mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (episode 18)


KHUSHI: y are you so silent arnav…..
ARNAV:what are you expecting from me then
KHUSHI: haa…well..hmm
ARNAV: what???
KHUSHI: are you angry on me??
KHUSHI: but y??
ARNAV: you don’t know why I was
KHUSHI: I have lot of work to do in house as tomorrow is haldi [in your house] of payash….you know na
ARNAV: [ a bit sad] hmm
KHUSHI: I will make up some time for you after this marriage

Which made arnav mad
ARNAV: what the…..are you lost khushi you will spend sometime
KHUSHI: ha what’s wrong in that you are talking as if I shouldn’t spend time with you
ARNAV: you supposed to no truly you have to spend all your time with me and sometime with all others
KHUSHI: ha????she starts blushing
ARNAV: by the way in that sometime also you have to spend sometime with me
KHUSHI:arnav,are you mad or you making me mad
ARNAV:well to answer your question im not mad before but it seems that I was going mad now-a-days
KHUSHI: arnav,stop now khushi was completely turned into a red tomato
All of a sudden arnav stops the car
KHUSHI: ab kya huva???[what happened now] ARNAV: nothing we reached your place
KHUSHI: oh ha yes. Ok bye
ARNAV: see you tomorrow and I have some important video conference that I cant talk with you to night
KHUSHI: ha its okay he pouted her face and went inside her house

Both gupthas and raizadas families were busy in preparations for haldi and our two young hearts arshi were waiting to meet each other

KHUSHI was waiting for arnavs call she knew he may busy but she felt that arnav would definitely call her as she was lost in arnavs thought,there comes our paya to her room
PAYAL: khushi….are you awake till now
KHUSHI: ha that is the question I was to ask you as you were bride
PAYAL: ha ok!!!!but I will sleep but I came here to show you my dress for tomorrow it was a simple white saree with a yellow colour border
KHUSHI: ha jiji it was so nice now go and sleep
PAYAL: ok good night
KHUSHI: ok good night

KHUSHI was still waiting for arnavs call and time passed by and it was 11.she was restless and took her phone and called him

On the the other side arnav just thought to sleep and his lips lips curved with a smile when he saw khushis name displaying on his phone
ARNAV: khushi!!!are you still awake

ARNAV: khushi are you alright

ARNAV: khushi….i finished my work just now
KHUSHI: I hate you
ARNAV: wow!!!khushi you took so time to say I love you to me but you were so fast in saying I hate you

ARNAV: khushi what is this please talk to me yaar,im sorry from tomorrow onwards I will phone you daily
KHUSHI: arnav I love you
ARNAV: what the!!!1
KHUSHI: actually,I was not angry at you and I wanted you also feel restless as how I felt………..
ARNAV: don’t ever stop talking to me like this I feel like…..
KHUSHI: im sorry,I was just kidding
ARNAV: I love you
KHUSHI:I love you too,ok now sleep you feel so tired
ARNAV: no I was tired but after talking to you my tiredness calm down
KHUSHI: ha good night…
ARNAV: see you soon bye happy sleep

KHUSHI: jiji which suit I should were now this white one or that one
PAYAL: why are you behaving like this
KHUSHI: what??how I was behaving
GARIMA: you are acting like a bride
KHUSHI: she turns to pink and goes to change her dress……they all leave to ar mansion

ANJALI:welcome all of you …..haldi rasam starts and khushi was searching for arnav….she starting roaming here and there and bumped into nk
NK: arey!!!khushi what are you doing
KHUSHI: no I was searching
NK: but for what
KHUSHI: I was searching for arnav
NK: oh!!you might have some work….
KHUSHI: ha I was searching him for so long
NK: he might be in his room
KHUSHI: I was also going to his room only

KHUSHI went to his room and fumed to see his romancing with non other than with his laptop…..he felt her presence and turned back to see her
ARNAV: hey khushi!!!he said this by keeping away his laptop
KHUSHI: moving towards him,arnav I think you should get engaged
ARNAV: wow!!!khushi you are driving me crazy then I will say our matter to our families,he said that holding her by waist..
KHUSHI: I said you should get engaged but not with me but with with your first love
ARNAV: kya….you are my first and last love indeed understood…..khushis eyes were full of moist
KHUSHI: arnav I didn’t mean that I was saying about laptop
ARNAV: so you are thinking laptop is more important for me than you then listen you are more important person in my life
KHUSHI: im sorry I didn’t mean that
ARNAV:as you had did you need to do punishment
KHUSHI: haan???punishment
ARNAV: ha he kissed on her cheeks
KHUSHI: this was not a punishment….she ran away from there

SHYAM: it was not your marriage arnav……..

Guysssss Im really sorry for not posting it for 2 days as I was fixed up my mind to read and loads of sorry….i think it was long enough big episode…….thank you all for comments in my previous page….waiting for your replies friends love you all………….
Thank u
Your friend

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    Awesome buddy….I hav something related to this in my ff in the upcoming scenes….Not related something like this where Arnav gives punishment…..And my ff is a real life story which happened in my friends life……And ofcourse I mix my ideas too ?

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