Mujhe mohabbat mein sab qubool hai (Episode 27) (THE END)

You know what guys iam really disappointed at you all except some of you! Iam ending this ff bcz today i checked i only got 9 comments totally! Maybe 3 weeks ago i used to have like around 40 comments but now just 9 comments only? I don’t think people are really enjoying my ff so iam ending it at some point zuha is right that so less comments? Why? Even nusz is having around 20 comments in her ff when she used have like 150 comments and 40 comments why? Thats it iam sorry my friends it looks like its a final goodbye to you guys bye i love you guys thank you for always supporting me! Love my old besties sunuzu thank you for being there for me! Love you all bye i guess that was it! I hope i get to see you guys again!
Okay so yeah final ep: lets get started!

Location:ahil’s mansion 5 months later!
A girl is running in her house saying abbu and that is sahil’s cutiepie daughter maryam
Sanam:laughs maryam stop running around you will fall like this!
Maryam sanam and ahil’s daughter she is 3 years old !
Ahil:ah look daddy’s girl loved her abbu more
Don’t she! Happy tune plays
Sanam:oh really she loved both!
Ahil:nop she will decide by herself mrs ibrahim!
Sanam:oh c’mon now tell maryam who you love more mom or dad?
Funnytune plays
Ahil laughs
Sanam:what okay don’t talk to me!
Maryam kisses sanam on her cheeks
Maryam:and amii i love you both!
Trio hug!
Ahil:sanam look time passes really soon!
I can’t believe this once opon a time we used to fight then love then today our daughter!
Sanam:yeah ahil!
I can’t actually believe that maryam could talk when she’s just 3
Ahil:yup me too!

Ahil:oh look who’s here!
Sanam:oh rehaan! And seher!
They trio hug.
Sanam:where is yasir?
Rehaan:khala and lateef are playing with him!
Sanam:latif bring yasir here!
Yasir: a 17 months old little boy he’s sehaan’s son.
Sanam:there we go sanam plays with yasir!
Rehaan:ahil bahi today in this house there is alots of happiness!

Scene:2 england:london
Ayesha and imran both live happily now and married and moved to england after all the things!

Scene:3 a coffe cafe
Nusz after all the thing she found a job at a coffee shop and in these 9 months she have’nt meet shabaz after what he did!
Manager:hmm i see you are really good at working hun nusz?
Nusz:thank you now let me take the order from other customers .
She goes to take order but sudenly she sees shahbaz
Nusz:what are you doing here?
Shabaz:what iam your customer
Nusz:no you’re not get out if here
Funnytune plays
Shabaz:what thats how you treat your customers? He claps funnytune plays
Nusz:listen stop it okay you’re not my customer
Shabaz:listen! I love you 3x
The whole coffee shop peoples sees shabaz!
Nusz:no you don’t
Shabaz:yes i do i have realized that i can’t live without you a second. I love you
He gets down on his knees and proposes nusz
Shabaz:will you marry me?
Nusz:yes. They hug the people at the coffee shop claps
Shabaz:sorry for the thing that i did! Back there.
Nusz:thats okay can i talk to you in person real quick?
Shabaz:now we are here?
Nusz kisses shabaz too!
Nusz:bye i gotta work! Happy tune plays!
Shabaz:before you go that promise ring is in your hands and after 1 week we are getting married!
Nusz shyingly says:bye!

Ep ends [to be continued] bye guys love you all bye 🙂

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  1. Nusz Khan

    I don’t know why you ended this Fan-Fiction and I still do get a hundred-two hundred comments on my Fan-Fiction unless it’s promos! The only reason why people don’t comment it’s because Ramadan is hard and that’s why they aren’t commenting, You have friends that really love your Fan-Fiction, I hope you don’t end it… but yea

    Love you too


  2. Ohhh sarah?i will miss ur ff yaar??nusz is rite..maybe due 2 ramadan deyr not able 2 comment…i hops u dont end it?
    Take care??luvvyaa??

  3. I agree with nusz…..i miss u n ur ff??….i m shocked???i hope u didnt end it……

  4. Priya tripathi

    Plz sarah don’t end this ff i don’t know about anybadies y they r not comment but i n ur friends suppourt ur n i think that was bday episode so thats y they will not comment but this ur ff if u want stop this than who will stop u but once again i tell u plz don’t this

  5. Sunehri

    Sarah .. I was so sad when I mentioned when u r ending .. plz don’t yaar .. yeah bus sorry nus ??? might be right yaar … even see my ff condition ????? we all are besties … u are best sahil ff writer … don’t end I beg u ???????????????????

    1. Nusz Khan

      You forgot to call me dus or bus xx bunheri lol~Nusz

  6. Zuha Fatima

    C’mon Sarah dear, don’t end your FF, I really love to read the FFs of Sunuszurahlima…u guys jusy rock like hell…and Sarah, Nuszz, Sunehri and Priya are r8 don’t end just for some silly commemts…Comments should not matter but ur way of writing should and silent readers are there also…And I am thinking to request TU, to mention the no.of viewers, so it will be better, we will get to know how many have read it…This was an awesome ep. Waiting for season 2 of ur FF…Till then bye…will definitely miss you…Love u darling ♥♥♥♥♥
    Zuha fatima.

  7. Sanam (Sania)

    I am fasting.. and nusz right… so is zuha.. coment dont matter..

  8. Sanam (Sania)

    your story… is beatufy… dnt end it..

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey sarah its awesome

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      but please continue

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