Mujhe mohabbat mein sab qubool hai (Promo)

Heyghys forst of all iam crying bcz thank you for sooooooooooo much support you guys gaveme love you all i.can’t repay you guys for you guys have done for me the best friends i have ever got even my school bestie is not that awesome love you alll sooooo much i amNow annoucing this today just for(MY BESTIES and FRIENDS out there) iam continuing this ff bcz you guys love me sooo much . You know theres one thing that i have always learned( don’t leave who love you the most don’t leave who support you the most don’t hurt who cared for you the most).

Love you alll you guys give me sooo much support i can’t even repay for that but i can say is thank you all bless you all .(you have been always there for me guys really you guys have shown today that what is friendship you guys made me realize that what is a truth friendship thank you sooo much love you all iam saying this from the bottom of my heart thank you! So letsget to the promo!

That all was a dream of raziya! I don’t know why????? but then thats the only way to continue it okay??? so yeah
Sahil will have twins a baby boy and a girl bcz alot of you guys have been requesting me a baby boy or a baby girl so yeah of still you guys want the changes i will also i want some votes down there i will see just write #babygirl or #babyboy if one of these will have the most votes they will win and that will decide who would it be!
Ayran sudden kiss!
Nubaz in a love relationship
Raziya will be killedby herself
Shaziad will be getting out of the place
Sehaan will play pranks on raziya
Tanveer will try to first kill asya!
New sanam does magics again!
Zufad sudden kiss!

Well i guess thats it for today! See you guys soon hey one more thing don’t forget that i will always love you! Here’s a kiss for you all muaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!????????

???????? 🙂 do read all the ff’s around here i mean all the ff’s that you see and do read my besties ffs sunuszura
And #SUNUSZURAH forever✌?️✌?✌?❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Princess of my dreamland!!

    Wow, Sarah I am a silent reader but read all QH FFs and all of you are wonderful, better than Gul Khan who made a crap of such a wonderful show?

  2. I m happy u r continuing ur ff??….i want babygirl…..awsm promo???

  3. Priya tripathi

    Thanks alot u back i m very happy promo is superb wait for episode

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey sarah I m happy with the fact that u changed my mind and promo is interesting

  5. Yaayyy sooo happy dat ur continuing????Baby Girl?Exciting Promo???
    Muaaaahh???Luvvv yaaaa???

  6. Hey Sarah dear, I am Zuha’s sister, kashfia, your FF is awesome?? Keep up the gr8 work and I guess twins both boy and girl will be cool ?
    Love ya?

  7. Sunehri

    Yippie ! My bestie is back ! Yay I’m so happy ! Super promo

  8. Nusz Khan

    xx welcome back Hun, also twins are better, love you cutie pie aha.


  9. Zuha Fatima

    Hey my doll is back!! YAHOOO!! Well first of all wishing you all the best for your new start and thumbs up to u 🙂 And the promo seems rocking! All the best for the upcoming episodes !!

    Love you sweetie!

    _Zuha Fatima

    {Sorry for being late!}

  10. Sanam (Sania)

    awesme you back…

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