Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 25)

Hey guys waz up i hope you guys are having an amazing day bcz iam having an amazing day so if iam having an amazing so all should be having an amazing day!!!! Happy ramadan everyone???? anyways please read my besties ff’ read nusz,halima,sunerhi,zuha,priya ‘s ffs iam sorry if iam missing any…. Lets get started.?
Location:ahil’s mansion
Zuha:uffff its soooooooo hot inside ah ofcourse it is summer why not . Omg ramdan is coming toooo!
Fawad:you are sooooo lazy funnytune plays
Zuha:what? And whats your problem?
Fawad:from the past 2 hours you are keep talking instead of working!!!!!!!! Funnytune
Zuha:you do not tell me what do you???
Fawad:yeah whatever miss lazy wavy?? he leaves

Scene:2 hospital
Ahil is sooo damn worried whats gonna happen now؟
Docter comes there
Ahil:docter please tell me what is happening?
Docter:umm mr ahil congrats!
Ahil:for what?
Docter:mrs sanam is pregnant! Happy tune plays
Ahil:what????? that means
Docter:yeah but she needs to rest please take her home and take care of her
Ahil goes to sanam he hugs her
Sanam:i know iam soooo happy ahil.
Ahil:its gonna be a boy……
Ahil:umm lets just not talk and go home bcz you need to rest.

Scene:3 CA, san diago gun factory.
Shaziad was about to go but sudenly all the doors closed.
Shaad:what is happening evil tune plays
Shashi kapoor:laughs welcome shaad mian
Shashi kapoor turns around
Her face is shown.
Shazia:bgst? Noo!
Shashi kapoor points a gun towards shazia.
Shashi:hey sister iam the real daughter of bgst
Shazia:what do you mean?
Shashi kapoor tells her that she was raised by an unknown family and she later finds her mother.
Shaad:don’t do anything to her your fight is with me
Shashi:ticks the tongue oh ho so mean you wanna die first? As your wish.

Scene:4bhopal road.
Shabaz:listen to me i did’nt mean to….
Nusz :don’t you dare to touch me
Some goons teases nusz
Shabaz shaves her and then hugs her hua hai aj plays
Nusz breaks the hug and leaves from there.

Ayran is scared
Ayesha:wwhat do we doo what if there are some ghosts here and they will kill us?
Funnytune plays
Imran:woah really? I mean no you are soooooooooooo scared.
Ayesha ignores him and hugs him out of fear.
Meherban plays
They share an eyelock

Scene:6 asya in a place
Some people were selling pan if you know what is it idk either?? but i have heard if that its a green leave which they spead some sort of paste. Anyways.

Zoya:mr kahn i want to eat pan! Funnytune plays
Asad:whom eats pan? Really?
Zoya:uffffff well mr kahn isy baat pai ek shair erz kia hai?
Asad:ya allah khair phir sai irshad.
Zoya:ap bolte hain kai kon khata hain pan to mr kahn ap bolte hain kai kon khata hai pan arey aj is pan sai to hi bana hai yeh khandaan shukria shukria ! Funnytune plays
Asad:wah wah zoya. They eat pan.

Ahil’s mansion
Sehaan:ummm hello we are back ahil bhai?
He calls ahil tell him that sanam is pregnant and he is own his way to home.

Seher goes to kitchen to make some tea for rehaan.
Raziya coems from behind and tries to stab seher but seher sudenly throws warm water at raziya she cries and leaves.

Scene:7 dilshad’s house.
Tanveer comes there and kills dilshad by giving her a electric shock
Evul tune plays tanveer laughs evily
Bgst:hahahahaha she i told you everyone your death is coming billo rani plays.

