[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] Intro


Hey guys… Anyone ever watched the movie
‘Mujhe Fraandship Karogi?’ .. Well if yes, no worries..If no, then too no worries..

So here’s a 5 or 4 shot on that movie..

So now here’s the intro..

The story is basically about two-teenagers, Shravan-Suman, who get trapped in hatred, but then it twirls around friendship, and reaching it’s destiny ‘LOVE’

Now, this movie was based, when Facebook was newly released.. How teenagers loved it so much.. So these people are basically in their 20’s studying some course in some badass college.. Now about the characters :

Shravan- a chill person, loves photography, has a crush on ‘Ariana’

Suman- a little ‘Jhalli’ girl, who knows how to get her way out..has a crush on ‘Namik’

Ariana- Suman’s sister cum Best friend.. Lives with Suman and her mom, as her mom is abroad doing job, model by profession

Namik: A rockstar, in love with music..

Now let me tell you the basic storyline..

ShraMan study in the same college, yet unknown of each other.. Now, it’s like in one of Namik’s concert, he calls upon a fan cheering for him on the stage, and dances with him.. That’s none other that Ariana.. Now since Suman has a crush on Namik, she sends a friend request on Facebook to Namik, from Ariana’s account.. Ariana knows this, and is quite fine with it, but Suman starts using the account, and starts talking to Namik on Facebook.. Now, Suman was actually mad after the LYRICS of Namik’s songs.. Now you have for Shravan..

This guy has a thing for Ariana, and is a great friend of Namik.. Unknown to anyone, except for Shravan-Namik themselves, that it’s Shravan who writes the lyrics for Namik’s songs.. And the lyrics is the only thing that made Suman fall for Namik.. Now, when Shravan gets to know that Ariana sent Namik a request, he accepts it from his account and starts talking to Ariana..

Now unknown by ShraMan, they think that Shravan is talking to Ariana, and Suman’s talking to Namik, whereas, they’re talking to each other.. Get it?

Now, for ShraMan’s college life..

That will be revealed, do read !!


Give your reviews !!

Ps: the pic’s the poster of the movie, ignore it if possible, but you might know the pic in the centre’s Namik and Ariana and the one’s in side are Shravan-Suman..

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  1. WeirdSister

    Hey Nikki…
    I hve not seen d movie I think..I hve seen mujhe dosti karogi…but its not d same I guess..
    Anyway..all d best wid this..
    Luv ya..
    Post soon!!

    1. Nikita

      Heya. Niya di.
      No, actually the concept is same..it I like there they write letters and here the msg..
      Thank you so much..
      Love you too!

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Fantabulous ???
    Though I haven’t watched the movie bt love it ?
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much Fatimah di..!!
      I would post soon..
      Love you !!

  3. Ariana

    Did I just read my name up there? Like hell seriously? Wait…Is my name Ariana? Ohh I’m going all crazy. Girl u took my heart off me. Idc tht Ariana is me or not, I’ll consider myself :p Nd I’m honestly a red tomato now after all the inner celebration.
    Shravu has a crush on me!! OMFG!!!! I deeply adore Shravan/Namik. Uhhh u made my day. I was thinking of taking a break nd focus on studies but u blew my head off me. I’m gone……lost on my dreams.
    Now coming out of my craziness…let’s go with the basic things u must know b4 writing the shots
    -U r an amazing writer nd u kill me either way with ur ff/shots or by using my name somewhere.
    -I want ur posts really quick coz my curiosity is uncontrollable
    -Ignoring my name part of the story, the intro is superrrrrrrrrrrrrr cute. ShraMan literally feel for each other unknowingly. Its soooo gd
    Now I guess I can breath easily as I’m done explain 0.0001% of my excitement.
    Post asap.
    Stay blessed
    Lovu u beyond words
    Take care

    1. Nikita

      Yes di, you read your name up there.. And your name is ARIANA only..
      That Ariana is you only di..
      Don’t worry, red tomatoe are nice..
      Yes.. Shravan has a crush on you
      I’m sorry I spoiled your plans.. Wrong timing..
      Thank you so so much..
      And I would post soon..
      Thank you !!
      Love you too

    2. ariana congooo. wah shravu has a crush on u dear !!! kya bat hai .

  4. Ruchi

    Hey Nik..
    I have not seen this movie..
    but the plot is very interesting..
    loved it..
    post soon..
    take care..
    Love u!!
    Ruchi… πŸ™‚

    1. Nikita

      Hey di..
      Thank you so much..
      Love you. Too!
      Nikita πŸ™‚

  5. Anushika

    The intro rocks,I had seen this film but had forgotten it’s name.Thanks a lot for making me remember it

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much Anu..
      Oh I’m glad that now you remember..

