Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 2)


Hey guys this is sarah here this is episode 2 and we will start ok. Thanks for all the good comment everyone specially sunehri zuha and nuz ok.. Another great day . Zoya : mr khan don’t talk to me who kisses his wife infront of there child huh. asad opens his mouth and says . Yai ap kai rahi hai batameez ladki you are saying this stupid girl. Mr kahn well isi baat pai ek shair erz kiya hai irshaad . Asad: what . Zoya hits him: say irshaad (funnytuneplays) asad: irshad. Zoya : apnai mujhe kaha batameez hai to apnai mujhe kaha batameez hai to apko ladyikon sai baat karnai ki konsi tameez hai shukria shukria . You called me stupid but you don’t have manners to talk to a girl. Asad: hogaya apka kia fazool ki shayari suna ti hain ap. (Quarrel tune plays) zoya: oh really ap ko ati hai shayari sunaiyai nahi sunaiya! . What a waste of time zoya do you call it shayari huh? Oh really do you know any shayari ? Tell me right now! Asad:sapno ki duniya main khote chale gaye,hosh main the phir bhi madhosh hote chalay gaye,jaane kiya baat thi us ajnabi mein, na chate hue bhi uskai hote chalay gaye . Shukria zoya. (ladie humming mitwa plays) zoya: mashallah mr khan i love you i did not expect anything like that from you huh . Asad sees right to left no one was around it was night so he kisses her . Zoya:mr khan you are so naughty you kissed me 2nd time gets her arms around his sholder . Asad: mrs khan i know our age is getting older everyday but our love is still young inside (mitwa plays ) they hug . Scene changes sanam is watching a romantic movie and wondering about her prince. On other side seher is reading comics in her room . And on other side dishad is sleeping .

morning its monday seher wake up lets go let me drop you to your college . Yah sanam its my 2nd last paper and after that i will complete my study haha and sanam its not my fault that you done your colleage study soo early hm. Sanam: lets go crazy. a boy is exercing in a gym he’s so pretty girls go crazy on him its ahil (ahil BGtuneplays) on other hand rehaan a charming boy is swimming . ahil: rehaan lets go. Rehaan: ok ahil bhai lets go . On the way there car got scratched by another car ahil come out of the car . On other sanam comes too . On the road there some water on the so sanam got slipped ahil catches her junoon plays on other hand rehaan sees seher they argue can’t you see no you can’t see on other hand ahil fall in love for sanam . Sanam tooo they both sAy iam sorry both of them are shocked junnoon plays . Ahil: iam sorry its my fault . Sanam : what fault you are soo stupid funny tune plays . Ahil: listen allright iam sorry i said allready. Sanam : you are crazy . Sehaan watches them And laugh rehaan sees seher and fall in love . (sehaN tuneplays) .ahil: tum bohot jahil ladki ho .you are a uneducated girl who don’t know nothing how to talk how to say sorry nothing . Sanam: oh really i don’t want to talk to you neither they both have gone . In sanams car sanam: batameez ladka ek ladki say baat karnai ki tameez nahi hai. In ahil’s car jahil ladki koi sorry bol raha ho to ok boltai hai lekin nahi . Rehaan : they are twins . Ahil :yeah so? . Rehaan :nothing ahil bhai you just fall in love with her han?! Ahil : main aur love never huh junoon plays. In sanam’s car seher; sanam you fall in love for him right? You like him! Sanam: no i don’t . Seher: yes you do. Sanam: no . Seher:yes snam: no seher: no sanam: yes junoon plays ……. Thats it for todya guys i hope you enjoy pls like it if you have any complains pls tell me and if you want a role pls tell me!

And here’s a preview. Tanveer finds out that asya is not dead sehaan and sahil moments and zoya slaps tanveer . Bye:)

Credit to: Sarah

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  1. I can’t not even explain how talented you’re.
    I always wanted asya to be alive and take care of sanam and seher!!!
    Man you rock so much~Nusz

    1. Thanks nusz your comment make my day i love so much thanks i will upload another ep as soon as possible i won’t stop at any reason ok

    1. Thanks kriya your role was so good haha love you thanks

  2. Super …??? asya sehan sahil …. ❤

  3. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Yaayy sahil sehan meet wuz marvellouuss!!! Aahil sanam fight!!?n asya scenes were reallyy cutee bae!! N precap…zoya slaps tanveer!!??wow i will surely enjoy dat?

    1. Yeeh thanks your comments are awesome sanjaana love you

  4. very nice but please try and translate the hindi words into english

  5. Very very cute episode. ..i just loved it, keep it up.

  6. alexis fayole

    Just so sweet

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