Mujhe mohabbat mein sab qubool hai (Episode 28)

Ahhhhhh iam breathing deeply whats up guys its sarah back here okay i know i will be stupid to say this bcz its a song’s line but here we go???? is it too late now to say sorry? ???? okay sorry btw happy late eid mubarak iam sorry i was busy sorry.
Lets get started

Ahil’s mansion
Ahil:sanam! Sanam! Look!
Sanam:what is it? Can’t you see iam preparing something for eid?
Ahil:i know i know! But look what fatima did
Fatima:sahil’s little girl she’s 4 years old and beautiful lovely and have green eyes with some super natural power.funny tune plays
Sanam laughs. Bcz fatima dropped water all over ahil’s new office suit.
Ahil:okay thats not funny at all
Sanam laughingly says:ahil c’mon she’s just a little girl you know that anywas iam going to kitchen iam cooking sheer khorma. Go and pray eid’s namaaz or else you will be late go to the mosque
Ahil:okay fine bye. And leaves for eid prayer and kisses fatima’s cheeks .

Scene:2asya house.
Asad:mrs kahn iam leaving
Zoya:oh mr kahn please before you leave i have gift for you!
Asad:mrs kahn i will be late please.!
Zoya:just 1 minute see it.!
Asad opens the gift it was a red waist coat with white shalwar kameez.
Mitwa plays.
Asad:mrs kahn thank you why did you give me my eidi so early. (aka money or gift for someone you give on eid)
Zoya:mr kahn just this is nothing after you return from mosque you will have a big surprise bye:)
Asad: laughinly says bye!

Scene:3sehaan house.
Same things are happening .

Scene;4 nusz’s house. 1:05 pm
Door bell rings
Its shabaz nusz opens the door.
Nusz:what? You are doing here?
Shabaz holds nusz’s hands.
Shabaz:listen iam sorry back there in the past that happened forget it!
I want my eidi from you and i want you to forgive me as my eidi please !
Nusz gets teary eyed.
Shabaz:okay now he brings a flower bouquet
Shabaz:eid mubarak!
Nusz hugs shabaz and says khair mubarak. Happy music plays.

Scene:5 ayesha’s house.
Ayesha was thinkinh about imran.
Then sudenly her phone rings
Its imraan.
Ayesha:whats up eid mubarak!:)
Imraan:khair mubarak eid mubarak to you as well.
Btw i want to come at a park near our college please at 5:30 pm!
Imraan:c’mon its a surprise.

Scene:6ahil’s mansion
Raziya music plays eats pan.
Raziya:allah kasam haiii laughs arey !! Aj eid to kia aisa zuroor hoga
Eid ai zamanai mein kahn and ibrahim family gir pari ghusal kahnai mein. Laughs.
Raziya:today is eid soo lets say for 3 days i will be nice just for 3 days!

Scene:7 shaziad
Shaad: i wish i could have meet my family and hug them and say eid mubarak .
Shashi kapoor aka misbah laughs.
Shashi:what…. Are you thinking she hugs her evily and says.
Eid mubarak shaad mia.
Shaad:get away from me.
Shashi:awwwww bura laga. In shaad’s ear.
Arey haan tumari to wife samnai hai how can i hug you evil music plays laughs.

Ep ends … Isn’t it great? Well i guess thats it for today love you all take care bye and read the ff’s by my friends and besties bye see you next time:)

Precap:sahil alot of romance ahil gifts sanam bangles rehaan too! Nubaz in a relationship
Ayran surprise date. Asya gets flirty
Raziya tries to kill sanam by adding poisin in her sheer khorma.
Shashi kapoor asks shaad for his last wish.

Todays question will shaziad survive?
What will be zoya’s surprise gift for asad?

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    WOW SARAH IS BACK!!! Welcome back dear! How are u? And belated Eid Mubarak! And coming to the FF, this part was amazing??Loved it! Keep it up!
    Keep smiling..Keep writing!
    Love u?

  2. oh youre finally back.. loved the epi and late eid Mubarak too 🙂

  3. Yayy ur back!!? i loved the episode??Happy late eid mubarak☺☺
    Take Care?

  4. Kriya.kri

    Wlcm back?? missed u …… awsm epi….. Late eid mubarak???

  5. Nusz Khan

    Welcome back Hun, missed this Fan-Fiction a lot and missed you too xx.

    Enjoyed this episode and happy late Eid Mubarak Hun.

    Love you aha.

    Anyways keep smiling like always xx.

    ~Nusz xx.

  6. Sooooooooooooooo cute and pizza with pudine ki chatni tastes Yucky! And ayaz watching cartoons ! My goodness suheri update soon can’t wait for it

  7. I was about to comment in sunehri’episode but I accidentally commented in yours . But yeah your ff us also marvellous

  8. Sunehri

    It’s very nice Sarah belated did Mubarak ? I enjoyed the episode

    Love u

    Sunehri Mehta ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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