  6. Sriya

    hey nikko di<3333 it was stupendous fabulous omg ariana di but u didn't used my name very bad di can u plzzzzzzzzzz give me any role in the 5 shots closed to shravan/namik plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz di otherwise my ff ended in 13th episode only u will not get anymore episodes of it di can't u do this for me di you are my cute sweet gorgeous beautiful from inside and out don't take it in a wrong one

    love ya lots nikko di<3333 be happy and stay blessed take care and give me a role here if u can and that too close to namik..! ( i know i m selfish ) plzzzzzzzzzzzzz di accept your small sissy request di don't u love me ha ha so bad plzzzzzzz na di okay now how r u di??? all well na love u lots nikko di be happy and keep writing more i just want to kiss you hand for this amazing writings and coming to the one shot it was jhakassssssssssssssss rapchik out of the world seriously how can your write so well in front of u i don't know w of writer also i m nothing di in front of u lotssssssssssssss of hugsssssssss and kissesssssssssss to u be happy.! and don't forget my request

    1. Sriya

      i mean 5 shot intro..! typos u know love ya,,!

    2. Nikita

      Hey sriyu..
      Thank you so so much..
      Aww I’m so sorry, but I don’t have any more roles I can remember..Sory, but next shot mei pakka..
      Nahi.. FF khatam mat karna, ja sriyu, I won’t talk to you !!

      Aww thank you, but I’m sorry I seriously have no roles yet.. But I’ll try.
      I’m good..
      Thank you so much..

  7. Nikku
    My girl! U jus made me so happy! Love u BAE!
    U know I am so happy today and on top of that, I am getting just so, so many surprises!
    I love this! And this is gonna be too good! And yes, don’t stop this one like you stopped the 4 AM call…or I guess the name was somewhat like this only…so plzz don’t stop this!
    I love each and every piece of ur work, and really looking forward to it!
    Love u?

    1. Nikita

      Aww.. You made my day bae..!!
      Aww.. Thank you so much..
      And I know you’re upset with my idea of going off of that idea of 4 am call, but trust me, I’m seriously excited with this one, and this is a 5 shot or more, so excited..
      Thank you yaar!
      Love you too..

  8. pretty preeti

    Nikki I had watched the film
    and ur start i s amazing
    Aru toh pagal ho gyi yaar
    I loved this introduction
    It was superb
    Thank god u have written new one
    I loved it
    Love u
    Post sion

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much meri pretty preeti..
      I know, ho gayi hai..
      Thank you so much..
      Love you too!
      Nikita πŸ™‚

  9. niki superb idea . but iam stuck in my imagination . will i imagin shravan as namik paul and namik as someone else or vice versa ??? ariana congoooo. wah shravu has a crush on her !!!! kya bat hai. post asap

    1. Nikita

      Well imagine Shravan as our Namik and Namik as _______ I gotta check.. Will tell you in the next part..
      Actually congratulations to Aru di seriously..
      I would!
      Thank you

      1. ok done!!! i will wait for d blank to be filled !!!

  10. hey Nikita…I am in love with shraman now…n this movie …I have watched it few times πŸ˜‰ loved it…
    so m damn interested in reading ur new ff …
    u have plotted the characters in a very good way…
    keep updating soon ..

    good luck πŸ™‚

    1. Nikita

      Heya Anjali.. Long time
      Mee to.. I loved the movie, and hung up on Shravan right now..
      Thank you so much..
      I would post soon..
      Keep commenting !!

  11. Ufaaq

    Hey Nikki what’s up????
    Thk ho???
    The movie sounds to b very interesting waiting ya post soon plz
    Ohk take care

    1. Nikita

      Hey ufi di!
      Long time πŸ™‚
      I’m good.. What about you..
      The movie’s amazing..
      Thank you..
      Would post soon

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    Amazing loved it ??

    1. Nikita

      thank you so much πŸ™‚

  13. I thought I already commented here ?
    Anyway loved your intro. I haven’t watched the movie so it’s even more interesting. xD
    Post soon. Loads of love. Take care ?

    1. By the way what’s your age?

    2. Nikita

      Oh.. Its okay..
      Thank you so much..
      Love you too!

      Well, I’m quite the smaller one here, that is, I’m 13

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