best officer Arjun to protect Oberois, even before Anika came into picture …he was protecting you all from every attack of Sultaan.


Everyone were in a Trans while Ranjit was narrating everything…after he completed he smiled and was about to go when

Om ‘’But how are we related to Sultaan and what is his enmity with us and Malhotra’s? why did Ragini alias Shenaay wanted to marry Shivaay?’’

Ranjit looked at Anika and smiled and then said

Ranjit ‘’Gentlemen the answer to your questions is known to your Bhabhi..i mean Anika/Anjali ……so I would prefer her to let you know all this…I revealed what she doesn’t know…what she knows she can explain you…I need to go now ….as I have some other responsibilities…’’

He then towards Anika and said ‘’I will meet you in a couple of days for some formalities…and by then make your mind about your job…till then don’t worry I am not going to disturb you…well done OFFICER…JAI HIND’’

Anika ‘’JAI HIND SIR’’

Ranjit turned towards Shivaay and said

Ranjit ‘’Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi…since Arjun has given the permission to you to open the locker …I would want you to come along with me to open the locker and let me take the valuables with me leaving you with your valuable…I hope you don’t mind’’

Shivaay nodded and said ‘’as you say officer’’

Sumo and Gauri then immediately said ‘’Bhayya we will come with you….please’’

Shivaay looked at Ranjit and he smiled saying ‘’As long as you are comfortable I have no objection’’

Shivaay turned towards Gauri and Sumo and spoke

Shivaay ‘’Gauri , Saumya don’t get me wrong …but you know why I am going and this time when I get what I have been waiting for….. I want to be alone …Once I come back I will let you know everything….i hope you understand me’’

Gauri ‘’we understand bhayya……you go….. this time we wouldn’t stop you’’

Sumo also agreed to Gauri……

Shivaay hugged both of them and left with Ranjit……….


Anika ‘’Saumya-Gauri what was Shivaay talking about?’’

Sumo ‘’bhabhi…Shivaay was talking about truth….he is going to get the truth of his life’’

Anika frowned

Om ‘’truth of his life in locker …I didn’t understand’’

Gauri ‘’you can never understand anything’’ she turned towards Sumo and said ‘’Come Sumo we need to go and help maaji and choti maaji’’

While they were going Pinky came to the living room where OmRu and Anika were present…….She came near Anika and said

Pinky ‘’you are back again in our lives…I haven’t ever seen such a shameless women in my life…even after my son has kicked you from Oberoi Mansion you didn’t budge and came back…..i don’t understand onething …you died and you survived too..see the luck of you and bad luck of mine…..what sort of a human being are you…don’t you feel ashamed ? ‘’

Anika was looking on when Om said

Om ‘’chotii maa enough…..not a word more…..’’

Pinky ‘’you shut up Om ….don’t interfere in my son’s life’’

Gauri ‘’he will and he should because may be in some time your son might not be your’s anymore’’

Pinky ‘’what nonsense’’

Sumo ‘’you don’t know aunty ji but Shivaay bhayya went to get the file which has everything about why Anika Bhabhi left OM two years agao…every detail of Oberoi’s life…and when Shivaay bhayya gets to know…just imagine what will be your state’’

Pinky ‘’whaat?’’

Gauri ‘’yes….Arjun ji has filed everything and has put the file in the locker…the same locker where Ranjit ji and Shivaay bhayya went to open’’

Anika ‘’wait a minute Gauri…please tell me everything in detail…’’


Bahujaii …a day before maha arthi of ganesh ji …Arjun came to our house to meet Bhavya……while leaving he left an envelope with her to give it to Shivaay bhayya…Bhavya while leaving the house handed over the envelope to Shivaay bhayya……we too didn’t know the truth of why you left so we went to help Shivaay bhayya…Arjun ji has written in the letter
that he has filed everything about Oberoi’s including the reason for your exit and how you became Jwala from Anika…….but he never disclosed where the file was directly for some security reasons…he left clues in the letter…the first clue being to find the diary of Arjun…after much effort we found out where the diary was….but again the diary was empty …he gave a clue in the letter the way to find what is written in the diary…you remember you thought the paper trick to Riyanshi…the same trick helped us……when we applied the same trick we got to know the file was in the locker and the key was with YASHI…we did not know who was Yashi…that’s why when Shivaay bhayya heard Yashi’s name from your mouth he confronted you……finally we found who was Yashi and got the key…now Shivaay bhayya has went to get the file with all the details about his life as well as Oberoi’s life……..all these days we three were indulged in finding these truth’s……..


