Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 8)

Hey guys sarah here iam reallly sorry for late… And i won’t be uploading eps everyday for some reason but i will upload so yeah lets get started……..loacation:ahil’s mansion ……………. Sanam: why did BGST/begum sahiba tanveer. Grabed that dagger for lets go and ask.. BGST in her room. Ah ahil i hate you you come in my way????? an…. Knock knock. Bgst: who? Sanam: bgst its me sanam.. Bgst: oh my daughter what do you want?? sanam: actually i am here to ask why did you grabbed that dagger for?… Tension music plays.. Bgst: ah sanam actually i can’t see fake cry.. Wo i thought that its a knife and was about to cut apple but cries.. Sanam hugs i am sorry i forgot that you can’t makes angry faces i can’t say she leaves. Bgst cat music plays….

Scene2 ahil on a jewelery shop.. Ahil:exuse me sir i want the most expensive most beatiful neckless set you have.. Man: sir this one is great for your wife or gf .. If you buy her that means you both love eachother.. Junoon plays.. Ahil: yes give this how much? Man: sir 100k only.. Ahil:ok give…. On his way to home he sees rehaan waiting for someone…. Ahil:hey rehaan lets go home what are you doing there and its about to rain lets is your crashed or something.. Rehaan:arey no ahil bhai actually iam waiting for someone… Ahil:ahn bhabi ji? Rehaan: no no omg ahil bhai pls leave seher is coming…. Ahil: bye…. He leaves…. Seher: arey rehaan its about to rain lets go… They leaves but then seher got slipped rehaan catches her sehaantune… Rain starts… Seher: do you really love me? Rehaan: i do… They leave.. In car rehaan: omg iam all wet.. Seher: me too…

Scene4: asya home.. Dilshad: arey asya calls both.. Asya: yes.. Iam leaving.. Asad: ami its heavy raining .. Dilshad: arey no i promised my friend i leaving oh she’s finally here bye.. Asya: bye ami takecare…. Asad closes the door .. Picks zoya hands not today nobody’s home lets romance a.. Zoya:arey mr kahn. No bcz seher is about to come home.. Asad: no not today.. Mitwaplays.. Zoya: mr kahn pls leave me i promise later night we will romance.. Asad: promise? Zoya: promise.. Sehaan comes there.. Seher: rehaan come inside its raining.. Rehaan: ok… Asya: hey rehaan. Rehaan: hey.. Asya: come inside.. Rehaan ok but iam all wet.. Asad: i will give you my clothes.. Zoya:ha if you will him your clothes he will dye. Funnytuneplays. asya was about to fight but then. Zoya: arey ya seher it was your result day how was it?? Asad zoya rehaan trio asks.seher: iam f.. Zoya:no?… Seher: iam passed.. Yay … Asad congratulations.. See my daughter asad ahmad kahn.. Seher: hey rehaan lets go in my room we will play games and eat snacks.. Rehaan: thinks(what a child )sure funny tuneplays. Asad: here my clothes.. Sehaan leaves in seher’s room… In room. Rehaan takes of his shirt.

Sixpacks body muscle are shown.. Seher: ouch?.. Rehaan:what??… Seher: no nothing ..rehaan: Iam going to bathroom he leaves.. Seher: ya allah omg he’s hot??… Ep ends………. I hope you enjoyed pls tell me im the comments below what do you think…

Precap: sehaan romance asya romance. Sahil breakup. Dilshad finds out about Tanveer.

Pls tell me in the comments below why did sahil breakup find it out… Bye(:

Credit to: Sarah


  1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Awesome my girl you’re always rocking it… Hope Sahil misunderstanding gets cleared.. Love you Hun~Nusz

  2. Sanjana ( sanju)

    No wdzzz…????asya sehaan juz rockeddd baeee!!!! Ohhmmgg y sahil breakup? !?im sure cuz of tanu?

  3. Sunehri

    U rocked sis … Asya ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Why sahil break up??? Waiting .. And I’ve post today itself … Actually this internet server is annoying … I’ve post today .. Confirmed … ??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.