[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] LAST EPISODE

Hey guys! Im so happy to make you guys wait so long, jk..
I actually wanted to turn this last episode perfect, so it took time..

PS: if you haven’t read the last episode, dont read this please, you needd to have to read the last part.


Do read. And no precaps.
So here we go.

And yea the episode’s a bit long, so I divided it into 2 parts so take a break..

Shravan walked down from the road, heartbroken. SUMO kept calling out his name, but he kept ignoring. Well, ignoring wasn’t the word exactly. His senses stopped working. All he kept thinking was about the kiss, then his and Ariana’s chats.
He stumbled upon the rock and fell down. Sumo ran after him and helped him get up..
Sumo: Shravan!
Shravan: tujhe koi farak nahi padta kya?
Sumo: mujhe kyu farak padega Shravan?
Shravan: Mujhe laga ki tujhe Namik…
Sumo: ki mujhe Namik pasand hai? Haina?
Shravan nods.
Sumo: mujhe bhi laga tha.. tumhe chot lagi hai shravan!!
Shravan: I though Ariana liked me. She used to talk to me 24/7?
Sumo: facebook pe….?
Shravan nods.
Sumo: wo ariana nahi mei thi..
Shravan: of course! Ariana mujhse baat bhi kyu karegi?Aur mei paaglon type samajhta raha ki Ariana mujhse pyaar karti hai.. im so stupid!
He slammed him already wounded, bleeding hand on the rock.
Shravan: * pissed, frustated, angry tone * Tumhe kyu farak padta hai?
Sumo: * same tone * farak padta hai…..because I LOVE YOU.!
Shravan: sumo…?
Sumo: Look, I really dont care what you wanna say. What I care is that you are hurt, and I have to help you.
She helps him get up and takes him to her house.
She bandages his wound while he looks at her, crying.
Each tear that made through his eyes, either cried for Sumo, or Ariana.
He did not know who he was more sorry for.
Himself, that the girl he loved was someone else’s.
Or Sumo, who loved her best friend and still never confessed about it.
He just could not imagine, how hard it would’ve been for Sumo. And yet she loved him with all her heart, knowing that Shravan loved Ariana. He felt so broken, empty, lonely, upset.

Sumo: ho gaya.. is it paining?
Shravan: dard to tumhe ho raha hoga…
Sumo * smiling sadly* kyu?
Shravan: tum mujhse….
Sumo: haan, but tum nahi karte naa.. I love you, you don’t. So its my problem. Not yours. Mei manage kar lungi ?
Shravan: Sumo…
Sumo: koi Sumo nahi.. look, tomorrow our college completes 26 years. Party to ho gayi aaj, ab kal humara program hai. So we have to perform na tmr!
So listen, relax, aur jaao so jao. Forget whatever happened today. Okay?
Shravan nodded, still crying. He was about to the door when Sumo called him out. He turned and she handed him the camera.
Sumo: tum ye bhul gaye the.
Shravan smiled. He was actually stunned at the fact how Sumo handled herself. He felt guilty.

On the other hand, Sumo was heartbroken, yet she controlled herself. She knew that Shravan could never be her’s, so she just stood there.
Shravan sighed [ the special EDKV wali. Where he raises his shoulders, and smiles sadly ]
Sumo smiled and turned back. She kept cleaning up her house, he looked at her for a while and left.
At his home all he kept thinking about the camera. The camera, Sumo’s confession, and the kiss. 1000 emotions wandered in his mind. He cried unstoppably, and felt guilty for everything that took place. Namik came home.
Shravan: dont talk to me.
Namik: Shravan. .
Shravan: dont. Just get out right now!
Namik tried, but Shravan was still upset so he left.
Ariana came home.
Ariana: Sumo..
Sumo: kyu kiya tune aisa?
Ariana: I thought you liked Shravan..
Sumo: aur tune usi ka dil tod diya.
Ariana: sumo..
Sumo walked away and went to bed.

Ariana kept looking.

-Next morning-
Sumo got ready in a gorgeous red gown, and Shravan in a black suit with red pocket hankey.
Sumo reaches the venue and bumps into…… PUSHKAR
Pushkar: hi.. umm.. I heard about you too. I talked to Shravan about it this morning.
Pushkar: you okay?
Sumo: what do you think?
She says as a tear drops from her eye.
Pushkar hugs her and she hugs him back.
Shravan observes from a distance.
* Can I please request Ms. Suman and Mr. Shravan on stage, and all the guests on the chairs. We have to start the programme *
Pushkar: stop crying.
He wipes her tears, and wishes her luck and tells her to go.
Preeti comes to Pushkar.
Preeti: you liked her, didn’t you?
Pushkar nods no, not anymore. Shes my best friend, and after all I have you..
He smiles and reminicises Sumo and his moments.. their fights, and hugs.
Preeti: chalo, the show’s about to start.
Preeti sits down at the front row and Pushkar goes and sits and checks the lightning and the music
[He was supposed to do this]
Sumo enters the stage ad stand in front of her mike.
She smiles at Pushkar, he smiles back.
Shravan is still standing there, senseless.
Sumo goes to him and says, ” Shravan?”
Shravan: Sumo.. I cant.
Sumo: yaaaaar.. jo bhi kal hua, its not your fault, problem is mine, and Ariana’s who lost a guy like you.
Shravan smiles.
Sumo: ab chup chap chal. I also realised that I was never into Namik, jo thaa wo usske songs ki lyrics ki wajah se hi thaa..
Shravan nods and walks up, still lost.
Sumo says her line, and waits for Shravan to says his, but he doesn’t.
Sumo continues saying..
‘ so let’s look at the 25 years, those 25 love stories that our college witnessed ‘
Pushkar switches on the projector and the show starts.
Shravan: who cares about the 25 love stories?
Ms Maria: what the hell? Pushkar ye kya hai?
Pushkar: I dont know mam.
Pushkar dims the light smiling.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan: who cares about the 25 love stories! I only care about the love story, that is ours. The 26th love story of this college.
I just realized ki mei toh ussi se pyaar kar baitha tha jisse mei FB pe baat karta tha.. ab laga tha ki wo Ariana hai, but wo tum thi! So I realized Sumo.. I love you! I seriously do! I love you..
Sumo * crying * I love you tooo!
She runs to him and kisses him, he reciprocates.
Pushkar plays the titanic tune, and dims the light into pink.
He runs to Preeti and hugs her.
Namik – Ariana hug each other as well, who were observing from a distance.
Shravan: waise Sumo, Namik ke wo cheesy gaane bhi mei hi likhta tha!
Sumo: whatt??
And she hugs him.. he lifts her up, still hugging.
Pushkar runs up to the stage and says, ‘ Happy 26th Year of college guys, and THIS is our 26th Love story ‘
Everyone claps and hoots.
The update ends on ShraMan kissing.

