Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 21 a long ep)


Hey guys sarah back here but i guess yesterday i was in a emergency and also so many people requesting to make a long ep so here it is……lets get started…….location:ahil’s mansion
Tanveer cat meow plays.
Tanveer:iam tired now i have guessed that i will kill everyone in this house again like before
Raziya evil tune plays.
Raziya:begum sahiba allah kasam agar yeh sab kuch na hua to laughs ap ki to koi ezat hi nahi rhy gi ahahahahahah
Tanveer:shutup iam billo rani tanveer billoraniplays
Tanveer:i have killed people even if want to i can kill you too!
Raziya:gets scared she then sees ahil listening all this behind a door and she starts to drama
Raziya:pls i don’t think that you should do this
Tanveer:shutup i will kill ahil and snam
Raziya:no you cant till iam alive.
Ahil comes in
Ahil:see i knew it my amii was a lier and a murderer
Tanveer:theres nothing like that
Raziya fake cries
Raziya:ahil beta she’s the one who killied you dad 3x
Ahil tears are flowing
Ahil:what police arrest her
Police arrest tanveer police leaves
Raziya evil tune plays ahil tooo leaves
Raziya laughs arey no one knows me haha
Raziya:now i will kill you all hahahaha

Scene:2 location nusz’s house its night
Nusz in her garden thinking about shabaz hua hai plays
Nusz:i think i l… What am i saying this can’t happen he’s different from me!
Then a person climbs a wall funnytune
Nusz screams funnytune
Nusz:chor thief thief
Shahbaz:shhhhs its me shabaz you stupid quarrel plays
Nusz:so who comes to anyone’s house like this
You could have called me stupid.
Shabaz:check your phone
Nusz checks it 20 misscalls funnytune
Nusz:hmm haha i think my phone was silent
Shabaz:yeah yeah they share a eyelock.
Nusz thinks whats the one thing that iam thinking about him is it love no how can i say to shabaz that i love him hua hai plays
Shabaz thinks i think iam in love i feel like whenever iam with her i always feel good what is it love ? Idk.
Shabaz:ok bye nusz i think i should leave bye
Nuzz sudenly falls on shabaz and kisses him accidentally. aj phir tum pai plays
Nusz gets up
Nusz:that that that was accident wo yeha
Shabaz:o ok bye he leaves
Nusz thinks what just happened today! I think iam in love.

Scene:3 morning ayesha’s house. Ayesha:bye mom time to go iam going bcz bus will be gone again i stil remember that sandel of nusz and i don’t wanna do the same funnytune she laughs
Mom:so tum nai konsa teeer marlia funnytune
Mom:what about you funnytune singing in bathroom eating burger all the times …
Ayesha:ok bye my bus is here.
Imran:don’t worry i will drop you today hun!
Ayesha:o really?
Imran:lets go.
Ayesha thinks
I like imran o man damn i think iam in love

Scene:4location:asya home
Asad:zoya lets go its 2 pm in half hour its sanam’s nikah.
Zoys comes there she was looking beautifull (mitwaplays)
Asad:mrs kahn you are still so beautiful hugs her
Zoya:mr kahn shall we go!

Scne:5ahil’s mansion.
Qari:sanam ahmad kahn wald asad ahmad kahn kia apko ahil raza ibrahim sikaa al 1000 sai yeh nikaah qubool hai?
Sanam:qubool hai
Qari:qubool hai?
Sanam:qubool hai
Everyone claps
Qari:ahil raza ibrahim kia apko sanam ahmad kahn wald asad ahmad khan sikaah al wajeb1000 sai yeh nikaah qubool hai.
Ahil:qubool hai
Qari:quboool hai.
Qadi:qubool hai?
Ahil:qubool hai every one claps qubool hai theme plays.
Sanam comes near ahil. Ahil too both hug junoon plays

Scene:6 sehaan nikha they share a hug
Rehaan gets a call
Asad:nikaah mobarak ho !
Zoya:mubarak ho!
Rehaan:haha thank you ahil bahi ko bhi.
Asad:yeah we will tell him haha.

