Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 5)


Hey guys sarah here its ep num:5 wow yes ok so iam making ep long i know its so short so here we go………..……………. Location: asad’s house. It’s morning . Asad: mrs kahn . Zoya:: yes mr kahn. asad: iam leaving i will be late maybe i will come so take. Zoya: mr kahn take care pls. Asad: no i will if you kiss me. Zoya: mr kahn why you always want to kiss me?! Asad:what do you care i am kissing my wife not a girl ok. Zoya: mr kahn don’t even think about kissing another girl ok. asad:ok then kiss me. Zoya sees every no one was around so she lean to kiss him. She kiss him mitwa and then seher takes a pic while they were kissing . Zoya : seher how bad thats not fair bye. Asad:seher its not a joke everytime you come here bye .seher: you are kissing infront of the exit door not in room anyways muaaa so cute i will keep this pic ok. Zoya runs behind her asad leaves. Seher however manages to run to her room. sanam in her room: omg its my 24 bitrthday its seher’s birthday too they both talks and go to zoya and dilshad. Seher: badi ami do you know what is today!? Dilshad : no . They leave. They see zoya .

Sanam: amii do you know what is today!?. Zoya:no anyways iam leaving iam going to my friend’s house i will soon ok don’t call me . Sanam and seher soo sad they leave. Location. Ahil’s haveli: today i will propose affat he just a planned bithday party for sanam. Rehaan too plans for seher. Then they leave for there house. asad’s house. sanam . Sanam: yes badi ami. Dilshad i am leaving iam going with zoya ok bye. Ok. 1 hour later the bell rings its rehaan and ahil. Sanam opens the door : tum you!! Ahil: yes iam here to sorry. Rehaan: mee to where is seher! Sanam: in her room. Its 11:59pm all ready ahil calls sanam. Sanam: yes . Ahil plays music happy birthday zoya asad dilshad say’s surprise . Both sis are jumping from joy sanam hugs ahil and says thanks . Junoon plays. Seher too hugs rehaan and says thanks . Sehaantune. Ahil says i have a gift and zoya and dilshad asad sees them. Ahil propose sanam. Will you marry me? Sanam: is crying from happiness she says yes!! Alll happy they hug and then they were about to kiss but zoya interfere. Zoya: ahmm. Ahil: yes ami. Zoya:sanam do you remember how you tease me and mr kahn and now its our turn. Sanam: ami pls? Ahil: sanam i love you junoon plays. Sanam however is sooo happy and says i l u 2 funny tune plays. Ahil: what kind of way is this !! To say i love you . Sanam: ok i…love……you? And ahil says so tommorow is our nikaah ? Sanam: ok? Sehaan laugh and hug thanks welcome. Seehaantuneplays.

Asad dilshad zoya are so happy from ahil’s propose to sanam. But are worried bcz of tanveeer …….. Ahil says sanAm can i talk to you in private ؟ sanam:?? ok and they leave . outside the house ahil: sanam he lean to kiss her sanam is so shy right know she getting away but ahil come really close to her and kisses her junoon plays. He leaves . This makes sanam feel awkward but so happy . Sehaan are so happy. asya in there room well mr kahn ek shair erz kia hai. Asad: irshad. So ahil propose . Asad: wah wha. Zoya: so ahil propose sanam. Ye bangaya ek record. Sukria shukria. Asad: wah wah zoya. . Flashback ahil comes to dilshad asad zoya and tells that he loves sanam want to nikaah hera and propose her flashback ends…..………episode Ends………

Preview: sanam ahil nikah sanam ahil kiss. Sehaan kiss. Dilshad zoya asad meets tanveer.

I hope you enjoy bye guys and thanks for all comments

Credit to: Sarah

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  1. What an amazing epsiode, like always you’re rocking and amazing aha, ly hun~Nusz

    1. Thanks thanks so much love you bestie thanks again ✌?️? Nusz thanks

  2. Interesting , waiting 4r the next update??

    1. Thanks zuha love you thanks ? Next ep will be a little you know tanveer zoya fights

  3. priya tripathi

    Superb like allways BTW rehan is tanveer son or not

    1. You will find out soon ? Thanks priya love you

  4. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Ohhh wowowww sarahhh!!! Ur simply superrr!!!! I mean juz as i wished how qubool hai shud hv been…episode wuzz reaaallllyyy outttstaanndingg…allll the scenez??aahil proposing sanam….asya teasing n kissing…??wowwn the birthday suprise??really..ur fabb!! Luvvyaa??

    1. Love you sooooo much friend thanks i will specially update for you ???? thanks your comment means alot me

  5. Awesome episode. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

    1. Thanks roma love you thanks again iam really happy that you liked it?✌?️

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