Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 7)


Hey guys sarah back here with another ep sorry for late i was not at home i was at a trip lets get started… Location: ahil’s mansion/ haveli….. Ahil: sanam! Sanam: yes a.. Ahil: was shirtless and had a bath ….. Ahil: staring at her what you looking hide his body
funnytuneplays…… Sanam: nothing yes what? Ahil: sanam do you make breakfest yet? Sanam: yes i have cooked my special chicken pulaou with pudeni ki chutni. Sanamtuneplays. ahil: what?. Sanam: what what first thing i never understand that rich people like you why not ever eat home food always mcdonalds’ burger king kfc etc….. Quarrel tuneplays….. Ahil: sanam stop it let the conversion finish than talk…… I was saying what else i mean whats in desert…. Sanam: oh ok? Ammm kheer… Ahil: sanam lateef ki tarah golu molu hogoun ga main…. I will become fat like lateef…. Sanam: to hogaye na golu molu main apne ahil ko or bhi zada pyaar karun gi…. So became fat i will love you more. Junoonplays ahil: make her sit on his lap oh really show how me you will love me! Snam picks his cheecks and laugh. Ahil: ok then i what to give you small fat ahil and sanam junoon…. Sanam: yai nasta. Ahil do breakfest leave? Ahil: but those fat cute ahil sanam. Scene changes. sanam in kitchen… Lateef comes loudly says ya alllah funny tune. Lateef: kheer but main to kha hi nahi sakti diet pai jo ho. Ya allah kheer but i can’t eat iam on my diet.. Lateef: ahllah main to hui chui miun….. Snam: hogaya get out. He leaves. Tanveer is watching snam from behind today you will be dead……. She was going to stab her ahil say amii. Tanveer leaves the dagger. Sanam sees it and worries. Ahil: ami iam leaving and i have signed property paper to your name….. Tanveer cries ahil? Come here and give me a hug… Tanveer: think now thanks my work become more billorani plays. Ahil: sanam i mean mrs ibrahim iam leaving kisses her forhead….. Junoonplays. Bye ahil… Scene changes asad’s house zoya: mr kahn iam so worried about sanam?? asad mrs kahn don’t worrie everything will be ok. Zoya: well isi baat pai ek sher erz hai. Asad makes tired face? Zoya: irshad.asad:? Irshaad funnytuneplays. Zoya so you make happy whenever sad so you make me happy when ever iam sad i need a nappy/tissue shukria shukria…. asad: wah wha zoya.. Sheher comes there ami iam leaving today is my results… Zoya: goodluck asad goodluck. Dilshad : goodluck. She leaves on her my some goons catch her goon1: oye hoye pataka ga rhy hai. Goon picks her hand. Goon3 wha wha kiya adain hei. She is so worried: leave my hand…. Goons: arai asai kasai janeman. Rehaan comes there and beat the hell out of them. Rehaan: to goon2 you touched right?? i will kill you however seher stops him and hugs him. Goons: bye we are leaving.rehaan leaves. Sehaan tuneplays while hugging rehaan is taken back he hugs her tooooo. Rehaan: seher i love you3x. Seher cries i love you too rehaan….sehaan tune plays… Rehaan let me drop you shying ly rehaan says..that. However he drops her and says call me and i will come bye kisses her forhead. Sehan tune plays. Seher’s friends comes there nusz,sunerhi,zuha zuha: hey whats going on?? sunehri’ i think it our jeeju. Nusz : exactly trio laugh’ seher: i will slap you he’s my my… Sunerhi: boyfriend.?! Rehaan laugh. Seher:bestfriend now come here she runs behind her funny tune plays. Rehaan leaves…. Episode ends…………. Preview: tanveer again tries to kill sanam asya is worried dilshad in hospital. 2 new entry’s . Pls tell me in the comments below who’s the new entry’s…

Credit to: Sarah

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  1. Aw my sweetheart, your ff made so happy. Thank you for mentioning my name… What an amazing episode, love you Hun~Nusz

    1. Thanks nusz you are such a sweetheart love you tooo thanks for liking it???

  2. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

    gud epi…

  3. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

    you vry…gud…at.wrting…

  4. Nice Bae.

  5. I loved this…epi….

  6. priya tripathi

    Nice n i think the entry is new sanam

    1. Ofcourse not priya ?new will enter in ep 20 something and i said 2 new entry’s ? And thanks for reading it and liking it

  7. Wow Sarah it’s awesome .. he he he … Thanks for mentioning me in ur ff … I’ve make ur entry in my ff ASAP .. and do u want a positive or negative role. ..

    1. Sunerhi love you thanks for liking it ….role hmmm? if you want to give me a role if you really do pls give me a positive role so i could help Ahil to get sanam✌?️? Thanks really much i do appreciate your comment?✌?️ You know iam a really lucky person who is getting a role in your ff bcz your ff is not normal i mean 300 people like it you’re the queen here and nusz too you got like alots of people like your ff

  8. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Wowww baee!!! I juzz luvedd ittt!!! Zoya shayari..n sahil..dat golu molu scene?it wuz dere in the episode…ahh i miss sahil n asya soo much…n sehaan scenes!! The luv cinfession??brilliiantt!! Luvvyaa?

    1. ThNks sanju? I was waiting for your comment thanks love ya sooooo much it means alot me thanks again thanks love you bye

  9. Very nice Sarah u are progressing day by day. Sorry for commenting late , actually next Monday my exams are starting so busy in preps. Well , continue the hard work ~ Your friend!!

    1. Thanks zuha love ya thanks for liking it ?

      1. Goodluckfor the exams???????✏️??

  10. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Woww sarahh!!! No wrds yaaar….episode wuz seriously soo fulll of romance??sahil…i luved alll sahil scenes…n sehaan confession ?soo nicee…brillliantt!!!!n not 2 4get…asya…they rock as usual?luvyaa baee?

    1. Thanks again sanjana love you sooooo much you know you are a sweetheart love ya thanks???

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