mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (episode 30)


ARNAV:I will convince your parents

KHUSHI:no it is better if we stop like this{she turns back and smiles hardly remembering the last night} don’t worry arnav there are few mor left then we will be together

/*ar mansion*/

ANJALI: chote you came so fastly and thankyou as they are coming be ready and be happy the girl is so beautiful

ARNAV:di I was in bad mood and don’t talk rubbish

ANJALI:no arnav they are coming to see you they may be here at any time go go saying this she pushes him to his room

ARNAV:what the.!!! Khushi why are you doing like this

ANJALI: they came arnav and she is waiting for you in lawn

ARNAV:what who and who is waiting for me di please wait di

ANJALI:now go there she is

ARNAV:what the…..!!see miss whatever I was not interested in marrying you

GIRL:{she was turning the opposite side } what is wrong with me see I’m beautiful and see I’m wearing red colour saree the colour which you like most

ARNAV:see miss I like that colour on my loved ones and if you are beautiful also I cant marry you

GIRL:I do have a name

ARNAV:go to hell with your name miss.whatever

GIRL:miss.whatever nahi hey it is MISS.KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTHA HEY

ARNAV:tho kya pharak padtha hey tumhara naam kya hey aur kya nahi hey ussey humhe kya pharak padtha hey…………..

KHUSHI:ha it’s ok mr.raizada but I have 3 conditions you know na I also have kept 3 conditions while I joined as your PA

ARNAV:kya???you joined as my PA……………….MISS.KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTHA………..khushi

KHUSHI:ha bolo arnav

ARNAV:khushi what are you doing here you said your match is fixed with someone

KHUSHI:ha I came to see him only dekho woh humarae samanae kadae hey

ARNAV:{HUGS HER}khushi I love you I thought I will lose you

KHUSHI:I also but yesterday night


SHASHI:khushi please don’t cry

KHUSHI:no papa I will marry who ever you say but please let me cry

SHASHI:sorry beta I shouldn’t say this to you as I promised nani that I will not say you this but I cant see my princess crying

KHUSHI:what are you talking papa

SHASHI:we have fixed your marriage with arnav

KHUSHI:kya I love you papa love you so much

BUAJI:khushi you have to say I love you to arnav ok na


SHASHI: but beta don’t say arnav about this ok

KHUSHI:ok done

/*fb ends*/

KHUSHI:I love you too arnav

ARNAV:that means you all are playing with me see what I will do

KHUSHI:you cant do anything {saying this she runs}

ARNAV:khushi stop you have to bear punishment

KHUSHI:no way arnav…..di please help me see that laad governer is chasing me

ANJALI: no no I wont come in between you both fight we all have to fix dates for your rituals

ARNAV:ha ok di do that fix the date as soon as possible

ANJALI:yes boss

ARNAV:wait khushi you have to face me afterall you are my wife

KHUSHI:would be wife mr.raizada

ARNAV:whatever…khushi stop

KHUSHI:see arnav you cant do this

ARNAV:what I cant do I can do everything see I’m closing the door

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  1. Veronica

    Awww,so cute……..Khushi is naughty…..Loved the episode a looooooooot… epi ka intezaar hai mujhe

    1. Sravs

      tq vero………i will upload next one fastly…..keep supporting

  2. Super dear how sweet Khushi

    1. Sravs

      tq lavs………….keep supporting

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