Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 18)


Waz up guys sarah back here i love you all thank you for all the good comment yesterday everybuddy enjoyed asya very much? Thanks. So yeah …..lets get started…….location: india’s airport bhopal. Tanveer: omg she fumes in anger where is my luggage it should be here till now she was waiting at luggage place where we all have to get our luggages .

Raziya Tune Raziya:allah kasam begum sahiba eats pan! Apnai shaiher(town) ki alag hi baat hai raziya tune plays.
Tanveer:shutup she fumes in more anger ahil finds out about that iam the criminal of his dad and sanam’s family. Billorani plays.
Raziya:laughs raziyatune plays ab main bolun gi to bolo gai kai bolti hai arey begum sahiba ahil ko galdi hi yeh bhi pata chal gai ga kai uskai abbu qatal kisi aur nai nahi balkai uski apni ammi nai hi kiya hai ! Laughs. Tanveer:murtaza pick the luggages.
Murtaza:dabai daar hai tere tu jo kahai main wohi karun.

Scene:2 location:india’s airport bhopal. Asya is there too! Zoya:mr kahn iam tired walking makes a tired face. Asad:so what he picks her in his arms and goes (mitwaplays).
Everybuddy on the airport claps.

Scene:3 nusz’s house she is leaving for the college. Nusz:mom iam going bye!
Mom:take care bye goodluck for the last paper.
Nusz:ok and sunerhi is going with me sunerhi!
Sunerhi fumes in anger. Sunehri:how many times to i have to tell you that my real name is ayesha!? Nusz:ok lets go we are gonna get late!
There bus leaves bcz they were late.
Nusz omg my bus stop it she runs behind the bus. She throws a sandel on the bus funny tune? Ayesha aka(sunerhi)comes from behind she was not able to control her laugh. Laughs so hard??. Nusz fumes in anger runs behind her. Funnytune.
Sudenly shahbaz was coming from behind nusz falls in his arms. Hua hai aj pheli baar plays. They share a eyelock.
Ayesha breaks it by teasing them whistles.
Nusz breaks the eyelock.
Nusz:you again! Funny+quarrel tune plays.
Shabaz:i think that i should ask you this question !
Nusz:o really mr anaar.
Shahbaz:why don’t you understand my name is shahbaz??.
Nusz:look i don’t care but what are you doing here
Iam already late.
Shabaz:shall i drop you both?
Ayesha:yeah sure.
Nusz:wait what ayesha ok.
In the both ayesha and shabaz laughs.
Nusz fumes in anger.
Nusz:what are you both laughing at? Is there stupid write on my head?
Shabaz:ayesha is my sister and you don’t know it. Funnytune both again laughs.
Nusz:so what’s the big deal.
Ayesha:and thats the reason i am a chatter box.
Nusz:o really.

Scene:4 location:ahil’s mansion.
A new person is shown. A girl hugs ahil. Sanam fumes in anger.
Ahil:hey zuha my bestie sis.
Sanam:who are you??.
Zuha:iam ahil’s childhood friend.
Zuha:a very intelligent girl she is vey genius in computers and want ahil so bad she can do anything for it even kill somebuddy the thing that she do ‘t know is ahil is going to nikaah with sanam.
Sanam:so whats your hobby mine is cooking food sanam tune plays. Zuha:actually i have a hobby i am very genius in computers. . Ahil:yup exactly.
Sanam look angerly at ahil. Funnytune.
He gets away from.zuha.
Zuha will later find her lovemate zuha tell me about your love mate in the comments below. Sanam:anyways tommorow is my and ahil’s nikhaah.
Zuha is broken from inside and tears are flowing.
Ahil :you alright ?
Zuha: yeah yeah. Evil tune plays zuha thinks. That i have been a good person from so long now for ahil i will become a evil.
Sanam i will snatch ahil from you!
Sanam:well lets go in.
Ahil in his room with sanam he closes the door and flirts with sanam.
Sanam:ahil let me go. Junoonplays.
Ahil:no first you will have to kiss me!
Sanam:nop ahil.
Sanam kisses him. And leaves.
Sanam2 sees it alll and try to magic on sanam. But sadly she is caring a tasbee in her hand.
Main tune plays.
Sanam2 is getting burned before anything can happen she leaves.
Sehaan and asya enters the house.
Seher on other hand in the kitchen is drinking water murtaza comes from behind and flirts.
Murtaza: murtaza khush hua. Guys murtaza is faiz aka punit sharma.
Seher:leave me whi are you.
Rehaan sees all and slaps murtaza.
Murtaza:iam leaving murtaza ki bohat basti hue hai.
Rehaan hugs seher.

