[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] Chapter 1



Hey guys.. Now decided to make this an ff.. Happy? 15 or 10 parts max… Now let’s go through the first chapter…

Guys, you can Imagine Namik as whoever you want, but my preference would be the guy who’s pic is beside namik, in the ff pic.. As he was the guy originally in the movie
Okay.. Here we go..

A crowd is seen cheering.. It’s night time, and the moonlight and the stage lights are perfectly pointing towards the crowd..

It has been 15 minutes, where is he? Where is our rock star for whom our crowd is cheering…

‘Namik ko bulao, ya paise wapas do’ scream an angry man from the crowd..

‘Ha ha’ goes along the crowd


‘Sir, everyone’s getting mad.. They’re asking for their money’ said a guy entering into Namik’s vanity..

‘Just two minutes’ replies Namik

Just then a guy enters with a paper in his hand..

‘Saale.. Kaha tha?’ Says Namik..

‘Traffic’ replies Shravan..

‘Okay.. Chal la paper’ said Namik.. He reads the paper, and learns a few lines and goes up on stage and sings the song.. The crowd starts cheering..

Shravan’s friend, Pushkar says , ” bhai.. Sab log uski lyrics ke piche pagal hai. Batata kyu nahi hai sabko, that you’re the one who writes the lyrics?

‘Nai yaar..its okay’ said Shravan..

‘Okay…’ Said Pushkar..

-Namik’s still singing-

He sees a fan cheering…

He steps down, holds the fan’s hand, and brings her to the stage..

He dances with her.. Well you’re right, that’s our second lead actor, Ariana !!

Ariana blushes, and Namik dances with her on Tere Sang Yaara, as he was singing that song.. Namik sings and dances..

Ariana and Namik share an eyelock..


Night time

Suman: it was so beautiful.. I mean..

Ariana: *interrupting* c’mon.. It was just a dance..

Suman: no it wasn’t.. He’s totally into you…

Ariana: Sumo, control.. And don’t worry, I won’t accept him, cause I know how you’re mad aboutt him…

Ariana moves out and Suman takes her laptop, and opens facebook.. She sees that Ariana’s account is logged in.. She opens Namik’s profile, and self-talks with him..

Shravan: c’mon bro.. How could you?

Namik: Chill yaar.. Dance hi toh kiya hai, pyaar kaha !!

Shravan: but you know how much I like Ariana..thenn too!

Namik: fine.. Will not happen again..

Shravan: ever again..

Namik *looks at Shravan, who’s busy using Namik’s account* Don’t tell me you’re gonna send an request..

Shravan: why not?

Namik: She’ll think I’m a despo..

Shravan: nope.. And waise bhi, I’ll talk to the great Ariana.. You don’t need to..

Namik: fine..


Suman sees that Namik sent an request

Suman: please..

Ariana: no..

Suman: but why not?

Ariana: what will I talk to him?

Suman: I would

Ariana: you sure??

Suman: yea yea.. After all he’s NAMIKK..

Ariana: Fine..

Suman accepts the request from Ariana’s account…

ShraMan *together in their respective places* Kal I’ll talk to my dream boy/girl..
Next Day

Shravan wakes up and gets coffee..
Suman does the same in her room..

Both get dressed and leave for college..


Precap: Shravan-Suman’s first meet.. That too… How??

Sorry for the short update.. Actually, I’m having my exams coming up, still..sorry
And as Ariana di wanted ff’s to be posted soon, so here’s one.. Next will be a long one, Pakka.. Till then, Goodbye!

Do give your reviews !!


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  1. WeirdSister

    Hey Nikki…it was good..
    I m so sorry dear..I can’t read further…
    I mean..I hve exams coming up…nd I don’t want to start wid reading a new Ff…coz I don’t hve enough time..nd I can’t leave old ffs in d middle…hope u understand…
    But don’t worry…I will read ur shots…nd even this one….if it is continued after my exams….
    I m really very very sorry…
    I will read it..whenever I m free…
    One more thing..can u plz continue wid d ff u made on kartik calling kartik?
    I will try reading that if u continue wid it…
    Love you loads nd loads..
    All d best wid this ff…
    Take care…

    1. Nikita

      Heyy di..
      I know.. Everyone’s exams are coming up..
      I know .. I can understand.. But… I don’t know what to say right now actually..
      Its okay if you can’t read this ff, I’m fine with your decision..
      No di, its Okay..and about the Kartik calling Kartik ff, I’m not sure… I am not able to develop a storyline within it..
      And this is a story I’m getting a story line..
      I understand you ..

