mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (episode 20)

mujhe pharak padtha hey daamit episode-20
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khushi: challenge??

arnav: challenge accepted…..
khushi: {what if he wons thn i will definitely talk to him}hmm she leaves that place
arnav: what if i won then sh wil definitely not talk to me
shyam: then for her you loose
arnav: no and never arnav singh raizada never looses
shyam: we will see
arnav: how will you its our matter jiju i think di is calling you
shyam: ha yes you are anju is calling me and see khushi is also calling you
arnav: really it became 5 mins for me without talking to her for a while he forgets that challenge

shyam: but shyam reminds him…..chotte the great arnav singh raizada never looses
arnav: kya hey jiju???you are making fun of me….but don’t worry i will loose 1000 more times to make her happy
shyam: then what will you do now
arnav: i don’t know i wanted to tease her and make her first speak to me and then
shyam: mahasangram will happen
arnav: no no i can handle her
shyam: ha yes can anyone else handle her except you
arnav: ok jiju i will go………

on the otherside
khushi: see all are dancing and that laad governer don’t want to talk with me and im khushi…..khushi kumara gupta and i too wont loose this easily she thought it was a life and death question
lavanya: what are you thinking
khushi: nothing what will i think
lavanya: hmm then ok
khushi sees arnav coming straightly to her
khushi: whether he will ask my hand to dance with him or whether he accepts his deafeat all these questions are turning on in our khushis mind………..arnav came there
arnav: will you dance with me?he offered his hand further and and and khushi was dumbfolded her mind stopped working and her heart stopped beating as she saw arnav giving his hand to someone else that too to lavanya her friend

lavanya: khushi can i dance with him???
khushi: oh of course why can’t you???afterall he asked you right and whats there for seeking my permission lavanya she said this with a faint smile
lavanya: wait let me guess did you both fought
payal: khushi come here
khushi: ha di..ok lavanya i will see you di is calling me
arnav: now his heart stopped beating as he thought khushi would give him some weird looks but she didn’t even see me but no worries my plan will work she feel jealous and would definitely come to me
arnav and lavanya are dancing but khushi paid no attention and he went near to her and continued dancing

now khushi was feling so weird and a small drop left her eyes which was noticed by arnav and she immediately went kitchen and started preparing jellabies as if it was her own house as it was as its her arnavs house right…
khushi: what did he think by doing this i will ran to him no never she says wearing and eating jellabies.
arnav: i think something is burning
khushi: …….
arnav felt so sad as he saw her crying ran towards her to make things clear and she was not taking to him he moves close to her
arnav: why are you not talking to me
khushi: ……..
arnav: i was just normally dancing with lavanya to his sentence was still incomplete when
khushi slaps arnav…………….

not so hard after that she sits and starts eating her jelabies arnav who was surprise by her actions went to her
arnav: cupped her face as you beat you should also say why did you beat me
arnav: ok sorry im really sorry i don’t know it will hurt this much to you

arnav: hugs her i lost it i cant stay without talking 2 u
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