mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (episode 31)


ARNAV:khushi wait you have no option other than coming to me

KHUSHI:no arnav I will not come if you can catch me {she runs to a room but she don’t know that is the great asr’s room}

ARNAV:finally you came na

KHUSHI:arnav don’t do that,what are you doing??

ARNAV:what am I doing???i’m just closing the door{saying that he leans to the door }

KHUSHI:arnav all are downstairs come lets go

ARNAV:no way miss.guptha {saing that he holds her closely by her waist}

KHUSHI:ar….arnav what are you doing

ARNAV:khushi mujhe woh chahiya

KHUSHI:I wont give you that

ARNAV:you have too

KHUSHI:ok if I will give will you leave me

ARNAV:yes but for now only

Khushi kisses arnav and runs from there to downstairs which makes arnav smile bigger

ANJALI:kushiji why are you so red did chote did anything

KHUSHI:no no anjaliji not like that

ANJALI:you cand and should call me di now

KHUSHI:ok di nothing like that he didn’t did anything

ANJALI:oh it’s okay kushiji but mujhe woh chahiya{with a naughty smile}

KHUSHI:kya{her mouth was shaped into a big ’O’}

SHYAM:ha ha khushiji hume bhi woh chahiye{Anjali looks at him seriously}mera matlab hey humhe who mere rani saheba sey chahiya

ANJALI:shyamji{she blushes harder an they both leave that place}

Khushi runs to arnav and finds h is speaking to someone

KHUSHI:arnav………arnav{she screams and arnav cuts the call}

ARNAV: what the……..khushi

KHUSHI:what the……..i should tell that all are teasing me downstairs and you are speaking with someone

ARNAV:oh all are teasing you….what are they saying

KHUSHI:all are asking that they want that{woh}

ARNAV:so that’s why you turned into deep red ah??

KHUSHI:arnav why are you making fun of me??one minute you also know na that they saw us

ARNAV:ha I saw them but what to do I cant resist you kissing me na??

KHUSHI:I hate you arnav{she starts running back of him that results both falling down on the bed}

Arnav was flatly lying on bed with khushi’s back facing him

KHUSHI:leave me arnav I need to go……..get lost I hate you {he holds her firmly}

ARNAV:sorry sorry khushi………please forgive me for this one time……..please I love you

KHUSHI:I hate you{he kisses on her left cheek}

ARNAV:I love you

KHUSHI:I hate you{he kisses on right cheek}

ARNAV: I love you,I’m sorry don’t do this to me please I love you so soo much

KHUSHI:I love you too,I’m not at all angry on you arnav and I too can’t be without you


KHUSHI:tho…….nahi chalo bahar chaltae hey

ARNAV: no I need to discuss something important


I’m thanking each and every one who are reading my ff and specially thanking my friends who are responding to my ff…….thank you vero,amani,vavachi,lucky………thank you keep supporting


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      amani after long i saw your reply for my ff………till now i felt bad but not now……..i’m happy to see your comment finally……..tq amani keep supporting

      • Amanigatta


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        Actually dear em busy with the studies papers nd papers that’s all but today when I read ur ff i can’t stop my myself from comments I m so sorry dear but bcz of papers I m lil busy will try to comment daily u r rocking😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    amani prepare for your exams…..all the best………..i will surely pray for you to write well your exams……….and i’m happy that you are reading my ff…………….tq keep reading…………..

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