Mujhse Dosti karoge..!! Os by Ezzah

hi frndzz… iam a ragsan fan so again i wrote a ff on ragsan based on my fav movie mujhse dosti karoge…

Sanskar,Ragini and Swara are childhood friendsThey share a special bond.. While Sanskar has always been attracted to the vivacious and beautiful Swara, he is completely unaware of the quiet Ragini’s love for him.

Sanskar’s father (DP) decides to move to England with his family to take up a new job. Before leaving, sanskar makes Swara promise to write to him via e-mail. But Swara soon becomes occupied with other things, so it’s the loyal Ragini who writes to Sanskar with Swara’s name to help Swara keep her promise. Ragini share everything with Sanskar. She always wrote about her likes,dislikes etc to Sanskar.And Sanskar compose a lyric which sings while going to Church.
Sanskar and Ragini have many things in common, and their e-mails bring them close to each other. A decade and a half later, Sanskar returns to India for a short vacation. By now, he’s in love with the girl he has been writing to not to the little beautiful tina, and believes he can recognize her at first sight.

When the three of them finally meet, Sanskar to, Ragini’s disappointment, completely ignores her and is besotted with Tina, who is as vivacious as ever. However, during the two weeks of his vacation, he cannot help but notice that the real Swara is completely different from the Swara he knew from the e-mails. He also starts to like Ragini, without realizing she is the one he is really in love with. and Swara also falls with him.

And their family knows about swara and sanskar and fix their wedding.He returns to London, and tells his vacation about his friend and especially about Ragini that she knows every about him .But after hearing this his friend think that it’s about swara. Ragini coincidentally arrives for an interview to London, and there both goes to the church there ragini accidently sings that lyric composed by Sanskar and he discovers that Ragini was the one who had been writing to him all those years. They confess their love for each other and decide to get married, but fate plays an unexpected trick on them. Back in India, Swara’s father (Shekar) has died, leaving Ragini alone in the world.

Now Ragini refuses to marry Sanskar because she doesn’t want to hurt Swara.Ragini’s parents adopted swara as their daughter .they fix the marriage of Swara and Sanskar. But Sanskar wants to tell them that he really loves Ragini. Ragini, however, still refuses to marry Sanskar and so he angrily vows to her that he will only marry Swara if Pooja marries someone else on the same day.

After 3 months all reached to London for Swara and sanskar’s marriage. Sanskar avoids Ragini and he goes more close to swara (just acting before ragini.)but he can’t…

Enter a friend of Sanskar, Laksh. Laksh is greatly attracted to Ragini and the families are all for the match. It hurts Sanskar, but he doesn’t show it before Ragini.Sanskar forces Ragini to Say yes for laksh’s marriage proposal.
After that Ragini and Swara going for a shopping with Sanskar ,a car come towards ragini and swara. he calls ragini.. they move back and sanskar asks ragini that are you fine? and avoids Swara.
during Ragini’s and laksh Engagement, swara confess that she doesn’t wrote the letters and also about ragini.
Laksh has a doubt on Ragini and Sanskar’s behaviour and conclude that the deeply each other.

During wedding Day
Swara got a bangle from Ragini’s ornament box..she enquire about it… but before ragini answering annapurna comes and tells it’s our family bangle which is given to our daughter in law….i think Sanskar adjust the bangle with your hand
Swara try to wear that bangle… but she can’t..and she wear it to ragini’s hand.. it matches with her hand… Swara already had a doubt now it clears that.. Sanskar is really in love with Ragini. ragini enter to temple in red and golden bridal attire..during rituals accidently sanskar fills ragini’s forehead…Ragini try to wipe it but Swara stops it.. she comes in a normal dress.. and tells that both of you sacrifice your love for she gives him up.. and laksh also tells that you are made for each other and finally Ragini and Sanskar
get married.
after one year… laksh and swara also get married.. they live happily forever….


  1. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Aqesome its a movie and I watched it … the awesome movie. ..

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