Scene:7 ahil’s mansion
Sanam:2 iam angry as hell now i will snatch ahil
Zuha:not on my watch !
Sanam2 o really do you think that its really gonna work!.
Zuha:yes one day you will find your love mate!
Scene:8 zuha was going but sudenly falls in fawad’s arms guys zuha suggest me this tune so yeah this will be there tune. tose naina plays
They share a eyelock
Fawad breaks it.
Zuha:o hey how are you
Fawad:you can’t even walk properly funnytune
Zuha:what! Now shutup mr faad don’t funntune waste my time iam a beautiful girl and you are a stupid who teases me!
Fawad:what i what i did not tease you mam i respect girls quarrel tune plays
Zuha:i don’t see it anyways. .
Scene:9shahbaz:bye nusz call me i will pick you up.
Nusz:yeah sure bye!
Scene:10 a person enters ahil’s mansion who is he/she why is here ep ends….tell me in the comments below who was that person guys i hope you enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up and i see you guys tommorow bye;)

Precap:sanam2 falls for someone tanveer returns sehaan honey moon sanam is pregnant ahil is so happy asya is happy too! Shaziad returns home. Bye guys do read the ff’s that i suggested bye:) see you guys tommorow

Credit to: Sarah khan

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  1. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...sarah..ff)

    I watned… to ask how can you fall in love so quickly? Irman and ayesha lke each oe alrdy?? how did snam get pregnant so quikly?? Nusz and shahbaz scene confusng… kiss accidenlty… then bye… isn’t suppse to be awkard?? i do not gets it… love hapnnes slolwly.. evenryging happnes so fast..

    1. Well i guess thanks for being a big of me love you but i guess that you can read that comment that i wrote . But i guess thanks for loving it love you bye:)?

  2. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...sarah..ff)

    but your stry is really… gud just dnt make thm fall so quickly… it dont mke sense

    1. Ok thanks but they did fall you can read in my recent comment

  3. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...sarah..ff)

    so I hpe you can descible each love scene properly… becase love happens slowely… I dnt know both fall in lve with each othre… the ida snama used on epi 21.. is gud… and for ayesha and imran too… also their is barely any asya scene…

    1. Of course iam using that idea and i will do each scene properly for sure?

  4. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...sarah..ff)

    But I knw you won’t disspoint us… you a vry good writer..

    1. I would never disappoint my fans and silents readers or besties or friend i mean i will never do that to anyone!? Thanks for saying that iam a good writer!

  5. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    just amazing…

  6. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    but evrything is happening rlly fast… I hpe you can my idea from the pervious epi.

    1. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)


    2. Iam using your idea read in my recent comment down below!

  7. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    keep up the good wkr…

  8. I am sorry guys i think its not a long ep but tried to make one? But anyways i hope you guys enjoyed

  9. Priya tripathi

    Awesome ya but make more sehaan n shezaad scean

    1. Ok pri love you i will make more sehaan and sahil scenes promise??

  10. Awsm epi…..finally sahil r married…….

    1. Haha love you kri thank you really much??

  11. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Very nice , but don’t make Nusbaz and Imsha fall in love easily , hope you don’t mind!!But overall wonderful ep!! Thanks for adding my sugested song!!
    Love Ya?

    1. Hahha love you too! I guess read my recent comment down below and zu thank you no problem ok! Anytime for you ??

  12. Good job Baeeeeee..
    But love happens slowly not so fast. You should make the love scenes more clear
    but overall you’re amazing Baeeeeee

    1. You can read my recent comment milly.but loce you?? i know too that everything happens really slow in love

  13. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Good job my doll!!! I loved this episode so much, you’re just amazing and cute at writing everything!! But I hope you can make everything happen slowly but anyways love you Hun~Nusz

    1. I love you toooo! Nusz??????? and you can read my recent comment down below love you thanks nusz??

  14. Pls iam sorry to say guys but i think for some reason you all are wrong i guess bcz in the ep we all was about to find out that it all was a dream of nusz and ayesha was just imagining the thing and both nusz and ayesha was saying to themselves that we can’t fall in love. But i guess all of you guys are thinking that its happening really soon. And sanam is pregnant in my precap means that everything that is in the precap happens after 5-6 eps guys iam really sorry for upsetting you but i guess?

    1. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

      did u mean Shahabz…. and Irman…… like them???

    1. Thanks jo love you ????

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