Gauri concluded and Anika hugged Gauri and Sumo and thanked them

Pinky ‘’are you done with this sisters drama..’’

Anika reached the limit

Anika ‘’I must ask this….are you finished with this taunting …now let me tell you something…I am not the old Anika to listen to all your nonsense…don’t forget I am cop still…and coming to feeling ashamed …I never did such a thing to feel ashamed of myself and in future too I will never do any such thing…..…you feel he is your son and you can do anything you want with his life……and so you were on verge of getting married to Ragini knowing nothing about who she is and what is she …….now you very well know that she is behind the bars counting the numbers of days remaining for her life……what kind of a mother are you ..…you broke your son’s heart for your selfish reasons…you just blackmailed me to tell truth to him which will break him to pieces…..most importantly…..listen to me
SHIVAAY IS NOT ILLEGITIMATE …..HE IS 100 % ELDEST SON OF OBEROI FAMILY …….and I have enough proofs to prove this…..and this I got to know only recently…..i don’t know if Arjun has filed this truth or not …but Shivaay is an Oberoi’’

Pinky was shocked listening to Anika …….while Gauri and Sumo didn’t understand what Anika meant and OmRu were smiling happily……..

She looked at omru and they came and hugged her

OmRu ‘’Bhabhi are you saying truth…?’’

Anika ‘’I never say lies’’ she turned towards pinky

Anika ‘’Mrs.Pinky Shakthi Singh Oberoi……atleast now behave like a human and more importantly behave like a mother …….else you will lose whatever you have …..including your persona….and onemore thing next time you talk to me don’t forget to talk to me with respect…because I will not and am not going to tolerate your nonsense anymore…treat it like a warning or order’’

She left from there in a huff followed by Sumo-Gauri-Om and Rudra………


Shivaay and Ranjit reached the bank and opened the locker………..Ranjit took the evidences and the packet that Arjun left and gave the file to Shivaay that Arjun left for him……..

He wished Shivaay all the best and left towards his Office…….while Shivaay took the file and drove to the same cliff near Ratnagiri fort where Anika’s accident took place two years before…….

——————– OM

Gauri ‘’Bahujaii..please let us know why you left us and what happened two years before’’

Om ‘’no before that answer what’s the enmity between us and Sultan’’

Sumo ‘’no we want to know what happened two years before ‘’

Rudra ‘’no we want to know the enmity between Sultan and oberois’’

Anika made both of them quiet and started the narration………….

———–Ratnagiri Cliff

Shivaay reached the same point where he and Sahil were saved by Jwala and where Anika’s old life ended ………..Shivaay sat down and opened the file to read …………


So this was the Nineteenth episode of the FF ………..Please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad is welcome…I will reply as soon as possible….all credits to NIKITA !!!

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    Mr.Ranjit…..yeah right(Rajat is also good name na di….hehehe), he is chief Officer?!! OMG!! I didn’t expect this point. Soooo much revealtions!! Eagerly waiting for next part di. Again sorry for short comment di. Next time I will give long comment.

    Take care n keep smiling!! Hope now u r free from ur work n stress which u had last 2 days!

  24. VHM

    Hey Gayu…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…and no worries, studies and exams are important….few more revelations left and then we are good to end the ff…till then you have to bear me……yes dear…got freed up finally from the work … you loads and keep smiling …take care…the next episode i uploaded sometime back

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