Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 23)

Hey waz up guyz its been half of a month i have’nt update a ep i know you guys are upset with me damn as hell? But you know i was busy with my cousin/family planning our vacation places so also i was on a road with my family for 3 days so yeah thats why i hope you guys forgive me love you all and thanks for all 60 comments…….also do read ff’s i suggested…lets get started…. Location:unknown..
Nusz:but shabaz how we are gonna find them? And what are we gonna do?
Shabaz:oh god damn just shutup
Shabaz hears someone’s footsteps
Shabaz:oh sh*thide they both hide
Nusz say in low voice
Nusz:whT now
Shabaz:we have to wait till they will be gone
3 goons come out of a room carrying ak47 guns
Goon1:hey search all over see if there is anybuddy!!!!
Goon2:nop area is clear
Goon 3 was leaving but then nusz accidentally drops a glass of water this distracts the attension of the goon3
Goon was going to search
Goon1/2 hey lets go we are going
Goon3wait iam coming you go
Tension music plays
Goon3 starts to go towards the place were nusz and shabaz are hiding sudenly
The person who blackmailed nusz comes there
Nusz quietly says:haaa this is the person
Shabaz:are you sure
Nusz:yes ima damn sure
Person:hey what are you doing here did’nt i told you to Bought me food? Says angrily
Goon3:ok ssir he leaves

Ayesha is worried about nusz so much tension tune plays
Ayesha thinks
:ya allah where did she go she is not picking her phone her phone is off and then she is not even home what do i do? Imran comes there
Imran:you alright
Ayesha tell imran everything
Imran:i fell like there something wrong hmm i have not seen shabaz bahi too! Do you know?
Ayesha:no that means there on a date funnytune plays
Imran:really? Hogaya tumhara? Just shut up you always say whatever comes in your mouth
Funny+quarrel tune plays
Ayesha:o really i don’t want to argue a monkey funny tune….
Imran:excuse me?
Ayesha:ok i excuse you funnytune
Imran:look ayesha its not a time to joke we gotta find them
Ayesha:wait have you called shabaz bahi?
Imran:yes! But phone is switch off
Ayesha:look its 6:37 am in the morning we will wait till 7:00 then we will go and search for them iam pretty sure they are ok
Imran:yeah sure hey would you help me i mean you know the secret library in college?
Ayesha:of course i know but why are you asking? I mean you know that guards are all over the library guarding it we can’t go there
Imran:yes we can we have to sneek!!
Ayesha:idk but if we get caught i will not leave
Imran:don’t worry about that !!
Scene:3location:asya’s house
Zoya comes out of bathroom she drys her hairs and sees a wrapped gift there!!! Zoya picks it and reads the note!!
Note:dear beautiful wife i love you more than anything so please if you do the same wear the dress and come out of the room! Your dear husband:asad mitwa plays
Zoya:thinks mr kahn bhi na! Shys
She comes out she sees asad standing outside and wearing a black waist coat with gentle man black suit…. Zoya losts in asad’s beauty and asad in zoya’s
Asad: lets go we are going out mitwa plays
Zoya:ok but where?
Asad:ummm its a surprise!!!
Zoya:i love surprises !!

Scene:4 ahil’s mansion…
A person is shown he’s charming handsome
Person:hello is this mr ahil raza ibrahim’s house?
Sanam2 watches him falls for him!!
Its ehsan
Sanam2 umm yes yeah it is……
Ehsan:ah thank you so much iam ehsan he shake hands with her ehsan and sanam2tune plays
Sanam2ummm iam sanam ameen!
Ehasan:well nice to meet ya but where is mr ahil?
Sanam2:oh iam sorry i hope you can wait bcz he’s sleeping..
Ehsan:no big deel i will..
Scene:4 ahil’s room
Ahil wakes up and finds sanam sleeping beside him guitar junoon plays
He kisses her forhead junoon plays the whole scene
ahil thinks:when ever sanam breath i breath whenever she cries i cry and says its because i love you sanam so much!!!