I hope this was up to ur expectations. Thank you to, Ishani, who you guys might know as Laddoo.. Who helped me to make this episode, as perfect as possible.. Please give your reviews.. and I’m glad my ff ends on a happy note, and specially on the Valentine week. Happy Valentine Week everyone! I would see you soon, witht the 4 am phone call! I love you all.. Please comment! I love you everyone!

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Happy that u uploaded it sad u ended it but I understand u r busy na that’s why finally shraman and Namik-Ariana got united ??? and sumo love confession was awesome do come back soon with another story ?

    1. Farin Api!!! I missseeedddd youuuuu soooooooo muuuucchhhhhhh!!!!♡
      Guess who?

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Hmmm who r u? ???
        Sorry I have a very weak memory but this logo looks very familiar

    2. I am ur very own laddoo!!

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        OMG hi laddoo haha so that’s why I couldn’t recognise ???
        Vaise I missed u a lot

    3. Nikita

      Aww ! Thank you so much! And hey laddooo!!
      Love you guys ♥

    4. Nikita

      And all good things come to an end Joyee di.. when are you coming up with your writingss??

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Hey nishita yeah I m coming back with my writing very very soon and my exams will end at 24th February and then I have 2 months semester break , so I m gonna write a continual of EDKV ff on EDKV first anniversary (since 29th is the date, I will write on 28th) and my plan is to invite all our EDKV friends to celebrate EDKV first anniversary

    5. Nikita

      Hey greatt! Im also gonna throw up an OS that time!! ♥ALL THE BEST WITH YOUR EXAMS

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Wow cool can’t wait to read ur OS 🙂 and thank u haha 🙂

  2. Hey nishita is was just fabulous!!

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much Christie! Love you ♥

  3. Diya

    Aww….dear the confession was so cute. Poor Sumo…she consoled herself even after being truly in love with Shravan.
    And Namik and Ariana united……( Besto Aru !!! )
    Very nice dear….but I’ll be missing this fab story forever.

    1. Nikita

      Thankk you soo muchh diya!
      Aww im gonna miss you too!
      Love you Diya!

  4. hey Nikita. how are you.
    coming to the last episode its really nice.
    its amazing,superb,& too good.
    so I hope you will continue your writing.
    please keep writing. & also post.
    loads of love…..
    take care. bye.

    1. Nikita

      Hey Reema.. I’m good.
      How are youu?
      Thank you so much! Im gonna miss these comments. But I’ll come back soon!
      Lovee you,

  5. Rukhsar

    So finally u uploaded it han good…..arey this good is not for uploading but for the chap but itny dino baat aye or sirf eik good ahan not fair so let me tell u the truth it was mind blowing simply incredible but i m gonna miss it too ??????
    Hope to see u soon
    Till then bye
    Take care
    Love u ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Nikita

      Hey Ru!
      How are youu??
      Aww thank you so muchh!!
      Lovee youu ru!

      1. Rukhsar

        Me fine but where are u??? Long time no contact

    2. Nikita

      Im here only.. where are youu??
      But yea, long time..

    3. Nikita

      I miss your updatess!!

      1. Rukhsar

        Sorry for that but i m not going to post them any more

    4. Nikita

      Nooo!! Why? I love reading them? If not gonna post so atleast tell me the whole story about shraman and everyone.. plszzzz

      1. Rukhsar

        Ok will pm u n inbox about the story

  6. I am also fine. but my exams are near so little worry. but I know I will do my best so all good. please yaar come back soon. lots of love & take care. bye.

    1. Nikita

      I will surely come back!
      All the best!
      Love ya!

  7. Prettypreeti

    Hey niki sweetheart..how r u…i just loved it..ur ff alsways awesome..just perfect..excellent..i would be waiting for more…
    Loved itt…
    Too good…
    Love u

    1. Nikita

      Aww.. meri pretty preetiiii…♥♥♥

      Thankk you so muchh!
      I love you too
      I’ll keep writing for you’ll..

  8. Ariana

    hey sweetie I’m so sorry for commenting late but yah here I am now. I’m both sad n happy at the same moment coz this beautiful story is ending but u r coming with another waiting ff!!! Uhhhh instead of telling how much I love this epi, I should say I’m very very very excited for the coming bomb. plz plz plz don’t delay anymore
    I wanna read that sap

    1. Nikita

      Can I drop in an OS b4? 1st episods of that I will post on 28th..

    2. Nikita

      aand thank you!

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