Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 4)

Hey guys sarah here back and today will be something awesome……………… Here we go . Location: ahil’s haveli .ahil is getting ready thinking about sanam he wants to kiss her so bad and then rehaan enters : ahil bhai are you ready!? Ahil yes: is ami ready . Rehaan with sad face yes she is ok . scene shifts to asad’s house sanam is cooking on other hand zoya is cooking too she criying allah miya whats wrong with you this onion is so bad ? Sanam: ami leave i will do this ok. Zoya : no i will do this ok where is seher? Sanam; mom she is playing video games . every time . Anyways go call her i will cook some food till then from behind asad comes and ask for kiss mrs kahn kiss me . Zoya: oh kiss you she stepped her foot on his foot funnytune plays mr kahn stop it ok guest are coming stop he leaves with a sad face. This makes zoya uncomfortable she leaves on other hand seher is about to finish the whole games she is happy sanam unplugged the switched seher: sanam you are so cruel don’t talk to me i was about to finish the game? Sanam: c’mon go and change guests are coming go leave .asad is sad . Zoya : mr kahn iam sorry but romance is not always available funnytune plays . Asad: mr kahn there is no time for romance every time is right ( mitwa) and he hugs she too hugs him anyways . The guests are arrived here sanam seher zoya are stading together ahil sees them and shocked and fell 3 sis omg . Zoya: no actually iam they’re mother so . He sits on the dinning table talks to sanam you again han. Sanam: its my house ok . Ahil : whatever and sehaan meets they are shocked rehaan remember his words and gets happy and hugs seher and then (sehaantuneplays) seher is shocked and says you hu…… Rehaan says no i was over exicted we meet again ha. Just zoya welcomes tanveer and is shocked asad too billorani tune plays lateef help me i can’t see and zoya says tum yahan this shockes tanu: jee? A woh nothing come and sit they eat and asya is still shocked . Flashback: dilshad leaves asad zoya but then she sees ambulance and go to hospital with asya and sanam and seher and tanveer burns the house flashback ends . Ahil: so mr asad what is your deal? Asad : 120 crore rupees for a property help me with this . Ahil : done ok mr asad ah…… Asad stops ahil bcz of tanu and says yeah sure . Tanveer thinks: hmm they voices are like asad and zoya i don’t know what am i thinking they are dead she smirks billorani tune plays. Ahil is going to bathroom and just sanam falls in his arms junoon plays they share a eyelock sanam gets away and run junoon plays . On other hand sehaan . Rehaan: friends ? Seher: friends she hugs him and says ok friend sehaan tune plays . Bye seher bye rehaaan . They leave ahil: thank you mr asad the dinner was awesome whom ever make that tasty meal is a great person and beatiful and this shockes sanam she blushes zoya sees the’re chemistry and is happy . Ep ends this was our ep 4 wow? And here’s the precap : zoya tells dilshad about tanveer this this shockes her and sehaan scenes and sahil meets ok bye i hope you enjoy bye . And ya the new entry was lateef? Bye

Credit to: Sarah


  1. Sunehri

    Good one re … add some spice too and Sarah u r 16 !!!!! I’m just 12 but in ff I mentioned as 13 ??? and I’ve definitely post … i posted 3 times but due to technical problem I’m unable to do so … today I’ve try to post it again …

  2. Zuha Fatima

    Nice Sarah , sorry 4r commenting late but I just reached home after school but anyways very good?

  3. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Woww darlinggg superrbb!!! ??all the scenez were fabbb!!!??hats off?n soo srry 2 comment realllyy late…i wuz busyyy completeing my assignments??

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