Hii I’m richa…. First of all happy friendship day to all of you……… Here I’m posting an os on friendship of ragini, sanskaar and swara…. Hope u guys will like it….


Ragini Gadodia – a beautiful yet simple and sober girl…. Swara and sanskaar are her best friends…… She loves sanskaar but has never told this to anyone….. Loves writing diary….. Daughter of shekhar and sumi ….

Swara sharma – a sweet, chirpy, bubbly girl…. Live life to the fullest.. Always smiling… Straight forward…. Full of attitude and style… Loves Ragini and sanskaar… They are her best friends…..daughter of rp and sujata ( dead) …

Sanskaar maheshwari – a very handsome, hot and happening boy…. Best friend of Ragini and Swara….. Likes Swara…… Unaware of Ragini ‘s feelings…. Enjoys life…. Son of ap and dp…..

All the 3 families have known each other from past 30 years….. Best friends forever…… Shared every happiness and sadness with each other…… Back bone of each other…….


Sanskaar , Ragini and Swara are childhood friends. While sanskaar has always been attracted to the vivacious and beautiful Swara , he is completely unaware of the quiet Ragini ‘s love for him.

Dp decides to move to England with his family to take up a new job. Before leaving, Sanskaar makes Swara promise to write to him via e-mail.

Dp: so next we week all hv to leave for England…… Hope u guys will remember us and be in contact…….
Rp: of course yaar….. Who can forget you….. But come fast….
Shekhar: and keep contact and once u reach inform us….

All the three men hug.. Same with the three ladies…

They all are in their common farm house which all the 3 hv purchased together for family outings and parties….

Our 3 buddies..

Swara: so u r going…??
Sanskaar: yeah….
Swara: finally…… Now no one will bother me n follow me every where……
Sanskaar: that means u r not at all sad….
Swara nods no.
Sanskaar ( to Ragini who’s standing a bit far from them facing opposite to them…. She’s crying as he’s going… But wipes her tears as soon as she hears his voice): see na…. She’s not at all sad…… U r not happy na ss I’m going??
Ragini nods in positive.

Sanskaar side hugs her and says to her loudly so that Swara can hear.

Sanskaar: I know u r my only true and best friend…. I love you so much ginu…….

He kisses her forehead. Ragini gets tears in her eyes.. And looks at him with teary eyes but he’s already looking at Swara who’s now frowning in jealousy.. And turns otherside…

Sanskaar smiles and goes towards Swara leaving Ragini like that only. Ragini is so much hurt but doesn’t say anything..

Sanskaar: swaru……
Swara: get lost.. I don’t wanna talk to you… Go to ur ginu…
Sanskaar: okay sorry baba… Look I hv hold my ears also….
He holds his ears and makes a cute face.

Swara smiles seeing him.

Swara…: okay fine…

Sanskaar hugs her.

Sanskaar: thanks swaru……

Ragini is seeing all this and is totally heart broken but composes herself.

Sanskaar: hey ginu u also come na….

Ragini comes there and all three have a grp hug……

Now its time to leave…

Sanskaar: hey swaru.. Promise you’ll write mails to me every day and tell me everything…. Okay??
He forwards his hand….

Swara: okay promise…

Then all bid goodbye to each other and maheshwari family leaves.

Then days passes…. Swara used to write the letters in initial days But soon becomes occupied with other things, so it’s the loyal Ragini who writes to sanskaar with Swara ‘s name to help Swara keep her promise. Sanskaar and Ragini have many things in common, and their e-mails bring them close to each other.

Now Ragini has fallen more in sanskaar’s love and always dream abt him..

A decade and a half later, Sanskaar returns to India for a short vacation. By now, he’s in love with the girl he has been writing to, and believes he can recognize her at first sight.

Sanskaar has grown into a very hot and charming man…… Swara has become hot chick and wears modern dresses…. Whereas Ragini is still the same simple and sober.

When the three of them finally meet, sanskaar , to Ragini ‘s disappointment, completely ignores her and is besotted with Swara, who is as vivacious as ever.

Swaragini goes to station to receive sanskaar.
Ragini is just staring at him with lots of love and thinks that he’ll definitely recognise her but instead his eyes are not getting off from Swara…

Sanskaar: hey my swru….. Hows u baby. …. U look so hot and s*xy I must say……
He winks at her and she blushes.. Ragini is distorted… He didn’t even look at her…

However, during the two weeks of his vacation, he cannot help but notice that the real Swara is completely different from the Swara he knew from the e-mails. He also starts to like Ragini, without realizing she is the one he is really in love with.

One fine day….

The 3 hv came out for outing..


Sanskaar: soo lets have aloo parantha…. What say swaru???
Swara: yuk… I hate that thing…. Ginu u order for me… Mexican…

Saying this she goes to washroom.

Ragini gives the order.

Ragini: 2 aloo parantha and a Mexican platter…
Sanskaar: ginu… Doesn’t she like aloo parantha???
Ragini ( nervous as she doesn’t want him to know that she was the one who was writing mails): uk her na… Her mood swings….

She smiles but sanskaar is still not convinced.

Sanskaar: so u like aloo parantha..
Ragini: of course. They are my favourite…..

Later they have food…

Like this many incident happened and sanskaar was always in dilemma.

He returns to London, where Ragini coincidentally arrives for an interview.

