mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (episode 13)


Garima and all leaves that room leaving our arshi alone
ARNAV: ok I will leave
KHUSHI: hmm.ok leave
ARNAV: bye
KHUSHI: ok bye
ARNAV: will you attend tomorrow as tomorrow is
KHUSHI: mehendi ritual,I know that
ARNAV: will you come or not
KHUSHI: what matters you
ARNAV: you know that how much it matters me….
KHUSHI: ha yes!!!i will come
ARNAV: ok bye
KHUSHI: this was the third time you are saying bye
ARNAV: I will say fourth time also what will you do
KHUSHI: nothing……
ARNAV:take care
ARNAV: if you want any help you should definetly call me
KHUSHI: why should I call you
ARNAV: that was my order
KHUSHI: ok boss!!!!!
ARNAV: if you need my gift at anytime I will surely give that
KHUSHI: achha!!but don’t need it know
ARNAV: you mean that you will need it future right….
KHUSHI: ha ofcourse!!!

Remembering what she told just now she felt nervous and which curved a smile on his lips,without making her feel so nervous he continued
ARNAV: ok I think I should leave now

They both bids bye to each other with a bit pout face as they know they will miss eachother…….

Arnav was on his bed thinking how he felt when he heard that khushi got fever and how did he ran towards his car to reach khushi’s place……thinking how khushi made his day complete with her naughty acts…. He slept making him alive in khushi’s thoughts….

On the other side khushi thought how arnav kissed her and ran to her to know how she was….she felt how secure she was in his presence…..thinking all these a slight smile appeared on her that gave more beauty to her face….she also slept in his dreams….

Both the families gathered in ar mansion
As payal was busy in selecting a mehendi and khushi was busy in selecting bangles for her with thee help of nk which made arnav as a burning stove……(once imagine his condition hahaha poor arnav love you so much)
KHUSHI: nk will these bangles suit for me
NK: yes!!!!

Khushi continues selecting and were arnav left to his feeling awkward
Now khushi takes 10 pairs of bangles that are selected by nk and goes to arnav’s room
KHUSHI: may I come in
ARNAV: (eventhough he was angry on her)yes you need not to ask that
KHUSHI: ok then see these
ARNAV:hmm nice with little frustration in his voice
KHUSHI: no !!in all these I wanted to take only one and I wanted you to choose me that
At that moment arnav got angry on himself for geeting that much angry to her……he watched that bangles for long time and selected
ARNAV: pick that purple colour one I loved it soo much….
KHUSHI: I too thought of taking that only
ARNAV: if I will choose another one,then??
KHUSHI: I will take that one only….afterall you have choosen something for me
This made a great smile on his lips
KHUSHI: by the way where is lav??
ARNAV: she was busy in her shopping
KHUSHI:oh kk

PRECAP: arnav proposes khushi….

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Credit to: ARSHI

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    Ywr your ff always brings a smile on my face itx awsm I love it?I enjoyed each Nd every scene by imagining❤️wonderful keep it up??

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