mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (episode 33)



friends i’m sorry i’m having lot of works so that i cant post any update

ARNAV: khushi you come fast na

KHUSHI: arnav you are indirectly saying me to leave now{she pouts her lips}

ARNAV: arey no khushi you are getting me wrong sorry

ANJALI: arey dekho nani arnav ne pehle baar sorry kaha tha

NANI: Anjali leave them why are behaving like a kid

ARNAV: thank you nani I love you so much

NANI: arnav don’t say this you have to say this to khushi

ALL: laughs{arnav leaves that place angrily}

NANI: arey khushi bhitiya go and talk to him otherwise I don’t know what your laad governer do

KHUSHI: nani{saying this she runs up}

KHUSHI: arnav

ARNAV: hmm

KHUSHI:{kisses his cheeks} I love you arnav

ARNAV: I love you too……{he was about to kiss her but stops when he hears shashi}

SHASHI: khushi come we have to leave

KHUSHI: ha papa coming…

ARNAV: ha khushi chalo don’t be late tomorrow

KHUSHI: promise…..

ARNAV: only few days khushi kumari guptha then you will with me for

KHUSHI: forever…….{she smiles and goes to her house}

GARIMA: khushi come fastly

KHUSHI: ma wait for some time I’m coming

SHYAM: dekho khushiji aagay

ARNAV: khushi aagay??

ANJALI: nahi{she smiles}

NANI: arey dekho khushi betiya aagay

ARNAV: let her come I don’t want to see her

KHUSHI: but why?? You don’t want to see me

ARNAV: arey khushi tum aagay{he hugs her}

KHUSHI: what are you doing??

NK: hugging you else what

NANI: now start the ritual

Buaji ties raksha dhaga and arshi exchanges rings

ARNAV: abb tum mera ho

KHUSHI: I’m already your’s

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  1. Veronica

    Awesome yaar….Loved the engagement part….But its too short.You could have added some more moments…But I am happy you have updated.Waiting for next epi…When will you update next?

  2. Super dear but it too short it’s ok ? cute couple

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