Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 6)


Hey guys sarah back here with your fav ff today’s ep will be less romantic i mean a little less…………..…… location:agra tag mahal …… zoya: mr kahn you remember our nikaah here. Asad: yes i wish tomato was here… he start to cry. Zoya: mr kahn iam so sorry. I swear tanveer will be punished by allah soon. maula plays.… sanam: i can’t believe this god. Ahil: comes from back. Ahil places his hand on sanam’s back sanam feel so nervous junoonpianoplays. Ahil: sanam youa re so much beautiful i swear i have seen so many girls but you are so beautiful mashallah . Sanam: ok leave chaliye bas choriye bas. Ok that enough romance leave. Guys iam giving this line in hindi/urdu bcz i love this line. Ahil: nahi. Sanam: koi ajai ga. ahil:to anai do.sanam: koi dekh lega. Ahil: to dekh nai do. Sanam; koi kia sochai ga. ahil: to soch nai do. He leans to kiss her. Sanam was ready but then. Ahil: seher ai hai..ahil:to anai do. Snam: ahil ami bhi hain. Ahil: to hone do. Sanam: haaaw ahiilll: mere abbu bhi hain. Ahil: to ho……. Asad: aham.

Ahil: gets aways shyingly . Asad: mr damadh gi pls kiss her on your honeymoon not here funnytuneplays. Ahil sanam: nahi no actually wo he was checking my new perfume. Zoya: but i have not give you the perfume . So where did you get that!!!!!!!!? AhahahH. Asad: admit it ok actually sanam your phupo R.I.P nahjma use to tease us like that??? i still remember. He cries. Sanam hugs. Him sanam: abbu don’t cry ?.…….. Tanveer comes there . Tanu: arey where is my bahu billoranicatmeowplays. Sanam: here ☺️ She hugs her. Seher: arey sanam you don’t even notice me and badi ami. Snam hugs both. Zoya dilshad asad are damn worried. They talk to tanveer how are you fine thanks . zoya: seher go get the gifts we bought for ahil and sanam. She goes rehaan was coming the same ways. they both fall in into each other … there lips got touched sehaan tune plays. Seher gets away. Iam iam realllly sorry i din’nt mean to. Rehaan its ok? …… Scene changes . Moulvi: ahil marhoom raza ibramhim sicha ay keemat 10000 rupee kia ap ko sanam ahmad kahn bin asad ahmad kahn sai nikaah qubool hai? Ahil: qubool hai. Moulvi: qubool hai? Ahil: qubool hai. Moulvi: qubool hai? Ahil: qubool hai? Alll claps junoon plays. Moulvi : sanam ahmad kahn bin zoya asad ahmad kahn kia apko ahil maroom raza ibrahim sikka ay keemat 50000000 . Say apko yai nikaah qubool hai? Sanam: qubool hai. Moulvi: qubool hai : sanam: qubool hai. Moulvi: qubool hai. Sanam: qubool hai? Junoon. All claps. Moulvi nikaah mobarik ho sehaan and saya watches them and gets happy . Tanveer finds out that asya is alive . Zoya in her room. Tanu comes there. Picks zoya’s neck and the that 20 years ago be doned its gonna doned now . Asad slaps tanveer. Zoya hits her with pillow. Scene changes sahil is enjoying they’re honeymoon. Sanam: ahil jee leave me. Ahil: no never in a million year. Its our honeymoon sanam. Sanam :i know.. Ahil kisses her( wajah tum ho plays) they laid on the bed sanam cares ahil’s hairs they complete there honey moon they are naked in blanket.

Its morning junoon plays. Ahil says a shayari : asman nai kaha zameen sai. Kal dil ki baat thi. Barish bhi jisai iqsh karai kal asi raat thi junoon plays. Sanam is shying . Gets blanket on her head. Ahil kisses her forehead than about to kiss her . Zoya calls sanAm from outside breakfest is ready. Sanam: haaaw ami agi what should we do. Ahil:ms sanam ahil raza ibrahim door is locked. Junoon plays. Ep ends . I hope you enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up.

Preview: sahil fights jokingly rehaan express his feelings to seher.tanveer plans to kill asya then sahil and seher and dilshad .. Bye

Credit to: Sarah

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  1. Good one ❤️❤️❤️ Hey … This romance (last part) was asya scene right …. But nice ???

  2. What an episode.. You’re always rocking and impressive.. Love you hun~Nusz

    1. Thanks best friend like always love you

    2. Thanks best friend like always love you thanks really much for liking nusz thanks

  3. Wowwww this was sweeeeeet surprise, SaHil marriage n honeymoon. …wowwww. ….didn’t expect that so soon….but loved it very very muchhhh. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  4. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Woooowwww baeeee i jizzz luvveddd ( x infinity) the epi sooo muchh??noooo wrdz 2 explain yaaaarr….asya scnes…sahil marriage n kissing…??sehan accidental kiss?tanveer getting slapped by Asad?remembering najma..??sahil honeymoon scene?asya scenes even suit sahil…??u rockk!!?luyooo?

    1. Thanks sanjana iam really glad that you liked it love you?

  5. Guys the last scene was in asya but it suits sahil bcz if the last scene was with new asad i don’t liked him that much if the scene was with old asad i would never use the scene here and if you guys are thinking about more romance in my ff ithink its enogh i mean from the start to ep 6 its all romance so no more now its tiime for some spice?? anyways guys love you thanks for liking it bye

  6. Nice Sarah , keep writing.

    1. Thanks zuha i was waiting for your comment love ya

  7. Superb loved it……

  8. Superb loved it…..

  9. priya tripathi

    Superb but plz make sehaan scene also

  10. wow you’re….to…gud…

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