Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 3)

Hey guys your friend sarah here its ep: 3……………… Location : asad’s house . Asad: mrs kahn mrs kahn . Asad was shirtless . Zoya:Yes mr kh…… Sixpack . Asad: hello mrs kahn. Zoya: thinking ya allah seher is about to come home and mr kahn is shirtless OMG ZOYA:mr khan go leave in your room stop being romeo . Asad: exuse me iam not here to show sixpacks i want my shirt its not pressed yet! Why . zoya: iam sorry mr kahn but you have to leave right now go . Asad:ok . Zoya was about to fall asad catches her (mitwa play) sanam and seher enter the house sanam: ya allah its so hot outside uff . Just then they see asya . Seher : shocked what are you guys closes her eyes . Sanam :too closes her eyes apko hamarai samnai romance karna hota hai kiya !? Funnytuneplays they get away from eachother . Zoya : nahi sanam beta wo its someone just. Seher : ammi abbu pls romance in your rooom next time funny tune plays . Sanam and seher sees asad shirtless . Both at the same time abbu what are you doing hahahaa salman kahn. Funnytune they leave .

Sanam in her room : allah miya paigya panga that boy was so stupid karroos . Seher in her room thinking : that boy was cute . Sehaan Tune plays.remembering her first meet with rehaan . Asad and zoya arguing that was your fault no it was yours mrs kahn . Zoya: o really well isi baat per is sher arz kiya hai . Irshaad asad: irshaad. So ap thay shirtless . So ap thay shirtless . Sanam and seher hogaye apko dekh kai heartless shukria shukria asad laugh anyways asad: anyways mrs kahn some guests are coming tonight so prepare foo… Sanam listen this and says noo i will cook food . Sanam tune plays. Hahn. Location : ahil’s haveli . A ladie is laughing evilly she is our fav villain tanveer . who is now named begum sahiba and she is having a photo of asad and zoya and laughing these 20 years were the best ohno zoya i mean R.I.P zoya asad ahmad kahn you are in a dirty grave but i have the whole world in my hand . Tanu: i know i can’t see but why do i need to see when my enemies are dead hahahahahhahahahahaha.? And then she sleeps in her dream she sees zoya slapping her and killing she awakes and scenes shifts to ahil’s room . Huh tonight iam doing a big buinsness deal with asad ahmad kahn . And then thinks about sanam she was so cute but she is aafatt . Rehaan in his room . I think i love her thinking about seher yes if my destiny wants to meet my true love seher wo mujhe qubool hai sehaan tune plays . Allright kriya this one is for you asked me to give you a role here . Ahil talking to his friend and then kriya his childhood friend comes there and ahil: hey kriya watsup long see . Kriya: yes ahil bhai actually iam here to say bye bcz iam leaving for london tonight so yeah bye they hug. Ahil: oh pls madam stop making me sad ok . Kriya : ahil bhai agli baar babhi say milwana pls hehehe ok bye. Ahil is blushing just then kriya asks bhai do you have any girl ?

Ahil: sanam. Junoon plays. Kriya: o wow. Ahil : no no no (funnytune) actually wo main sanam re ki baat karAha tha i am going to watch that movie with my friends . Kriya so you don’t have any girl. Ahil: no ahil thinking why did i lie !? Junoon plays. Episode ends .

Preview : sahil meets asya shocked to see tanveer sehaan hugs and a new entry .

Guys that was i hope enjoy thanks keep liking it like always thanks and guess who is the new character let me know in the comments below . Bye

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  1. Well you’re amazing just like our awesome group called sunuszura!!!!!! Love this ff a lot already you’re too impressive and love you Hun~Nusz

    1. Nusz i love you your comment means alot to me thanks so much iam really glad that liked it ? Bye i will upload right now ok bye ~sarah

    2. I hate you nusz for not coming today -.-

      1. Dude I wasn’t feeling well, but how was the test??~Nusz

    3. Hey nusz do you have a bestie here ? If not than we could become besties like zuha and sunerhi! ?

      1. We always been besties and hopefully always will aha~Nusz

      2. Yeah thanks so we are besties? Is our friendship is official now?!!

      3. Yes were like sisters aha, happy to be your bestie aha~Nusz

  2. priya tripathi

    Nice i read ur all episode it was good n i think that i was comment all in 3rd episode

  3. thnks for giving me a role in ur ff…….superb epi loved it……what a awsm precap……

    1. Thats fine love you thanks for your amazing comment??☺️? Hehe actually you guys awesome

  4. He he he Aahil is gonna make a deal with Asad … Nice one

    1. Yeah he will hahaha thanks sunerhi i am glad that you liked it thanks you so much your comments means alot to me ? Bye you will surely enjoy this ff ok?

  5. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Ohh woww yaaaar… u seriouslly rockk!!! Asad shirtless m romancing wid Zoya!!!???hahah n they again get caught by sanam n sehar!!?n tanveer getting slapped by Zoya!! In her dreamz!!? im waiting 4 new entry!!??

    1. ThAnks again sanjana your comments are awesome love you

      1. Sanjana ( sanju)

        Heey can v b frndz????

    2. Sanjana you are so stupid we are friends ?✌?️

  6. Thanks every one i love you all sunerhi and nusz love and kriya don’t metion it and priya thanks i will be writing non stop and i will not stop at any reason ok and thanks i love you all?

  7. Awesome episodes

  8. hm this looks interesting. I would love to know more in the upcoming episodes

    1. Thanks milly ?✌?️

  9. Very nice Sarah
    Dear I have read all ur episodes but commenting in thos 1 only coz I am in a hurry but yeah liked it very much.

    1. Thats ok zuha✌?️?

  10. superb

  11. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

    vry nice…

  12. I really missed zoya’s shairee. ..but here you fulfill my wish…so lovelyyyyyy. ..aahil’s get deal with asad…cool..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. Thanks roma i will keep the sher o yari going on for you thanks?

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