Sanskaar: hey ginu… What r u doing here??
Ragini: voh.. I came here for an interview…
Sanskaar: that’s cool…. Earlier u showed me India now i’ll show u London…
Ragini: but..
Sanskaar: no but vut… U r coming with me that’s it.

Like this they were coming close to each other and sanskaar realised that all habits of Ragini were similar to the girl who wrote him mails… So one day he confronted her.

Sanskaar: ginu… Can I ask u something??
Ragini: of course……
Sanskaar: do u love me??
Ragini ( shocked): love?? Why r u saying sanskaar??
She said while avoiding eye contact.

Sanskar: no need to lie any more… I know everything…. U were the one who wrote mails to me all these years…. U r the one who always came in my dreams but I just overlooked it….. Not a single quality Swara has which that mail girl has…. And you… You hv all that… Coz u r that one…. U r the one who loved me like anything from childhood but I never considered you before Swara….. I’m sorry Ragini….. I love u so much……

He breaks down and tightly hugs her..

Ragini also feels on top of the world and tightly hugs him back.

Ragini: I love you too sanskaar……

He then kisses her passionately….. And gives her his dadi’s kangan…. And tells her not to remove them ever. Ragini compiles and hugs him.

They confess their love for each other and decide to get married, but fate plays an unexpected trick on them.

They come back to India and decides that they’ll tell everyone and will get married but….

Swara ‘s father ( rp) has died, leaving Swara alone in the world.

Ragini goes towards swara and consoles her….

Sanskaar also comes there tries to cheer swara up….. Swara smiles and hugs sanskaar….. Ragini sees this and goes from there. Sanskaar sees her going but couldn’t leave as swara was still hugging him.


Sanskaar: ginu… Lets go and tell everyone abt us…
He holds her and moves forward but ragini stands still.

Ragini: I’m sorry sanskaar but I can’t marry you..
Sanskaar: suddenly what happened ginu??
Ragini: sanskaar swara also loves you and I can’t break her heart…. Already her father has left her…. Now she has no one with her except you…. So you should hold her hand not mine.

She makes her hand free from his grip and goes after giving back the kangan he has given her…..
Sad music plays…
Sanskaar is heart broken.

Then everyone decides to get swara and sanskaar married.

Sanskaar ‘s parents also agree to the marriage, but sanskaar wants to tell them that he really loves Ragini. Ragini, however, still refuses to marry sanskaar and so he angrily vows to her that he will only marry Swara if Ragini marries someone else on the same day.

Sanskaar: what is ur problem ragini….. From childhood u r hiding ur love n always thinking abt others….. Ginu… I don’t want to lose u… Plus…. Lets go n tell everyone….
Ragini: I’m sorry sanskaar but I can’t…….
Sanskaar: fine…. Fine u don’t want to marry me… U want me to marry swara na then okay… I’ll marry…..

Ragini looks at him with teary eyes…

Sanskaar: but I hv a condition..
Ragini looks at him.

Ragini: what condition,?
Sanskaar: you hv to also marry on the same date same mandap as I and swara……. Say do u agree???

He ask her…. She’s so shocked hurt and broken but still for swara’s sake she says….

Ragini: okay…

Saying this he goes to her room and cries her heart out…. Here sanskaar also goes to his room and cries.

Everyone agrees for this and starts finding match for ragini.

Then on engagement day.

Enter a friend of sanskaar , laksh .

Laksh: hey sanky….. Congrats bhai…
Sanskaar: I’m so happy to see you after so many days…. Thank you…..

Laksh gets mixed with everyone.
Laksh is greatly attracted to Ragini and the families are all looking for the match.

So everyone decides to tie ragini’s and laksh’ relation.
Ragini bows to the inevitable and agrees to marry laksh on the same day as sanskaar and Swara. . That way, she hopes to satisfy sanskaar ‘s condition and ensure swara’s happiness.

Both sanskaar and ragini are deeply hurt but can’t do anything… their hearts are crying all the time…….

Laksh realises that Ragini does not love him, but keeps up the charade nevertheless.

Ragini: laksh I want to tell you something.
Ragini: look I know I’m marrying you bit I can never love you… So never hope from me.. I’ll fulfill all my duties as a wife but don’t expect love from me…..

Saying this she leaves from there.

Laksh: no worries ragini…. I know one day you’ll also fall in love with me….

Finally the day of marriage come and
Swara realises that sanskaar is really in love with Ragini… So she decides to confront them both.

All three are in ragini’s room, in their bridal dresses..

Swara: will someone tell me what’s going on???
Ragini: swara… What are h talking abt??
Swara: as if u don’t know…. I know u both love each other….

Ragsan look at each other with teary eyes.

Swara: ragini…. Till when will u compromise for me??? U hv fulfilled mt promise…. U live him.. He loves u.. Then y r u doing this???
Ragini: but u also him……
Swara: it was always an attraction… From his side also and from my sidealso…… U don’t need to do all this…..
Ragini: but..
Swara: no but vut…. U both cone down n u both are getting married…
Sanskaar: but swaru.. What will v say to everyone and why abt laksh???
Swara: no worries sanskaar…… Everyone knows…. So now come fast muhurat is going….. Come…..

All wipes their tears and goes downstairs.

Ap, dp, sumi and shekhar tease them and holds their ears.

Then all the rituals get completed and finally Ragini and sanskaar get married

The End.

So guys do tell me how was it……. Pls comment your valuable views…….

Thank you..

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