      1. WeirdSister

        Hey Nikki..don’t be upset..u don’t like to c my little sissy upset..its not like I won’t ever read ur ff…its just that I won’t be regular in commenting…but I will definitely read it when I m free..
        So don’t be upset…
        I love you a lot…
        Nd I don’t like to c u upset..
        So smile now…

    2. Nikita

      No di..
      I’m not upset..
      I too won’t be regular in posting also..
      Mere bhi to exam h naa

  2. pretty preeti

    Hey Nikki my xams r also coming toh thora late post kri ki mai padh sko nhi toh links ka intezaam kr me rkhi okk
    Coming to ff
    U wanna me to imagine shravo someone else let me think
    Yaar shravan namm sun kr namik samne as ta hai
    Little difficul but try krongiii pakkka
    Year epi fab
    I loved aru here lovely post
    Loved it
    Precapp wowwww
    Love uuuuuu

    1. Nikita

      Hey, prettyyy preetii…
      Bhen, mere bhi exams hai..
      I’m gonna post just once a week..
      Can’t afford writing so much..
      And about Namik.. Mei nahi jaanti..
      Anyways, thank you so much!!
      Love you loads

  3. Nikita

    Idk, what’s wrong with TU .. They had to add my name in the title, when I did not want… Anyways !

  4. Rukhsar

    It was lovely niki i have seen the movie but ff seems more interesting

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much.. Was mising you lately..
      Thank you !!

  5. Wow!!!!!!

    Nik is bck with another ff and that also on one of my fav movie 🙂 🙂 🙂

    thanks yar…though it is not my most fv movie but i never get bore of it even if i watch 100 times :D… I,ll definetely enjoy this

    thanku for this it will rock lov u loads post soon 🙂

    1. Nikita

      Yes I’m back..
      I know.. Its not my fav movie, but even if I watch it again n again, I won’t be bored..
      Thank you so much..!!

  6. Nice stry nikitha….its nice to read ur ffs …keep writing

    1. Nikita


      Seems like you’re a silent reader..
      I’m glad you commented..
      Thank you so much..!

  7. Hey Niks!
    Nai nai….let it be Nikku only…
    Aww Emmm Gee..
    That day I checked out the story on the internet…but this seems far more interesting?!!!!
    Imma finding myself in love with ur work bae!!
    All the best for ur exams…wish me too…
    And ya…m missing ShraMan-PreeKar a love story
    And dyu have any idea where is that ff…’Preekar-A realisation of love’
    I dnt kno but I just rememberef that
    Anyways, waiting for the next part…too good…and love u?

    1. Nikita

      Let it be Nikku..
      I like Nikku..
      Aww..Thank you so much..
      Means a lot !!
      I love you!
      Keep missing it.. And nope, no idea about it.. PreeKarFan stopped posting the next episodes onlyy. So I’m not sure..
      Thank you so much
      Love you too!

  8. hey niki a wonderful start . loved it alot. mujhe maaf kardena if i am not regularly commenting . but yes i will read it 4 sure. so best of luck 4 up coming epis

    1. Nikita

      Aww thank you so much..
      And its okay baba..
      No sorries..
      Keep reading.. Do try to comment
      Thank you
      Love ya!

  9. This was too good ?
    Really enjoyed reading it 🙂
    Btw I wanted to ask that shravan and suman are the same like in serial I mean Namik Paul and Nikita dutta and we have to imagine the rock star Namik as someone else?
    Take care sweetie. Best of luck for your exams ?

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much Zainab yaar… 🙂
      Namik and Nikita = Shravan and Suman..
      But with Namik, you can imagine whoever you want..
      It’s like that…
      thank you so much !!

  10. Ariana

    Niki!!! At the starting of the ff I’m announcing I’m already dead. My soul will read the rest nd comment. It is wayyyy off for me. I read my name next to NAMIK’s nd turn into a tomato. I can’t control myself. Uhhhh!!! Chalo that’s personal problem
    Coming to the epi…starting with a bomb. I’m sooooo excited. Mera love story nahi ShraMan ka love story. U ended with soooooo much mysteries….Nd the precap is soooo killing. Girl I can’t wait. Pls post next part soon. Really soon. I’m waiting
    Love u <3333333
    Take care

    1. Nikita

      Oh di.. naii…… Aisa na karo..
      Thank you so so much..
      As I said before, I like tomatoes.. 🙂
      Thank you so much..
      shraMan ki hi love story hai.. wait and watch di..
      abhi sirf 1st episode hua hai..
      Thank you !!
      Love you too!

  11. LogaMegan

    Hey nikita awesome ep dr
    Sry for commenting late we loved it
    Eagerly waiting for shraman’s meeting pls post soon
    Bye Tc

    1. Nikita

      Hey Loga and Megan..
      It’s alright..
      Thank you so much..
      Waise, I wanted to ask you guys.. Do you understand hindi? I mean if you want I can write the dialouges in English..
      Anyways, thank you so much..

  12. It was good..
    A very gud start..?????
    Keep it going on..dear..
    We r hear to read it???

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much… 🙂

  13. hey niki ( I hope you wont mind me calling u niki) …
    God chapter was awsm …loved it…love u …It was reminding me of movie…n even the Guy u named namik here looks like really namik somewhere 😉
    please continue soon …n m really sorry for late reply 🙁 will comment whenever u update the next chapter from now on…tc dear love u…

    1. Nikita

      Agar pyar se niki bulaogi, toh I’m happy..
      Hehe..Just kidding..
      You can call me whatever you want..
      Aww thank you so much..
      Ah, its okay..
      Yep, I think so too.. That guy does look like Namik little..
      Love you too Anjo!

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