Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 22)

What up guys sarah back here with another ep so yeah lets get started……location:nusz’s house
Nusz:did he just kissed me
Mom:wake up wake up
Nusz:what iam awaked
Mom:stop dreaming your are gonna be late for your college funnytune
Nusz wakes up funnytune
Nusz wakes up
Nusz:dramatic cries it all was a dream!
Mom:ya allah why my daughter is so dramatic funnytune
Nusz:what i was watching a really good dream
Nusz relieze what she said
Funnytune fb: shabaz kisses her
Nusz:no no funny tune very good mom she hugs her thanks for awaking me up love you
She leaves
Mom:allah what am i gonna do with kid! Funnytune

Scene:2asya’s house
Asad is playing the all new game uncharted 4 guys first of all i love playing video games on my ps4 and xbox one so i thought my gaming can be the part of this ff.
Zoya turns the tv off shocking funnytune plays
Asad:god! What did you do!!!
Zoya:listen i don’t wanna talk bcz you never have time for me and its sunday today and you are playing your game ! Funnytune
Asad:game! Its just a game! Its uncharted 4 thief ending are you kidding me this is best game!
Zoya:no it cannot be better than gta 5!
Asad:yes it is!
Zoya:not than sleeping dogs or watch dogs!
Asad:let me play turn the tv on!
Zoya:no! Quarrel tune plays
Asad:o really he comes near her and starts romancing mitwa plays asad holds zoya from behind
Zoya:mr kahn leave you never have time for me
Asad:do you have!
Zoya:yes i do
Asad:than let the moment keep going on mitwa plays
Zoya:me khan pls leave and teach me your game how to play!
Asad:ok ok so you have to climb with the button A grab things from B. Y to change weapons and X to beat a person.

Scene:3 paris sehaan.
Seher:what is it!
Rehaan:i have got you something!
Seher:what where!
Rehaan:just close your eyes
Seher:but he makes her close her eyes
Rehaan:open your eyes
The room was decorated with flowers balloons
Rehaan:i have got you a teddy bear sehaantune plays
Seher hugs him

Scene:4 jail
Cat meow plays+billo rani plays the whole scene
Tanveer:i trusted raziya bi but she is the worst
Tanveer:now i will kill everyone laughs evily
Police girl:ay why are you talking to yourself!
Tanveer still laughs

Scene:5ahil’s mansion
Sanam:ahil food’s ready!
Ahil:ok sanam ahil raza ibrahim dramatic junoonplays.
Sanam:ahil now enough eat food he tries to flirt with her but sanam kiddingly pushes ahil away

Scene:6 california.
Shaad watches his fathers photo shaad BG tune plays the whole scene.
Shaad:abbu don’t worry i will shashi kapoor and kill him and take the revenge of your and ami’s muder revenge! He gets a call
Person:shashi kapoor was last scene near san diago beach!
Shaad:iam almost there
Person:ok bye we will inform you his next destination asap
Shazia comes from behind
Shazia:you alright
Shaad:yeah yeah just umm talking to my manager.
Shazia:oh ok!

Scene:7 ahil’s mansion. Evil tune plays
Sanam2 was making something like juice she goes to ahil
Sanam2 ah ahil ji would you like a little bit of juice
Ahil:yeah sure after all you are my cousin
Zuha sees its and rushues toward ahil and throws the glass away.
Sanam2 makes angry face and starts to fake cry
Ahil:zuha what did you do!
Zuha:ahil bhai i did not saw that ima sorry.
Ahil:thats ok he leaves
Main tune plays the whole scene
Zuha:till allah is with me you can’t do anything
Sanam2:i will soon! She tries to magic on zuha
Zuha then sudenly takes out a tasbee from her bag and point towards sanam2 she then starts to burn and her ear starts to paining alot
Sanam2 screams main tune plays
Sanam2: put it back screams more pls she then leaves.
Zuha:my allah is with me!

Scene:8 nusz onher way to college somebuddy calls her she starts to cry
Shabaz sees her
Shahbaz:you alright! Nusz gives him the phone
He pickup the call!
Person:hello is my money ready if not i will send your photos to your father!
He cancels the call.
Nusz hugs shabaz out of fear she tell him everything
Flash back
Nusz taking a little bit of money from her friend bcz she needs it for the college project
Nusz:i will promise return you this
A person took her photos and warns her
Person:i know that you are raking that money as a loan from your friend but i will show it to your father by saying its steal from someone
nusz slaps him :how cheap what the helll!
Person:if you don’t give me 100k rupees i wont leave you and show this photo to your by saying its stealed by your daughter
Flashback ends
Shabaz:what this happened and you did not told me lets go we are gonna go to that place and see what we can do…… Ep ends guys i hope you enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up and pls do read the ff’s that i suggeted and i am using the ideas that sania gived me for jusz and shabaz and ayesha and imran.

