Mujhe mohabbat mein sab qubool hai (Episode 26)

Helllo every one i know every wished me and sunerhi ??? thank you every single one of you guys for being a real truth friend thank you sooooooo much love you alllll idk how can i thank you guys may god bless you alll with happiness??? and yeah iam changing sun’s a track a litttle bit bcz its her birthday okay?.
And sunerhi may god bless with sooo much happiness happy birthday just always smile love you sooooo much??? today’s ep will be all about ayesha/sunerhi.
Scene:library 11:50 pm
Ayesha:ya alllah idk if any remembers my birthday why why iam stuck in here!?
Imran:ummm man would please stop talking to yourself?
Funny +qurrel tune plays.
Ayesha:oh really you know why we are stuck just bcz of your stupid idiot mind!
Imran:hey stop it!
Ayesha:you are that type of guy when a person ask you who is bigger sense or cow
But your stupid answer will be always cow!
Imran:hey stop it .

Scene:2near college
Nusz:thinks huh iam finally here
Shabaz:iam? Or we ?
Nusz:listen you stanger don’t talk to me okay!
Shabaz:why you don’t get it that i didnt wanted to do that!
Nusz:shut up sad tune plays

Scene:library almost 12:00 pm
ayesha:ha well o well sad birthday to me funnytune.
Its 12:00pm
Sudenly all the lights are on
Happy tune plays
Happy birthday!
Tthe people who screamed was asya,sahil,zufad,nubaz,khala,sehaan,imran
Ayesha:omg you mean that was a surprise for me!?
Asya:yes madam what you though? This is not a scary library it all planned by imran!
Imran comes there with a cake
Ayesha:sees him meherban hua plays
Imran:happy birthday
Ayesha:so it was your plan!
Imran:yup thats why i wabted to come in this library but don’t you ever please scream again! Funnytune plays
Ayesha laughs:look i was scared that there are ghost
Sahil:yup we can see a ghost infront of us.
Funnytune playa
Ayesha:ahil bahi???? you are calling me a ghost!?
Sahil:no no
Nusz:then me????? funnytune plays
Sahil:nop we were joking lets cut the cake
Nusz:wait before we.cut the cake
Nusz:ayesha live a life god bless you please always stay happy tune plays
They hug
Ayesha:thank you sooo much nusz!
Zufad:now lets the cake?
Khala:yeah yeah lets cut it laughs
Khalu:yeah lets cut it
Zuha:i wanna say that ayesha live a long life god bless you with sooom much happiness stay positive and happy?? they hug too!
Ayesha:thank you sooo much?
They cut the cake
Ayesha gave the first bite of Cake to imran
They share a eyelock meherban. Plays

Ep ends guys i hope you enjoyed the ep sunerhi love you???? . Once again thank you and love you??.

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  1. Awsm epi but short????

  2. Priya tripathi

    Nice sarah i wished u many times in other ff but once again i wish u happy bday to u n sunehri u guyz r always raise like a star

  3. Zuha Fatima

    Nice episode…quite enjoyable….And once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Love u ~ Zuha Fatima

  4. Sanjana (Sanju)

    Really cuteee…. 😉 One again… happy bday 2 u n sunehri!! muahh

    1. Sanjana (Sanju)


  5. Happy Belated bday to sunheri and you… sarah… and lved this epi too

  6. but plz mke it lnger nxt time…

  7. Nusz Khan

    Awesome Hun, love you hehe~Nusz

  8. Sunehri

    I know I’m tooooooo late to comment because I was not well .. but thatbks for the wonderful treat my bestie … loved it ..

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