Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 24)

Yo waz up guyz first of all happy ramadan kareem in advance and also guys ramzan is starting from monday and btw my birthday is coming soon! Maybe sunerhi’s too! So i will be fasting maybe i wont be able to comment or post my eps bcz iam gonna be fasting but i’ll try my best to update;)??❤️ Ok lets get started………location:unknown
Nusz:what do we do. !!
Nusz:hawww don’t you shut me we are here bcz of your fault
Shabaz:some one will hear us!

Nusz:i don’t care!
Shabaz kisses her bcz she was not shutting up and then nusz slaps him
Nusz:how dare you you cheap! Sad hua hai aj plays
Shabaz:listen i didn’t mean to do tha…
Nusz:shutup she decides to not talk to shabaz and break the friendship with him.

Scene2:asya on a date
Asad:so how’d you like my surprise sweetheart! Mitwa plays
Zoya:omg mr kahn wow this is sooo beautiful she sees firworks saying i love you zoya.
Zoya hugs asad asad kisses zoya’s forhead mitwa plays
Zoya:i have world’s best husband!
Asad:and i have world’s most beautiful wife!
Zoya:mr kahn i will love you till my death day maybe after that too
Asad:i will never stop loving you too! He hugs tight.

Scene:3 CA,san diago
Shaad:huh kv any reports? Over
Kv:he was last seen near gun factory!
Shaad:ok over and out shaziad goes to gun factory and sees shashi kapoor talking to someone.then shashi kapoor takes of his hat.

Shaad notices big hairs
Shaad:what no way
Shazia:what happened?
Shaad:look at his hairs
Shazia:this is a girl!
Shaad:are you sure
Shazia:yes silky black hairs. Girl have hairs like these not boys.
Shaad:that means shashi kapoor is a girl!?

Scene:4ahil’s mansion ahil’s room.
Sanam comes out of the bathroom drys her hairs. Ahil sees her
Sanam then sudenly gets unconscious ahil:sanam !!! What happened tension tune plays he takes her to the hospital.
3 hours later.
Ahil was sitting on a chair.
Docter:mr ahil its a big news maybe you wont be able to hear it.!
Ahil gets more worried

Scene:5ahil’s mansion
Fawad was going to kitchen then sudenly zuha falls in fawad arms tose naina plays they share a eyelock.
Zuha breaks it shyingly
Fawad:you alright?
Zuha:yeah just there was water on the floor!
Fawad:yeah yeah ok.

Scene:6 ahil’s mansion.
Sanam2makes ehsan some tea
Ehsan:thank you very much?
She starts to leave shyingly but..
Ehsan:hey lets be friends?
Sanam:yeah sure sanam2 and ehsan’s tune plays.

Scene:6 unknown road near ahil’s mansion
Evil tune plays
Tanveer:hahahahahhahaha laughs evilyz
Tanveer:what do you think that i am gone forever? Hell no now only few miles away your death is coming raza and kahn family!

Scene8:paris international airport
Seher:so we are going back to our own home!!
Seher:iam soooooooo happpy sanam iam coming to you..

Scene:9college secret library .
Imran:ok now you see that guard guarding the door ayesha?
Imran:good now you see that stone over therE?
Imran:just pick that stone and throw that in that pond.
She throws the stone in there guards hurrily goes there fuunytune plays
They sneek inside the library. Sudenly all the door closes by themselfs
Imran:what the hell happened did you did that?
Ayesha:no did you?
Imran:no omg we are trapped inside
Ayesha:what! Noooo tension tune plays
Now we wont be able to find shaabaz bahi and nusz.!!

Scene:10raziya tune plays
Raziya:haaii allah kasam aj to mein tumai mar kai he rahun gi seher!!!
A new entry person says
Person:yeah yeah watever. Ep ends guyz i hope you enjoyed please give it a big thumbs up see you guys later also do read the ff’s that i suggested 🙂

Precap:raziya tries to kill seher shashi kapoor’s face reveal.docter reveal’s a big news to ahil that shocked him.sanam2and ehsan scenes
Zufad funny moments asya funny moments.
Zoya’s sher o yari. Some goons teases nusz
Shabaz beats them ayran is soo scared. Tanveer kills dilshad.

Bye guys:)

Credit to: Sarah kahn


  1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Happy you are back☺☺☺Nice Episode☺ Precap, OMG!! Dilshad gets killed by Tanveer, and I thinks as in the serial of QH Shashi Kapoor’s face will be of Tanveer and she will be her daughter, r8? Anyways Love Ya??

    • Love you zu❤️☺️??? thank you soo much iam glad that you liked it yeah shashi kapoor is tanveer’s daughter yeah tanveer will kill dilshad

  2. Priya tripathi

    Finaly u r back i just wait for ur n BTW precap so sad tanveer kill dilshad n ur what is ur n sunehri bday date

    • Thank you pri yeah me and sun are borm on the same date like twin sisters???? love you and thanks zu for keep mine and sunerhi’s birthdate in your mind❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yeah precap is sad

  3. kriya

    Wlcm back….missed u…….omg precap is so shocking……..cant wait for next……what is sunehri,zuha,sarah,nusz n urs bday date…….

  4. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) You need to rock the world!!

    Hey Sarah Hun, I am happy you’re back with this Fan-Fiction!!! Really missed it aha.
    Coming to this episode!! It was so cute and amazing!!! I loved all the scenes very much!!!!!
    I cant wait for the next episode!!!
    I wish you have a great month of Ramadan :))) May Allah bless you aha!!!
    and Kirya, my birthday is novemeber 10th and I am 16 years old aha!!!
    Also Sarah do you have an email so we can chat on there!!!
    Anyways love you my doll


    • May allah bless you too! Thanks nusz love you?? hmm e mail i mean what thing we will talk on? Anyways muaah stay blessed sunuzura and my other sweet friends

      • Nusz (T!B!H) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) you need to rock the world!!!

        I mean what’s your email address?~Nusz

  5. Sunehri

    Sarah missed u a lot and I’m excited for your and my birthday too and yeah Ramadan holy moth right ?????? and super Epi precap is shocking yet loved it a lot

    Love u

    Sunehri Mehta (SuNuZuRah ❤️❤️❤️)

    • Thank you dear missed you too! Love you too??? we are twins who knows maybe our faces are same as our birthdate???????? thank you for your compliment yes thank you yup holy month

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