mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (episode 26 & 27 )


Sry sry sry really sry for making you to wait………do you guys remember my ff………if not I will be so sad,mistake was mine only but what to do still my exams are going on and I was typing my story……..guyss I was going to end this within two chapters thanks for your support everyone…… coming to story…


KHUSHI:arnav what are you saying really the clothes that you have designed for show was stolen
ARNAV: ha they are thinking like that
KHUSHI:but I kept them separately and only I and Ronnie knows that …….what they are thinking ike that…means the clothes were safe???
ARNAV:ha khushi….i made 11 sets of clothes so that it may help us in bad time
KHUSHI:but you gave only 10 sets for me??

ARNAV:ha khushi because I know that they will be stolen
KHUSHI:but I didn’t show them to sheetal neither she knew
ARNAV:but Ronnie knows that and he is the one helped sheetal in steeling them
KHUSHI:what arnav are you serious he is my best friend and why will he do this to you
ARNAV:because he loves you and wanted to ruin this show because he thought that I will scold you for not keeping the stuff properly……and if you want prove I will show(he opens his laptop and shows the cctv footage)

/*plan */
RONNIE:ha I have brought that clothes and I will make khushi regret for choosing arnav than me
SHEETAL:and I will sure make asr fall after knowing that the clothes were steeled…
RONNIE and SHEETAL laughed and left that place
/* end of the plan*/

ARNAV:did you understand now
KHUSHI:I’m sorry arnav I didn’t trust you
ARNAV:no you trusted me that’s y you didn’t shout at me
KHUSHI:I love you
ARNAV:they will relax thinking that the show will be ruined and we will secretly start the preparations for our show and I have a big surprise for you and for that you to climb the ramp
KHUSHI: what!!!no I will not
ARNAV:you have too

ARNAV:please khushi…
KHUSHI(throws herself in his arms):aww!!my arnav is requesting so I will but you should also be there
ARNAV: when did you changed my name??
ARNAV: arnav sey my arnav
KHUSHI:oh so you don’t want me to..she was cutted by arnav
ARNAV:you can call m by any name you wish ok
KHUSHI: any name??
ARNAV:ha even laad governer is fine
KHUSHI:I love you arnav……….


Guys I was stopping this ff as i don’t want to make my friends feel bore……but I will continue my “iss pyar ko kya naam doon” if you were bored for that then please tell me but I was sure I will close this ff in next episode………I love you all guys and tq for all the readers who supported me ……..and I even thank silent readers also please atleast for today do comment……………ok tq bye guys meet you all in next chapter………

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  1. No Ywr why r u ending? Nd how can we forget u itx mindblowing?❤️awesome?how r ur papers going? Nd don’t write in between papers we will wait till ur papers end?best of luck??

    1. Sravs

      my exams are going well and tq so much for supporting me from starting……….

    2. Sravs

      my exams are going well and tq so much for supporting me from starting chapter of my ff……….

  2. RinaSivaguru

    Nice part….. Do come back with another ff…. Good luck for ur exam dear…. ?

    1. Sravs

      tq rina and i’m already writing an another ff dear…and thanks for your wishes

  3. Super if u this ff end pls come back with new ff dear we can’t missing u and ff good luck for u exam

    1. Sravs

      yq tq so much for such a ressponse……and tq for your wishes

  4. Veronica

    Why are u ending yaar?….I was waiting for your epi eagerly and now finally it’s here….Awesome yaar and I loved the epi a loot.. PLZ Dont stop it soon

    1. Sravs

      tq dear……….vero is tomorrow your bday ???reply

      1. Veronica

        Yup!! And u know what….here my family is planning some surprise and they think that I don’t know anything ??

  5. Sravs

    guys i was thinking that my ff is being bored that’s y i thought to stop now tell me who all are interestd in reading my ff ………please reply

    1. Veronica

      Khabardar….dont even think of ending ok?….Continue continue and continue atleast for me yaar ?

    2. No dear pls continue I am always eagerly waiting for your ff plss dear u see ur fans plss don’t end I love u lots

    3. I m interested ywr don’t end it

  6. Advance many more birthday Veronica

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