Scene:8ahil’a mansion
Sanam2 and ehsan watches titanic together the 90s best romancing and heart touching movie.
Sanam2 cries on the last scene
Ehsan:hahahha you are crying? Funnytune plays
Sanam2:woh actually mein bohat nazuk dil huna isi liye

Scene:9 raziya evil plus her tune plays
Raziya:allah kasam mein chorun gi nahi tumhai seher mein tumhai maar kai hi rahun gi! Ep ends. Guys i hope you enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up see you guys on 12th june bcz its mine and sun’s birthday i will make a sunerhi’s birthday special ep and sun please do tell me who’s your fav couple in qh 🙂

Precap:ahil takes extra care of sanam
Asya finds out about dilshad’s death
Shaziad is trapped sooooo bad
Sehaan pranks raziya.
Zufad helps asya with there plan to get tanveer to jail. Ayran sudden kiss
Nubaz kiss this time they are not forced. Zoya slaps tanveer. Bye guys:) and today’s question:what do you think whats its gonna be? I mean will ahil have a daughter or boy what do you think?
Guys pls tell me if you want any changes:) bye

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  1. Zuha Fatima (SuNusZuRahLima)

    I enjoyed today’s episode!! It was cool and I hope Sahil have a daughter because I just love baby girl mss they are sooooo cute and boys… Uggghhhhh???Just kidding as you wish! And happy Ramadan to you and to your family!! Keep writing… Keep smiling! Love you ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Priya tripathi

      Thanks zuha to clear my confusion between ramadan n ramzaan i didn’t knew that before this n once again thanks

      1. Zuha Fatima (SuNusZuRahLima)

        My plead and you are most welcome☺

      2. Thanks priya love you❤️❤️❤️ Thats fine sisys we can it ramadan or ramzan the meaning is same ???

    2. Zuha Fatima (SuNusZuRahLima)

      And one more thing I just love Meetha Pan (Sweet Pan)??

      1. Whats taht i mean have you eaten pan ohhhhhhhh????????? i have never????

    3. ?????? thanks zu for your advice ithink sahil should have a daughter too! As everyone in the comments saying its a daughter for all my friends, besties,fans,silents readers ason there request i will put a role of daughter in this story?? happy ramadan to your family tooooo! Zu love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Awsm epi sarah…..i think ahil will hv a daughter……

    1. Ok???? love you kriya thanks

  3. Wooww sarahh brilliiantt episode??aayyy i think sahil will hv a daughter??omg dil dies..?asya scenes?take care?

    1. For sure for sure dear???❤️❤️❤️ Love you sanju❤️ Thank you soooooo much

  4. Priya tripathi

    Frist i wish to all my litile sis happy ramzaan i know its late sorry.
    Awesome episode i enjoy this alot n i want Sahil’s a baby boy bcoz

    1. Happy ramadan to you toooo!❤️❤️ Love you❤️❤️ A boy hmmm????? maybe yes i will put a role of a daughter and a boy this is best❤️❤️❤️ Thanks

  5. wow it’s awesome sis and loved it and wow sahil’s babay and also asya paan part is awesome
    And happy Ramadan Mubarak
    And sorry for using too many ands 😛

    1. No probs dear jo love you❤️❤️❤️ Thank you happy ramadan to you toooooo! And and and??? problem for using soo many ands okay???

  6. Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

    Aesome, I can’t wait… Aww Sahil are having a baby…. Loved it, take care and have a blessed month of Ramadan. ?

    1. Thanks api i will call you hal api??? bcz i want to happy ramadan to youtoo!❤️❤️ Love you ❤️❤️ Yup sahil is having a baby??

  7. Nusz (T!B!H) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRahLima) forever and you need to rock the world!!!

    Loved this episode, sahil having a baby and I wish it’s twins and have a great month of Ramadan, love you~Nusz

    1. Hmmmmmmm??? twins okay??? i’ll see if i can?? happy ramadan to youtoooo! Nusz love you????? thanks

  8. Wow Sahil finally to have baby ??????.. I’m excited Sarah ..

    Love u and excellent episode …… And excited for our birthday ???

    Sunehri Mehta (SuNuZuRahLima besties forever) ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks sun love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yup sahil is having a baby??? mee tooo iam exited too! Its 10th of june already???? 2 days left only???

  9. your story is rlly good… but plz… stop cutting the lines off…you shld explain ech part proeprly… like the other writers do, but overall nice epi… also sahil hving a bby that is awesome..

    1. Thank you sooo much san please. Tell me when did i cut the lines so i can prove them and thanks by the way yup sahil is having a baby:)

  10. Hello beautiful people i know iam sorry i was not able to comment bcz i was fasting i told you guys maybe i wont be able to comment or post but anyways thanks all???

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