Mujhe teri jarorat hai (swasan os by Anika)

A boy is beting a girl with his belt.
Boy: cant u make food properly u dump
girl:m sor
boy:shut up swara dont dare to speck or else i will kill u
saying this he ran out of house
swara sits in floor start to cry
sanskar sits in his car n drives off
a girl is sitting on caintin talking with a girl
girl:rago u know that profesor uff
rag:leave it na acha tell me what about ur desition swara
swa:what desition
rag: of not marying any one
swa: so how u thinked that i will reconsider that i hate love
rago u know that in our class someone loves my bestie lucky so now he is acting that u both are in relation to find out that girl but u fell for him knowing that he cant be ours
rag:yes i know that n love is that think which is unacpected think
swa:ya ya bla b…
“dhom laga ki haisha
sare blo (all shout) haisha” swaragini hears
they turns n see
a group of boys pulling a boy toward them n their leader is lucky
lak: bhai sanskar say it na then we will be save from ur that sesion what say guys
all: yes lucky
sanskar:veny,avinash,sahil,lucky,vishal plz sorry i will not disturb u guys anymore
all:no no u have say today
lucky:bhai u alredy eaten my half head now i will not let u to eat brain anymore guys dhom laga kai haisha sare bolo

all bring sanskar infornt of swara
swa to herself: i heared that sanskar maheswari the son of clgs chief trusty is very smart handsome n perfect no dout he is handsome but y he is behaving like dump
swara:y u guys bring this dump
it was it for sanskar
san:really thank u
saying this he runed from there
all ran behind him
lak:bhai y u ranned
san:lucky she said me dump for the first time yipe
lak:guys catch him
all again bringed sanskar to swara
san (low):i love u
san more low:i love u
swara slaped laksh laksh pased that to sanskar
lak:for u i got slap from my bestie now say it 22 times
san bubler:love u i love u love u love u
swa:naver seen a girl chipku
saying this swara start to walk when she was at good distance sanskar star to cry like baby when swara turns he put smile n again like same

2 days later
sanlak was near gate when swara enters
sanskar smile swara gives angry look but smile when she turn her face
lak:bhai i gave breakup to ragini
lak:yes to find that girl loved me but really m really hurt to hurt her
dono y
san:coz u love her idot
lak:shit bhai plz make understand n m not sure about fellings
san: ok
he leaves
there ragini was crying in swaras arm n swara was solding her when sanky comes
san:swara will u shut up her boy friend gave her breakup n u r solding her
swara became sock seeing her this site later they gives ragini 5 hours advise
when swara was about leave sanky calls him
san:m sorry to behave like this but that was my brother fualt so i need to make her understnd
saying this he was about to leave
swa:umm listen
swa (foward hand):friends
a big smile come to his face
u konw i love u
swa;hi fi u love me i also love
swa:ha me
sanky sit on the floor
like this they fell in love
fb ends
swa:that time sanskar u told that u will naver hurt me sanskar so know y r u doing this?

@city hospital
sanskar is sitting in chair
a nurse came n called him
nurse: mr maheswari doctor is calling u
sanskar with a dull face enters
doc:Mr. Maheswari here is ur reports u know u r sufaring from cancer since 3 years now u have very less time near 1 month we treid our best but when u came to know that was late so we r sorry
san:thank u doctor
sanskat took the file n comes out
sanskar pov
u know swara when i was in clg i thouht to live a happy life with but i naver knew that was not in my destiny to life with u. M sorry to beat u. But u have to hate me.
M sorry.
Samskar pov ends
yeh dill tan ha q rahe
q hum tuk ro me jiye(2)
q ruh meri aisa ha
//they both are crying swara on floor n sanskar driving the car//
main adhora je raha ho
har dam ye heh raha ho
mujhe teri jarorath hain
1 month later
swara was calling sanskar but he was not moving from bed
he pulled the blanked
his body was fully cold she checked his pulse
swa: no no it cant happend no
saaanskkaaaarrrrr u cant leave me i love u sanskarrr
20 years later
a handsome boy nearly 19 sleping
“sanskar” a lady of 40 called her
sanskar get up with u jump
san:yes rago darling
rag: shut up m ur ma n sanskar go n bath its ur first day of clg
san: aye aye captain
then he moves to washroom
he is the son of swasan swara who died after giving birth to him. Now he is living with raglak…

Thats it guys. Plz do coments.
Anika (not samaira)

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  4. Wow loved it its so emotional ?❤️

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    Nice but u Killed swasan ??

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      Thanku but what was my fualt that doctor was not able to save them. He he.

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        Yeah right u should have told him na ?

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    Awesomeeeee anikaas

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    It’s really amazing yet emotional
    Loved it

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      thanks cholo lets cry

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    Nice.. But my Swasan ?

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      thanks n sanskar is sanskars rebirth

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