mujhe pharak padhta hey daamit (episode 1)


Mujhe pharak padta hey dammit episode-1

A fine day:
Early in the morning[not so early it was 6 am] Ar mansion :
Nani: arey manorama cant you do this simple work also and you are called bahu of this house
Mami: yes im bahu of this house and I already told the workers to do properly all the arrangements and giving instructions was also a great work……
NANI:ok ok don’t forget if anything wrong happens chote wont leave us understood????
[actually there was anjalis marriage on next evening with shyam manohar jha a famous lawyer] Hari prakash:arey bhayya I don’t know were anju di went[he was speaking to our arnav] There comes our arnav……he got steps down angrily calling to di
ARNAV:dhi where are you?why didn’t you informed me before going outside?
Anju:chote please let me speak na.i came here with your jiju to give donation to a school and I would reach house within 2 hrs k na.

Arnav:ok di im leaving to office akash has already left I would be late k bye take care.
Anju:ok baba bye…. for taking my care your jiju is there na …..

Guptha”s paarivar:
All the family members are doing aarthi except our khushi as she was sleeping till know
After having Prasad and tiffin payal bids bye to all as she have to go to school…….
Mean while akash was talking to someone and was stuck by traffic he sees payal crossing the road and mesmerised by seing her beauty and when she leaves he feels bad and thinks is this love or a kind of attraction then he thinks to reach office before arnav reach there.
At school payal goes inside and was shocked to see Anjali there and asks how do you come here?
Anjali: arey payalji I came here to give donation to this school with my fiance shyam and you already meet him na when you came to give donation from your salary to our ngo children.
Payal: ha anjaliji I know and thank you so much for giving donation to our and for becoming a helping hand to our school and thank you for inviting to your marriage and I will surely come.
Anjali: I have given you card one month before and you should come and I will leave know as my chotte will scold me ok bye don’t forget to come tommorow evening.
Anjali and shyam bids bye to payal.
Mean while arnav reaches office .

On the other side garima tries to wake khushi but she denies to wakeup and finally she wokes up and goes to freshen herself.
Ar office: arnav was shouting at lavanya[same in ippknd] for not doing her work properly and leaves from there angrily.
Khushi was going to meet her friend so she started from her house she sees some children who were crossing road and then sees a person driving his car rudely so she runs to middle of the road to rescue the children and the car stops and arnav comes out from the car. ` khushi:cant you see while driving because of you this two children may loose their livies [chidren thanks khushi and leaves the spot] Khushi:oh mr. I was talking to you only.
Arnav:he sees her without saying a single word and regain his senses and say oh miss

Arnav:whatever it was not my fault but,
Khushi:ok no problem sorry accepted and not repeat this again saying this she goes
Arnav thinks what a girl she is without saying sorry she accepted my sorry he smiles unknowingly.

Next day evening:
Khushi and payal were ready to go to anjalis wedding and there at wedding akash was thinking about payal and sees payal coming and thinks he was over imaginating her.
Khushi and payal gives gift and congrats them .

Recap: arshi fight in ar office.

Thank you every one for sparing time to read this.i know this was boring but believe me it will go interesting from tomorrow please keep supporting me ……………please do comment.

Credit to: ARSHI

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