mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (episode 32)


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Thank you friends for supporting me and encouraging me to continue in writing my ff ok that’s enough of my bhak bhak now going to the next chapter………

ARNAV: khushi I need to discuss something with you

KHUSHI: arnav I need to go down otherwise they will

ARNAV: {chuckles lightly}ha they will again tease you but this is important

KHUSHI: ok say

ARNAV: why did you resigned your job in ar???if you don’t want to work under me then I will give you a partnership in ar……..

KHUSHI: oh hello laad governer!!!!!!that was not my problem and one more thing at my first day in ar I said that I was not working under you andworking with you{ yes she mentioned this is one condition}

ARNAV: then what was your problem khushi???you know na I want you everywhere in house,in office

KHUSHI: no arnav it wont be fine if I will work there in ar, it would be embarrassing that all will think

ARNAV: go to damn with everyone ok I got that you are afraid what everyone will think right??

KHUSHI:ha{she nodes her head}

ARNAV: oh use your small brain miss guptha they all will be happy if we work together after all we get time to spend together

ARNAV: khushi……..ok do whatever you want but again don’t complain me ok….

KHUSHI:for what???

ARNAV: you know I usually go to trips and if you resign I will go with my new pa

KHUSHI: kya????{she chases him}

ARNAV: ok ok stop now{he hugs her}

KHUSHI: I’m not going to leave ar samjhi aap

ARNAV: oh wow I don’t know that you are so jealous

KHUSHI: ha ha of course as you are jealous of nk

ARNAV:{kisses her cheeks}I love you khushi you know I cant leave without you even for a minute

KHUSHI: ok come we can go down


ANJALI: chote congratulations

ARNAV: what happened di

SHYAM: your marriage is being fixed with khushi ji in three days

KHUSHI: then when will all rituals takes place

ARNAV: kya hey khushi you don’t want to get married to me??

BUAJI: no khushi today is your tomorrow is your youngagement,mehendi and

ANJALI: and after that day is your haldi

SHASHI: and the next day is your marriage

ARNAV: oh di I love you so much

ANJALI: wow!!!see the great asr is craving to marry khushiji{they all laugh }

PRECAP: arshi youngagement

Friends I know it is boring trust me It will get interesting after this………..thank you share your views please………………


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