Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 20 special)


Wazup guys so before i will start my ep i wanna thank all of you guys for reaching me 41 comments and 20 eps guys i love you alll and i will be always try to make you guys happy love you alll these kisses for all of you guys ??????. So lets get started…..

location:ahil’s mansion. Every buddy is busywith sahil’s nikah
Sanam:ahil today is our nikaah and iam so happy right now we will be together always
Ahil:yes sanam i love you today will be our nikaah and iam so so happy i can’t even express it sanam i just love you so much
Sanam:meee too ahil lets go and see whats going on outside.

Scene:2location house of nusz.
Nusz:arey i hate ayesha now cries funnytune mom:thats the reason you are crying?
Nusz:no mom cries its this stupid onion funnytune i hate onions cries.
Mom:o god enough already you can’t even cut a onion
Nusz:mom aleast iam trying. Her mom kises her forhead.
Mom:beta today you tried and tahts enough for me.
Nusz hug hers.
Ayesha comes crying funnytune.
Nusz:oh ayesha was that was that sad !
Ayesha cries:bcz you are cutting that onion funnytune plays
Nusz leaves.
Ayesha:listen alright iam here to sorry pls
Nusz in her room near the door:no i aint gonna listen sunerhi!
Ayesha:my name is ayesha
Nusz:yeah yeah watever.
Ayesha:alright then i was here bcz i bought you your fav cheese pizzza but she starts to leave in drama. Funnytune
Nusz:rukooo! I forgive you and takes the pizza from her hand.
Ayesha:haah you are my best friend i know what makes you happy and sad.
Nusz:but what about that hiran funnytune
Ayesha:good god his name is imran.
Nusz:o i was joking with you but looks like you are falling forhim hun?? are you gonna kiss him.
Ayesha:shutup alreadyo really then whatabout you and shahbaz?✋?
Nusz:shut just shutup i did not even thought about that fake cries funnytune.
Ayesha:hey i was joking around
Nusz:mee tooo??
Ayesha:yeah yeah.

Scene:3 ahil’s mansion
A person is shown he’s hot as hell he’s handsome
Zuha looks at him lovengly.
Its fawad (aka karan kundra)
Zuha:he’s hotter than ahil god iam crazy
Fawad:hey ahil how’s it going cool.
Zuha hiding behind a wall.
Zuha:hmm the only thing is that does he have girlfriend
Ahil:koi larki nahi mili janab!
Fawad:arey kahan ahil bhai. Guys pls do suggest me a tune for zufad iam using soch na sakai from airlift
Zuha:yes he does not have girl that means i could be his princess.
Scene:4 sanam2’s tune plays.
Sanam2:i have tried to get ahil without magic now i will get him by using my powers zuha comes there
Zuha:iam sorry you are not gonna do anything
Sanam2:shutup dont tell me what to do or not to do i can take my decisions.
Zuha:no he’s someones love pls don’t!
Sanam2:uses her magic and throws zuha out of the room.
Scene:5raziya in the kitchen seher comes from behind and pranks her by putting gum on her wig and glue funnytune.
Raziya:haie allah kasam yeh tune kia kiya!
Seher:abhi to sirf shuruwat hai agai agai dekho hota hai kiya.
Seher leaves for her honeymoon with rehaan.

Scene:6 location asya home asad flirts zoya
Zoya:mr kahn enough funnytune
Asad:pls pls pls zoya

Ep ends guys iam so sorrry for keeping it short but i guess i will soon upload and see you guys tommrow bye:)

Precap:sahil nikaah and honey moon and sehaan nikaah and honeymoon shaziad nikah
Nazi kiss accidentally and ayesha falls for imran tanveer decides to kill everyone
Zufad becomes friends.

Bye guys love you all? Bcz i gotta go its a emergency. But i will soon upload

Credit to: Sarah khan

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  1. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    Please pst nxt…

  2. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    sunehri and nusz… so fnny… they act lke real frnds…

  3. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    now zuha lke fawad? aldy…

    1. Welll i guess they will havw alots of fights but yeah she kinda likes fawad

  4. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    what’s Nazi?

    1. Ravi dubey and nusz or you can say nubaz idk or whatever you wanna call

  5. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    but stll you awesome writer…

  6. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    so plz pst longer epi… i jst love this ff so mch… do describle each love scene… wel…

    1. Well i guess i will try to make it as long as i can but today i was in a emergency so i had to go? But i guess i will love to try to make a bigger ep?

  7. Super episode I really enjoyed but post a long one

  8. Awsm epi…….nusz n sunehri scene was awsm n funny too……

    1. Hey guys i hv recently joined fb…….send ur fb id …….

      1. I am sorry bcz i don’t have my own id but i will make a youtube channel so you can see me soon!???

      2. Okkkk sarah…..if anyone is using fb send their fb id……..

    2. Ok thanks kriya ikr nusz and atesha love to fight i mean funny.fights????

  9. Priya tripathi

    Awesome i like nusz n sunehri charcter n i suggest for zuhad tune is tum mere kaun ho song from yaha mai ghar ghar kheli serial n for nusz n shabaz kitani mohbbat hai serial tune

    1. Well i guesss i will see it soon! I mean zuha suggested a tune so iam so so so sorry sis but guess what you will be entering soon! And also tell me about your love mate i will use these tunes for and some others friends but i promise i will choose these?????? i hope you don’t mind?

