[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] Chapter 7 Part 1 + [4 am phone call ‘returns’] EDKV

Helloo.. I’m back..
Now firstly look, this is the 7th chapter, so the story is gonna end in 10 chapters and all those concerned people of the ending, be curios.

Sorry too bee lattee..
Cause its my brother’s (cousin) wedding, so I’m all occupied in the guests, plus my birthday’s coming up on 3rd, so I’m excited!

One thing: if you thought that you’re gonna have a double date today, I’m sorry, you’ll get no ARU today.. Sorry about that.
This is Namik-Shravan-Suman today!

Ps: there’s a surprise, remember that intro of my 4 am phone call? Yes, I’m bringing that ff up after this ends. That’s a surprise to Niyaa di!

Now the episode:

Shravan: jalddiii challlllllllllll

Namik: relax dude, I’m driving naaa

Shravan: okay..


Sumo: pretty pleasee?
Ariana: why don’t you understand! I’ve to design dresses, for the first time I’m doing that for a celebrity, that’s big deal dudee!
Sumo: uugghh.. Finee..


Shravan: Aru…..iana?
Sumo: busy working.
Shravan: so she ain’t coming?
Sumo: nope
Shravan: (disspointed) okay..


Shravan-Namik-Suman reach the hills..

Sumo clicks loads of pictures of Namiks.. Shravan interrupts, and poses weirdly. Suman laughs and takes his photos….

They all have a gala time…


Ariana: dikhaa naa..
Suman: ye le..

Ariana fantasizes about Namik, but then looks at Suman, and dismisses the feelings.
Whereas, Suman’s busy looking at Shravan’s pics. Shravan keeps messaging Ariana (Suman) but she pays no heed. All she cared about those Shravan’s pics..


That’s all.. I know it’s shorrtt but I’m soo sorrryyyyyyyyy
I cantt helpp itt, I’m really bussyyy…

Next episode on 5th! Pretty late, but trust me, twist coming up..

Ps: all those Pushkar’s fans, he’s gonna playy a majorr rolee nowww

Pps: guess that role..

Do tell me how’s the idea of continuing that ff, new people, I just posted the intro that time.
Here’s the link if you forgot:


Do give your reviews!


  1. _pari_alisha


    |Registered Member

    Helloooooo!!!! Welcome back…….. But not done nik too short…. Ok i understand busy…..

    Its was short but nice and about that 4am call plzzzz continueeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    take care loads of love

  2. Zainab

    This was so cute. Post soon if possible.
    My exams are starting from 5th probably so maybe I won’t be able to read and comment both (though maybe I will, can’t say anything)
    Much love. Take care 😘

  3. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    Sry!!! I’m late…..
    I don’t wanna go all apologizing n wasting ur time so I’ll jump into the epi
    1st u r ending this on 3 more chaps? 🙁
    Broken heart- But happy to coz ShraMan r gonna b together!!!! Weeeeeeeeee
    I love how Sumo is in a dilemma between Namku n Shr. It seems so cool
    btw I’m always fantasized by Namku :p
    this was awesome!!!! Now u should make the last few parts loooooonnngggggg
    I’ll b sad if it ends but then I’ll get to read another creative stry of urs so just waiting for 5th
    love u

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