Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 17)


Hey waz up guys guys i love you all and thanks for the 40 commnts again and also guys today your most hated character in qh will enter and also i going to use the magic stuff and all bcz its all her chracter sorry guys but i prom she will be a good person soon!. .

Location:ahil’s mansion . Sanam: ahil ! Ahil::yes sanam! Sanam sits and ahil too! Sanam blushingly says: ahil wo .. I want baby’s junoon plays. Ahil:what?? Sanam:yes there names will be eimaan and hira. Actually guys hira is my bestfriend’s name school. Ahil:what if its a girl! Sanam:boy! Ahil:girl. Funny tune. Sanam:i said boy! Ahil:girl. Sanam:boy Ahil:boy Sanam:girl. Funnytune+quarreltuneplays. Sanam:ahil you know what i want twins. Like me and my sister. Sanam seher plays. Ahil:idk let the Nikaah done first then we will talk!

Scene:2 thailand airport. Asad:mrs kahn our boarding is open now lets go! Zoya:ok ! In the plane light are off and everybuddy on the plane is sleeping. asad:iam about to sleep. Zoya:why tell me? Sleep. Asad:aham i think you just forget something funnytune. Zoya:omg i forget to eat the famous pizza from thailand? Funnytune. Asad:iam iam sleeping. Zoya laughs. Zoya:how can i forget she takes a blanket and put on both’s heads inside the blanket she kisses asad then removes it (mitwaplays). Air hoster: mam would like something to drink? Zoya: no i need a enery drink and pizza? Asad: is embarrassed funny tune . Asad:what are yoy saying they don’t give pizza on planes. Funny tune. Air hoster:no thats ok. She leaves. Zoya:mr bohat dino baad ek shair erz kia hai! Asad:ya allah khair phir Nahi . Zoya:irshad! Asad makes a sh*t face . Asad:irshaad. Zoya:eena meena deeka i love my pizza.! Shukria shukria. Asad:wah wah zoya.

Scene3 sehaan on a date. Rehaan:seher will you marry me gets on his knees. Shows a ring sehaan tune plays. Seher happily says:qubool hai! They hug.

Scene4 plane not asya one but tanveer 1. Murtaza:margeena dabai daar hai tere. . He flirts with air hoster. Tanveer slaps him. Billo rani plays Raziya laughs. Murtaza flirts tanveer. Murtaza:dabai daar hai tere murtaza ko aj tag kisi nai thapar nahi maara. Per tune aj maardiya. Dekha thujsai sacha pyaar karta hun main.! From pyaar. Raziya remembers sadique najma haider and humeira sahil asya. Raziya tune plays. Raziya:says slowly. Allah kasam begum sahiba yeh jo ishq ki aj hain na bohat hi kambaqt hai jala hi daiti hai haie ishq sai mujhe asad aur zoya yaad atai hain. She shows a pic of asya to her. Raziya:dekho dekho na laughs. Tanveer makes angryfaces billorani. Raziya:haie tum to dekh hi nahi sakti ab main blun gi to bolo gai kai bolti hai. Arey tum dekho ya naa dekha hum to dekhain. Evily laughs. Tanveer fumes in anger takes of raziya’s wigs and the whole plane laughs. Tanveer laughs. Tanveer:arey bi allah she touches her bold head laughs bi tum itni budhi kab sai hogaye. Raziya cries.

Scene5 shaziad . Shazia falls in shaads arms meherban plays.

Scene:6 sahil are getting ready and selecting dresses for the next week ‘s nikaah. Ahil:sanam i chose this for you. He sudenly changes his mind and leaves evil tune plays. New sanam enters. New sanam wolf’s scream plays. Sanam:ahil gi ko main hasil karoo gi. FLASHBACK. Sanam ponits gun towards sanam. Flash back ends.
Guys i will call new sanam sanam2
Sanam:idk what happened to ahil? Ep ends……

Guys i hope you enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up and today i tried to make a long ep. And also love you guys see you tommorow :). .

Precap:sahil nikaah sehaan nikaah asya on sahil’s nikaah. Tanveer slaps raziya murtaza flirts seher. Rehaan beats him. Ahil kisses sanam finally . Sanam2 again magics on ahil.

I hope you enjoyed bye see you tommorow:). Also guys do read the ff’s that i suggested.

Credit to: Sarah khan

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  1. It was awesome dear and I have 1 doubt as new sanam suddenly appered. . I think there’s a past .. I know u won’t reveal now 😛 and is there misbah (sashi kapoor ) in your ff ???? And I don’t know why they are not posting my ff yet … I’ve better post it again. .. love u 🙂

    SunehrI mehta <3 <3 ♡♡♡

    1. Sun hmmm i think we will find out soon!? I think that you should refresh your google and then open telly updates !?
      But anyways love you thanks for lovely comment love you muaaa???

  2. It’s very nice I liked it a lot mainly sahil scenes and asya scenes too 2aitng for your episode and please update your episode soon sunehri , nusz , zuha, priya tripathi please update your episodes I’m eagerly waiting

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

      I am soooo soryyy dear , today was my second last paper and tomorrow is the last1 so let us see when I will be posting??

    2. Aww thanks orvana you are soooo nice i love you ? Thanks for liking me and my bestie’s ff’s love you we all will asap update i will sunerhi will take a little while update bcz her tellyupdates is not posting her article. Nusz will upload soon! Zuha will in sha allah( god willings) soon update!. But anyways love you bye for you my friend i will update soon!

  3. Dear Sarah read my comment in your previous episode

    1. Yes dear i have already you check it out?? i never want to miss my besties ‘ friends’fans and silent readers or whom ever like my ff! Miss there comments i will always answer your questions bcz i love you guys! Thanks orvana

  4. Mind blowing episode

  5. Plz post the next one ASAP

  6. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Awesome dear, I loved AsYa scenes , OMG , Asya were so awesome today , I can not even express it , Let us see , what happens next in your FF??

    1. Oh really ? Was it that awesome☺️ Aww thanks zu love you. ? You don’t need ti express it i can feel it? I will let you see whats gonna next promise?? thanks again love you goodluck for the 2nd last paper

  7. Priya tripathi

    Awesome i lov asya scean

    1. Aww thank you priya love you actually today everyone liked the asya scene??☺️ But anyways thanks love you

  8. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Muahhhh my girl, you’re always rocking your ff… This one was really good!!! I can’t wait for the recap!!! But love you so much sissy~Nusz

    1. Thank you nusz love you ?and iam really glad that you liked it i have posted the next ep just like5 mins ago! Anyways thanks love you

  9. Superb epi…..raziya dialogues r awsm……u nailed it…..

    1. Thank you kriya love you you nailed it i mean your comment nailed it anyways like you i love raziya too! ?

  10. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Sorry for the late comment Sarah sis n bestie I was super busy last two days just read 2 episodes together and it’s mindblowing wow cute Sahil scenes love Asya, Sahil n Sehaaan 🙂

    1. Awww thank you love you ?Jo bestie? Well i guess every single person is busy in this world so why not you right?!? But anyways iam really glad that you liked asya sehaan and sahil soo much haha? Anyways bye love you jo

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