mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (episode 34)

ARNAV: I know that your mine but everyone should know na

NK: now stop your romantic talks and come khushi ji we will dance

All dances except arnav he just admires khushi

ARNAV: khushi come with me he drags her

KHUSHI: but where arnav all are here

ARNAV: just come

KHUHI:hmm {he pins her to wall}

ARNAV: why these many rituals yaar I cant wait

KHUSHI: arnav what are you doing

ARNAV: {kisses her}kissing you

KHUSHI: nani might come

ARNAV: let her come she will see us busy and will leave

NANI: oh so you both are busy{khushi turns to red}

ARNAV: common nani it is high time that atleast I can kiss her

NANI: ha ha I was going ok
KHUSHI:{beats him playfully} arnav what did you say to nani idiot

ARNAV: ha I’m idiot and one more thing an idiot only can love you

KHUSHI: arnav

ARNAV: sorry sorry come we can go down
There youngagement was completed and then the next day mehendi day

KHUSHI:arnav what are you doing here you should not be here

ARNAV: what the

KHUSHI: this rasam is only for ladies and you should not be here

ARNAV: oh don’t worry khushi nothing will happen nani know that I will be here

KHUSHI: ok but don’t disturb me I wanted my mehendi design good

ARNAV: hmm nothing can be good like your red nose


GIRL: mam what name should I write in mehendi



KHUSHI: yeh lg kya hey

ARNAV: laad governer

KHUSHI: aap write only a don’t listen to this laad governer

All smiles seeing this wonderful couple

BUAJI: khushi arey o sanka devi come we can go to home we have to do so much preparations for tomorrow’s function

NANI: nahi madhumatiji haldi will be held here tomorrow

BUAJI: but

ANJALI: no but’s and all I wanted to see happiness in my chote’s face and khushiji’s face

SHASHI: ha it will be good and memorable moment if we celebrate this together

NK: ha all done now I will go and sleep I’m so tired

SHYAM: ok you go and sleep nk

NK: ok good night everyone……………………

PRCAP: haldi and marriage

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  1. Sravs


    tq vero………..but i dont have an idea of posting that so fastly because i’m having semester exams…………………….

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