Scene:5 shaad and shazia leaves for paris bcz of shaads work he takes shazia with him.

Scene:6 tanveer is keep fuming in anger.
Raziya:begum sahiba gusse main ap achi mahi lagti dekheye kitnai zyada mahmaaan ai hue hain! She laughs. Evily ep ends guys i hope you enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up and like always stay tuned for more and pls guys do read the ff’s that i suggested! See you tommorow:) bye.

Precap:zuha tanveer raziya sanam2 murtaza khala khau become partners.and shake hands. Sahil is doing nikaah zuha drama’s that she burned herself and sahil stops nikaah. Sehaan is damn worried seher slaps raziya. Zoya fights tanveer a new entry.

Guys i hope you enjoyed bye and also tell me in the comments below who’s the new person! Bye:)

Credit to: Sarah khan

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  1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Ohhhhh I am enjoying my character alot??
    For the person , give me Karan Kundra, if you don’t mind?
    Nice episode , Loved Sunehri , Nuszz and Shabaz part??

    1. Yo why would i mined? Karan kundra nice choice well he will enter soon! Actually everybuddy loved that part?? love you muaaa thats great that you are enjoying your role!

  2. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Oh my jaaaaannnnm and love you’re such a cutie pie!!!!! God me and sunehri like so funny l!!!! Then shazeb comes and I fall on him!!!! The fights tho!!! Haha and zuha evil separating sahil won’t work aha!!!! And sheher slaps Razia yes aha also Post the next one ASAP!!! Love you my doll~Nusz

    1. You mean shahbaz ??? anyways i love you ?? and also i will update soon! And you are happy that raziya is getting slapped✋?? I love you my doll tooo! Bye ! Zuha is evil in this ff?

      1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

        Typo my phone’s fault sorry!!! Man I love this fan fiction aha~Nusz

      2. Oh thats ok love you and thanks for loving it i mean this ff

      3. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

        Well actually I threw a shoe at a car before!!! Man I remember that day. (Dying of laughter)~Nusz

      4. Hahahaha yo are you serious man o man??? anyways i love you iam really glad that my ff is same as your childhood or memory! O wow nusz you are awesome!???

      5. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

        I swear to god it did… One time when I went to visit Bangladesh and my friend were there… A man came with his car and almost hit us.. I took my shoe threw it on his face first and then his car… My friend started laughing at me and then I started beating her up too… I am very crazy at some points!!! But when it comes to my friends I can do anything for them aha~Nusz

      6. I swear to god i do the same at some points too iam too like you iam not scared of anyone i can fight anyone! But anywayslove you bestie??

      7. I hate those kinds of people you know who teases girls who almost killed the person when they don’t know how to drive

  3. pst nxt epi please..

  4. today epi mde me laugh… nusz and shahbaz is cte… add mre scenes of them…. wating for lve traks of sunehri and zuha to strt….

    1. Haha well nice.well i will add their love scenes! Asap

  5. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    als plst nxt epi longer…. if u can…

    1. Well i guess this one was a little longer wasn’t it?? Anyways i willl make it much longer as i can!????

  6. Awsm epi especially when nusz is throwing sandel at bus……..update next part asap…..

    1. It will soon be publised bcz i posted it hours ago?? and love you yes that really happened with nusz in real life???. Anyways thanks kriya ?

  7. Priya tripathi

    Awesome sarah sorry late comment

  8. Wowow superbb episode sarahh u rockkk!!! YO!!✌

  9. He he .. Nusz flying sandal was very funny .. I too did this with a person … He was teasing me and my friend nandhita and we throwed mud on his eyes and sandals too ???? my sis .l finally they said that they will post the Epi

    1. Ahahhahaha i have did the same god hahaha??? damn anyways but i guess your ep will posted soon! Love you dear?

  10. Love u so much and I’m waiting for ur Epi too

    1. Aww thank you sun love you too! Well i guess its posted already so you can check it out?☺️ ? Bye??

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