  10. Zuha (SuNusZuRah)

    Very nice dear☺☺Please I love that song Tose Naina Jab we mile…Can you make that for Zufad?

    1. Well i guess ok zu love you ?but are you ok with your name i mean zufad? If not i will change it to zuhad or whatever you want? Iam so sorry if you are feeling bad with this name

      1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

        No name is not a big deal , I am happy that I am in your FF , nothing more than that?

      2. Thanks zu so sweet of you love you?

      3. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

        Love you 2?

    2. Hey zuha r u using fb then send ur id……

  11. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    I want Nusz and Zuha pst epi too :((

  12. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    I am waitng forver…

    1. Haha you don’t need to i will update soon!

  13. Wow it’s awesome sunehri imran wow and nusz shabaz so cute and who’s this nazi? ?? I think it’s nazia. .. super episode

    1. O thanks orvana love you????? iam really glad that you liked it love you and also navi is nusz and ravi dubey! Thank you for calling it super ep bcz it means alot to me ?

  14. Fiza (asad and zoya fan)

    Very nice I like it

  15. Interesting

  16. Absolutelyy fantaasticc even if its short….aww yaar sahil n sehan ?and asya…???marvellous..luvvyaa ?

    1. Thanks sanju i appreciate it love you?

  17. Priya tripathi

    Y i don’t mind i have no problem with this i have big crush on ksg but u he play asad role in ur ff after that i have crush shantanu maheswari he was play a svayam charcter in dil dosti dance

    1. Aww thank you priya love you ?? and yeah i like ksg too but we can’t take him
      Bcz he’s the mainest character you know anyways ok shantanu will be your love mate?

  18. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Well Hun you’re amazing like always.. I might not be from June or July something… Because I have to move back’s episode was cute between me and sunehri… Aw the promo is so cute shazia and shaad get married! Yippee, oh me and Ravi hehe and zuha and fawad friends that’s cute… Sunehri falls for imran haha, anyways hope you post the next one soon, take your time and keep
    Smiling… Love you~Nusz

    1. O well miss love you thanks for everything you guys gived me love’support’laugh’friendship i will miss you nusz take care? But pls soon check out my youtube new channel when iam gonna ask you ok! I just made it but i have not uploaded any video whenever iam gonna upload a video i’ll let you know but there’s one thing i would love to your pic sis?? ????

      1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

        I am not leaving forever, just for awhile because I am moving back…
        But thank you Hun


      2. Hahah i know but i will miss you for a while my bestie??

    2. And nusz how should i change my photo on telly updates?

      1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

        Well I wish you, Zuha and Sunheri can your picture. But this is how you do it. Basically you use this website and make an account, with your name, email and etc… Then they will send you a email.. then you accept that… Finally you go on the website change your picture and there will be something like rate G, or PG but you’re going to you rated G because it’s a good picture and so that’s how you change your profile picture.. If you need anymore help just ask.

        My pleasure, any help just ask, lots of love


      2. Hahah thNk you i love you nusz but i will show my pic in youtube not here bcz itz you know alots of bad peoples not my friends besties or fans or silents readers but you know teasers are everywhere on the internet too! So i will show my pic on youtube and yeah you don’t or anyone here don’t use your pics bcz there alots of bad people ok love you all!

  19. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    u knw hw you wrte… nazi kiss accidently… you shld mak it happen lik this… hpe you xan use my ida… but your choce… sme gonns were follwing bcause the city is in danger… her and he saves her… hdes her and she says let go… thn he sees them cming… she nt quiet and he kisses her forcly.. she slaps him…

    1. Haha o well i am sorry but i liked your idea i will use it in ep 22 bcz i have posted the ep 21 hours ago i am sorry sis but i love you umm i will use these ideas for sure??????

  20. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    for sun and imran you shld make them gt trapped in a roomm

    1. Ok ok ok i will this seems to be great yo??

  21. Just muaaaaah ….amazing and dear i need your help … i need a list of opposition hindi songs for the episode .. and nusz dear did u read my epi ? And im eaiing for your epi too ?

    1. Ok i will help you love sun bestie after all you helped me why would i will not help you! Love you??????

    2. I did actually i was the first who commented on your ep haha you can read it!

    3. Hey you can check the list down below!

  22. All right there you go this is the list that i have made for you.
    1:chal wahan jaate hain
    2:wajah tum ho
    3:sanam re
    4:girl i need you from bhaghi
    5:sab tera bhaghi
    6:soch na sakai from airlift
    7:janam janam by dilwale movie
    8:bol Do na zara by azhar its really nice song
    9:wafa nai baiwafai ki hai by arjit singh
    10:tu chaiye hai from bajanrangi bhaijaan
    And dear pls i want my love tune this song bol do na zara from movie azhar ok!
    11: hangover from movie kick
    12:bolna from movie kapoor and sons
    13:tum hi ho from ashiqhi 2
    14:main dhondne ko zamanai main from movie heartless
    15:tu hain kai nahi from movie roy

    I hope it helped you sun ???? if you ever needed any kind of help just tell me!

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