Scene:5 india hotel room
Rehaan:hey seher lets go for shopping yeha?
Seher:yes sure she hugs him sehaan tune plays

Scene6: ahil’s mansion tv lounge
Fawad is watching tv where at the same time zuha is hiding behind a wall and seing him
Zuha thinks:ya allah whats happening to me thats not true that can’t be happen.. Fawad comes there
Fawad:i know you been watching me?
Zuha:uh no no funnytune actually i was watching the tv.
Fawad:from here?
Zuha:woh kiya hai na mein asi hi dekhti hun
Fawad:yeah yeah.
Zuha:lets just become friends?
Fawad:why not best friends? Tose naina plays
Zuha:w what yeah sure they shake hands

Scene:7 location:CA,san diago beach
Shaad:kv over send me the location of shashi kapoor! Over
Kv:ok iam shaad he is wearing a big black coat and a balck hat and a white watch.. Over
Shaad:ok he sees a person same clothing as kv told him he runs behind him but he looses him
Shazia comes there: what happend
Shaad tells shazia about shashi kapoor
Shazia:what thats what he has done to your parents?
Shaad:not just parents but millions of peoples..
Shaad:kv i havw lost him..
Kv:no worries we will get him next time!

Scene:8 ahil’s mansion.. Raziya’s tune plays
Raizya:allah kasam ye jo girgit ki tarah rang badlay hain na inho nai mein inhai zaroor phuchon gi.. Eats pan…

Scene:9 unknown road
Billo meow plays
Tanveer:i wont leave anyone i told you!!! Evily laughs bas kahn’ raza family thora aur wait karlo tumhari moat arhi hai billo rani plays…ep ends i hope you guys enjoyed pls give it a thumbs up see you guys tommorow or toomorow!:)

Precap:sanam2 and ehsan becomes friends.
Zufad moments . Sahil in a trouble .sehaan returns ahil’s mansion.asya enjoys there date
Shaziad founds out that shashi kapoor is a girl raziya tries to kill seher. Nusz and shabaz sudden kiss. Ayran trapped in a room.
Tanveer returns home.a new entry.

Guys let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed and guess who’s the new entry i will see you all later bye:)

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  1. Nice episode dear???? and for the new entry I have no idea??…. Anyway keep up the good work……

    1. Thanks zu love you?? and thanks for liking it well i guess new entry i hav’nt decided about too!??? anyways thanks!

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    welcome back this episode is awesome n new entry i have no idea i will read

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  5. Sarah missed u dear wondeful updatw and precap seems very interesting love u ☺☺

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  6. Sanam Sania (Sarah's and nusz ff lover)

    pst nxt episode…

    1. Ok dear thanks for liking it love you???

  7. Sanam Sania (Sarah's and nusz ff lover)

    bst epi ever… hpe you use my idea… love to see nusz slap… shahbaz and sune and irman locked up…

    1. Ummm thanks dear love you ??? but iAm using your idea the same way someone blackmailed nusz then they hide and sudden kiss bcz she was not shutting up and yup the ayesha and imran the sAme idea i mean like you said trapped in a room! So in the precap you can see that! And whT do you mean by nusz slap? Whom?

  8. Sanam Sania (Sarah's and nusz zuha..sunehri...ff lover)

    slap shahbaz after so he kss her… als… pst nxt epi…

    1. Ok sure i will use that too!? Ok i will asap update!

  9. WELCOME BACK !!!! now only saw your update it was marvellous post the next one ASAP and dear how should we post a ff?

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  10. Sonali jhadav

    Actually I read Sunehri and zuha’s ff and i saw your ff and started reading from first .. It’s really very nice dear and I might have commented on your intro … Good one re keep going

    1. Thank you so much ☺️ It really means alot to me hey umm can be we friends? Thanks again love you? No problem now you have commented now so there’s no problem love you☺️?

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