Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 9)

Guys sorry for late again but iam giving a promo today for the role and characters…

Lets get started…..sunerhi as ayesha sheikh ayesha is loving charming girl who loves to help people and love to sing’dance and swimming… She is the cousin of ahil.. And she will be helping sahil from tanveer and all bad things such as fights between sahils stopping evil people and gonna fall for a boy sun you tell me about your match if you don’t mind i mean whom is gonna be it pls tell me in the comments below. Nusz: nusz a cute funny girl chatter box like exactly the same like zoya love to: eat pizza love ms dhoni love to shaya ri. And gonna fall in love with? Tell me nu …!She is zoya’s cousin.. Zuha: a intelligent girl wants ahil so badly she can do anything for it she’s gonna come between sahil and will try to snatch ahil… She is ahil’s friend… She’s the main character… Zu i hope you don’t mind bcz you asked for it… Sanjana: she is sunerhi’s bestie she is from paris she’s in india to meet her family.. And sunerhi also.. She so funny always makes others laugh….. Fatarjo iam i saying right? She/he is tanveer old buddy and is a good person… Alexis he/she is nusz ‘s aunt’s daughter/son… And is a nerd?? .. Milly : she is nusz’s college friend and she loves ice cream more than anything and helps nusz in everyting..

Kriya: she is already ahil’s childhood friend and wants to see her bhabhi/sanam… Sanam: she is a punjabi girl loves to cook and make people eat her food that is tasty.. As helll.. Sonali jhadav: she is alexis’s uncle’s daughter and is a childheart still loves to play with toys.. Promo ends guys i hope you enjoyed this promo and pls tell me in the comments if anyone else wants a role and also read these ff’s sunerhi’s sanam aur ahil eh kahani e do lafzo ki … Alexis’s i do forever.. Nusz’s destiny vs love.. Zuha’s asya and huyaan a delicate relation ship. Rafya’s asya and tahaan ki pyar ki dastaan suno . Heena’s ff in swaragini once upon a time when villan meets his angel.

By patakha princess . Fatarajo’. Saya.’niveditha’s …. I hope iam not missing any anyways guys i hope you enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up and bye also my besties sunuzu not ra bcz iam right here guys do you guys like your characters?..

Credit to: Sarah


  1. Sanam

    aw I am happy to ply… a role… but plz… dont add so many characters… it will be vry confusing… anyways… loved this promo…. also please add spacs…. I get very confused… but your stry is my all time fab….

  2. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Yipeee!!! I am a main character in your Fan-Fiction too!!! Didn’t you read the first episode of Beintehha and Qubool Hai !!! You’re a main character in my Fan-Fiction!!!! hehe love you my doll!! But anyways I want Ravi Dubey has my guy!! from Jamai Raja !!! I just love him so much… You can ask me which guy you want or the one I chose for you… But it’s your choice… But anyways I love you so much my sissy~Nusz

    • Well not zusunu? Its sunuzura its mine ‘zuha’nusz and sunerhi’ names we are like sis so we combined our names and made this group so yeah anyways thanks for asking .. And you said that you are confused with your name and spacs a i have changed your name as sania is that ok!? And also i will add spacs

  3. Kriya

    Thnks for including me in ur ff… is awsm…..cant wait for next part…..

  4. Sunehri

    Wow the promo is fantastic.. Now I’m acting as Ayesha …. And I love Namish taneja (Laksh ❤️❤️❤️ As match ??? and sunuzura!!! ???? nice idea .. I love this name .. Love u dear

    • What you lazy what took you so long and the name sunuzura was named by nusz and zuha not me? And its 1 month ago we named ourselves and you don’t know it??????? su listen iam glad taht you liked your role so your love mate will be laksh ok i think you are a big fan of namish teneja ? Love you bestie?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.