Precap:ayran traped in a room nubaz are going to that place sehaan returns home and shaad finds shashi kapoor he tell shazia about shashi kapoor raziya tries to kill seher sanam2 falls for someone sahil romances asya on a date . Zufad becomes friends .

Guys i hope you enjoyed see you all tommorow bye 🙂

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  1. Very nice!! I indeed enjoyed! keep writing!! Love Ya!!

    1. Thanks zu love you ?????? iam really glad that you enjoyed it

  2. Priya tripathi

    Awesome wait for next episode n plz tell me how to creat previous link

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

      Priya , when you are writing the episode , just write the link of the previous episode.?

    2. Just first write the link or copy it from prev ep i usually don’t give the link but i guess next when i will upload i will tell the way ok! But anyways i hope it helped you! If you ever want any help just tell your friends ok! And if it does not helped you just ask again no worries! Anyways thanks priya love you??

  3. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Sarah loving ur ff day by day

  4. Awsm epi…..loved it…….who is ayran??????

    1. Ayesha and imran i guess anyways thanks for liking it love you!

  5. Sarah just enjoyed the episode a lot and I saw the list of songs too .. I like the song but I meant like OPPOSITION songs like u see senti wali mental from movie shandaar I want like Boyz vs Girlz challenge songs they are opposing each other in sangeet for fun I want songs like that and guyz zuha nusz and Sarah dear ur surprise will be coming soon and nusz dear did u read my Epi ? Because I didn’t see ur comment and priya just copy paste the link dear …

    Here is the link for my previous episode

    Hope u read it nusz and guyz I’m going to a trip for Kashmir tomorrow I’m starting I’m only going to my uncles house after long time ….

    I’ve update too ? Ok waiting for your episode Sarah love u

    Sunehri Mehta ❤️

    1. Welll i guess ok but i guess you will see that list again iam sorry bcz i have gives those as a promo telly updates will be postimg them soon! Sorry ! But anyways if you want those songs right then
      1:thug le. i guess it sounds a little crazy but it is boys vs girls song
      2:disco diwanai
      3:get ready to fight from bhaaghi.
      4:gulabo from shandaar.
      5:sooraj dooba hai
      6:abhi to party shrui hui hai
      7;high heels tai nachai
      8:senti wali mental
      9:blame the night holiday..

      I hope it helped i have read your ep
      And yeah thats all the song i know and there will be a promo here sooon! Which i posted like 8 hours ago so the promo of the songs are the wrong one iam sorry now pls i hope you understand

    2. Sahil love ? (Real name sarah....!)

      Also congrats for kashmir! And yeah why you don’t upload photos of yours on fb i hope yoi don’t mind i was just saying and i would love to see you!

    3. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

      Hey Sunehri hope you enjoy the trip , Kashmir is awesome??Have a good time and don’t forget to read our FFs ?? Just kidding?Anyways , here is the link for my SR FF.

      Hope you can read it?

  6. Aww such aa niiicee episode baee??n immm reaaaallly sorrryyy 4 not commenting 4 long…wuz reaally busy with weekly tests n assignments??but episode is superbb!!!???

    1. Thanks no prob dear love you ???

  7. nice bae

    1. Thanks milly love you

  8. Nusz is out of town she be back within a day or two. soccer match
    xoxoxo bae.

    1. Haha wow she going to watch soccer match looks like she loves soccer like me?????

  9. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    Pst nxt epi…

    1. Ok dear asap bcz iam a little busy right now ?? so i will

  10. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    bst epi ever too..

    1. Thanks san love you

  11. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Awesome Hun… Can’t wait for the next episode.. Sorry in a bad mood… Anyways ly~Nusz

    1. Haha i hope your mood is okay now bestie love you always stay happy thanks???☺️ I will update asap umm later iam a little busy!

  12. I’m so sorry Sarah i really apologize for the late commen now only got signal that’s the reason I was unable to comment ? loved the episode and I’ve try my best to update and here in Pakistan the internet connection is poor but now I’m flying to amritsar … so I’ve try to post . Love u Sarah nusz and zuha ..

    Sunehri Mehta ❤ (sunuzura?)

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