Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (intro)


Hello guys this is sarah here i hope you guys know me .i was thinking about why not make a ff so zuha thanks she helped me with this ff . And in my ff off course tanveer will be a evil as always and new sanam will be there in ep num 20 something and we will have our lovely birds sahil romancing so much . We will have lateef khala raza . and of course sehaan our lovely couple i know you guys loved them so much like me and dilshad and razia tooo . And if you have any complains pls tell me and if you guys want a role in my ff its always qubool hai and i will have new twists and new characters you would love if not pls tell ok . I will have 80 eps of this ff and yeah there will be some twists . Sahil will have alots of kisses right ? But wait whats so fast remember our fav evil tanveer is here .

and this ff will be i hope great and ya sunerhi this a message for you . I know that you have a ff about sahil and sehaan but as i said alots of twists there will another couple entering the moment what do you think who will be the couple? Let me know in the comments below

Credit to: Sarah

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  1. nice intro…..i want to play a positive role…..

  2. Amazing intro Hun, now you have finally made a ff. I will be happy to read and enjoy it aha~Nusz

  3. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Ohh woww sarah!! Im reallly excited 4 dis ff??im suree i willl enjoyy a looot reading ur ff??n i luvv sahil n sehan as well..along wid asya?

  4. Nice one …. I think it will be rahat and haya or some one else … and plz dear don’t bring black magic .. I request u … waiting for ur epi

  5. Very nice dear Sarah , and thanks for mentioning my name and yeah , maybe the couple entering will be AsYa , probably but I hate new Sanam but you will make it nice , I am sure about that!! LOVE U ~zuha

    1. I love u too zuha yes i will make good i don’t know why these guys are taking so long to publish a ep . upcoming eps will be full of shocks ,funny, love ,sad ,happy and extremely romantic

  6. Nice plz continue

    1. ThNks alia be patient bcz it hours to be publised you know that thanks

  7. Thanks everyone sunerhi i will not bring any black magic but you know that without villan there is no story omg i can’t believe this that you guys liked it anyways the couple is well …… I can’t tell but when you will see it you will jump from happinesss guys thansk once and kriya yes you will play a role tell what role i mean ahil’s secretary or sanam’s friend or seher’s best friend or what ever you want thanks sanjana, sunerhi,nusz,kriya love you all and i already submit the epi nums 1and2 but you guys know that it take hours to be publised . Anyways thanks again everyone and i will be now make atleast 200 ep because of you guys ? Love you all ~ sarah speacial thanks to my old friends sunerhi and nusz

  8. Thanks zuha well the couple you will see it by your own eyes ok and thank you so so so so much zuha i want you to enjoy my ff thanks new sanam will be bad at start for only 5 eps after that she will be good character and she will meet her true love guess it ? Anyways thnks

  9. priya tripathi

    Very nice intro n ya i think the another couple is rahat haya n ya in ur ff is Shaad or not

    1. No i hate shaad ?sorry to say but i hate you know that bcz of sahil got separated he did not tell the truth to jannat that she sanam or not his wife i hate him so much anyways its our fav couple no one guess it ? Anyways thanks priya love you i hope you guys will like it

    2. But priya if you want shaad i will add him but he will not love sanam or seher just a random character if you want i will in ep 3

  10. Sonali jhadav

    Hey nice dear …. I’m sunerhi’s ff reader .. Hope ur ff will be good like hers

    1. Yeah it will be a big hit ok be patient i dont know why they are not uploding a ep . Anyways thansk you so much that you like it ok bye✌?️?

  11. Barkat imam (Sunehri ff fan )

    Hey dear …

    I’m sunerhi’s schoolmate and her ff reader too ….
    another sahil ff … I’m happy … Hope this sahil ff will also be a hit

    1. Barkat imam yes i will ask sunerhi to upload and these characters are in my ff but not shaad bcz i don’t like him well but iam 16 years old ! I mean actually half 16 anyways don’t beg me friend ok ? But you know i have already uploaded the ep num 3 but tellyupdates take alots of times and sunerhi will upload soon ok be patient my friend ? Ok bye and misbah is not in my ff and shaad too!

  12. Barkat imam (Sunehri ff fan )

    And plz ask that Sunehri to update … As u r one of her good friend … Plz ask her to post … I want to read her Epi daily u know .. Plz ask her .. I beg u …. I too approached her in school but she said that she will do it .. And sometimes if she posts too tellyupdates is not publishing … So plz request her to post the 25th Epi soon …..

    And evil sanam also in ur ff …… And yeah is shaad , misbah , saif are there in ur ff ?????

  13. Barkat imam (Sunehri ff fan )

    And Sarah if u don’t Mind can u say how old r u ??? I’m 15 …

  14. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Heyy!! Iz de couple Asya???????!?!!!??????

    1. You must have seen my ff eps thats why right????! You liar ??? no new sanam find her true love not ehsan ok.. You did not even comment there sanjana ? I got you ha anyways read the eps you will like it?

      1. Sanjana ( sanju)

        Noo reee!!! I had posted my comment loongg backk☺these telly updates people tuk 2oo much time 2 post my comment??

  15. Sanjana ( sanju)

    N nayi sanam finding true luvv aha!??must b Ehsaan…?

  16. Hey guys my eps are publised pls check it

  17. Nice intro 🙂

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