mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (episode 2)


Hai friends !!!!! thank you each and every one who read my ff and supported me thank you once again u may find this series interesting from todays pisode.
Precap:arshi fight ,payash first meeting,Anjali wedding.
Oh god save me !!i was lost in that girls beauty:
Anjali thanks payal and shyam too thanks them for coming to there marriage .after that Anjali calls and akash and introduces him to payal and payal and akash continue there talk aside .
Akash:hai ji my name is akash works ar company owned by our family
Payal:oh hai akash ji my name is payal and I work in aun school nere by to your house
Akash:oh that’s great ok shall we be friends

Payal:of course akash you too call me just payal [their talk continues like this] Ohho its time to go to job:
On the other side Anjali asks khushi to join in there company and will recommend to her brother to give you a job as you are suitable for our company .
Khushi:thank you Anjali ji if I like your company I would continue their.k I will now search my di she went out talking to brother k bye [saying this she leaves] This much anger not suits you and I cant bear this much anger from you after our marriage:
She goes to a corner and finds a person shouting on others he is our arnav and khushi gos there
Khushi: hello excuse me why are you shouting on others
Arnav:he says who the hell are you [saying this he turns and was shocked to sees khushi there] Khushi:hey devi mayya again you made me meet to this angry young man
Arnav:what again he smiles seeing her [these are inner voices of arshi] Khushi:why you always shout on others

Arnav:its none of your business
Khushi:ha it was true but all are geting headace due to you and the function mood also was damaged it was also because of you k no problem god has given me good heart I will forgive you this time no need to ask forgiveness.ok bye saying this she leaves.
Arnav:arey arnav what happened to you a girl was taking lecture to you and you are not saying anything[he smiles and at the same time he gets anger also] Khushi and payal leaves to there house and marriage also gets finished.
At night:
Anjali:chote listen I had promised a girl to give a job in our company and she was very talented and her name is khushi please don’t show anger on her as she and her sister were very good at heart.
Arnav:ok di if she is good at work then I will select her saying this he goes to his room.
Anjali:shyamji chote gets angry for every small thing who can change him
Shyam:don’t worry rani sahiba he will change when he loves anyone and that will come soon
Anjali:ok ji good night
Shyam:good night rani sahiba
On the other side:
Arnav:kya a khushi wo khushi hey kya[this khushi and that khushi are same aa] if that was true she will never work for me nor with me but I know how to make her work with me.
In guptas house:
Khushi was sleeping and whereas payal was talking to akash
Akash:hai payal what are you doing ??

Payal:nothing akash just going to bed tomorrow I was going to temple,will you come with me as my sister also wont be there with me
Akash:ok payal you need not to ask me you just give orders and I will follow them he smiles
Payal:smiles and says so meet you tomorrow,k bye good night
Akash:k good night[they both fall asleep…………] NEXT DAY MORNING:
Khushi was geeting ready to leave to office and arranging her profile and desings and left for ar office.

When will you come yaar,I was waiting for you:
Khushi reaches ar office which was observed by arnav in his office cabin.
Khushi:asks the staff member where was asr cabin I wanted to meet him for interview.
They give the directions and she goes and was shocked to see……..

Will khushi agree to work with arnav and will he be successful to make khushi work with him and to know more stay tuned …..

Thank you for sparing time for reading this ff and thank you for supporting me and you will find this ff more interesting thinking soooo……please do comment….

Credit to: ARSHI

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        Hope kushi joins asr’s office?

  2. Khushi is going to work with him, wow…. arnav fell for her in.his first sight…

    1. Thank you jo. in this ff our arnav will show that much anger on khushi keep reading bye good night to all

  3. Ha you are right …..yes khushi will surely join otherwise how will there scences takes place i will upload it fastly k na

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