Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 16)


Waz up my buddies sarah back with another ep. Wow we have reached 16 ep and 41comments. Guys i love you all today that just happened because of you guys love you all!.? Location:nusz house. Nusz mom. Mom:hey nusz where are you are you home? Nusz are you listening to me foods ready. She goes to her . Mom:nus….. Nusz was dancing and jumping on the bed and was singing batameez dil. Mom picks her ears. Nusz:mom sorry its hurting funny tune. Mom:go and eat your food stupid girl. She leaves. Nusz: god she was about shahbaz :what a stupid boy he was how can he talk rudw to a Princess like me idiot . Mom:nusz. Nusz:wait up iam coming. Mom: your best friends here. Nusz:omg sunerhi. Sunerhi: a girl like seher she is a chatter box and loves burger more than anything she is from America and is now lives in india. And she have crush on imran aka namish teneja. She is very funny and laughs on everyone at a very funny moment. Intro ends.

Sunerhi picks nusz cheeks.:hi my teddy beddy my cute bestfriend. Nusz:alright alright stop it you are driving me crazy.! Sunerhi: aww really not a big deal. Anyways she talks alot and nusz is gone crazy. Nusz thinking what chatter box. Funny tune. Sunerhi:so you have a boyfriend. Nusz:me no. . Sunerhi:me either laughs. Scene2 :thailand.raziya eats pan. :haie allah kasam pan to bohat acha hai. Per naseeb nahi. Arey mere nahi tumhara. Zoya:shutup mumani i thought you were a good person. Raziya fixes her dubatta like always in real qh. Arey zoya main to hamesha sai hi asi thi. Tanveeer:so who’s gonna die first jammy or zoya?. She hugs asad. Asad:leave me. Tanveer:jamy i loved you but this zoya snatched you from me. Zoya:tanveer get away from mr kahn. Tanveer:ah now i don’t need anymore i have everything money city’s in my command respect.main tune plays. Guys i will do this line in hindi bcz i love it and you will too.

Zoya:allah nai bhalai hi tumhai sab diya ho per na hi kabhi apna diya or nahi tum hai kisi nai pyaar kiya! Tanveer billo rani plays. Tanveer tries to kill zoya but a person come behind and says: you are underarrest. Raziya who are you.? You better not care about who am i just leave with me. Asad Zoya leaves. Scene3 location unknown house . Tanveer :who are you. Person comes closer to tanveer and starts flirting. Person:margina dabaidaar hain tere. Tanveer: murtaza. Murtaza:han main. Tanveer:leave what did you do you just do you destroyed my whole plan.. Murtaza: dabaidaar hain tere bas teri yaad ai thi aur hum chalai aai. Scene4location:ahil’mansion. Junoon plays. Ahil:sanam i love you he hugs her. Sanam:i love you too ahil. Ahil:sanam now never you will go far from me?! Sanam:idk ahil i can . Ahil:what are you sayin today you have said taht do not say it again. Sanam:to phir jaldi say nikaah kar li giye na nikaah is the promise that i will keep till my dying time. Ahil:we will under one week. Ahil:sanam aren’t you forgetting something??? sanam:o yeah how can i forget i have to cook food. Funny tune plays.ahil:sanam he point towards his lips. Sanam:no ahil you are getting naughty day by day. Ahil:pls just once. Sanam gets closer to ahil. Sanam:ahil ahil:what. Sanam:you have to wAit till nikah. Funny tune she laughs. Scene5 location sehaan at a date. Rehaan proposes seher. Rehaan:will you marry me sehaan tune plays. Sher:i will quboll hai.. Scene6 shaad at work. Shazia comes there.

Shaad:o hey you are here? Shazia:i thought why not bought you food .. Shaad:i will after a little work. Shazia feeds him meherban plays. Scene7 murtaza’s house. Tanveer: what is the work that you called me. Murtaza:margina tere khail kai barai main ahil ko pata chal gaya hai.3x tanveer: what. Ep ends guys i hope you enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up see you guys tommorow!:).

Precap:sahil nikaah but some kind of magic power stops them a new person entry asya returns india sehaan honey moon shaziad scenes murtaza also comes india with tanveer and raziya.

Bye guys see you tommorow:)

Credit to: Sarah khan

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  1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Mauhh.. Sunherii and mine bonding is so cute!!! Just like yours and sunehri’s in my ff… Man I love our parts!!!! Just waiting for zuha aha… Yes sehaan honeymoon… New sanam entry stopping them from getting married and love you aha~Nusz

    1. Aww thank you love sisy bear and thanks for liking it . Nusz well you guess right its new sanam re? But i will put the magic and the things .believe me magics gonna end soon just a little while . Bcz without villian there ain’t no story

  2. Sahil love ? (Real name sarah....!)

    Sorry for keeping the ep short i hope you enjoyed bye love you allll!

  3. Priya tripathi


  4. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    I was smiling after reading your epi. Nice , Dear Sissy??Keep writing??

    1. Aww that is so nice sweetheart iam really glad that my eps made you smile☺️ Sis love you zu i will keep writing . One more thing zu just don’t take tension for the exams if you ever worried about your exams just come and talk to us guys talk to your friends we will make you happy?

  5. Ayyy murtaza haha margina? sahil is??asya escape yay? sehaan honeymoon in precap☺shaziad scenes☺gudd episodee?luvvyaa?

    1. Thanks sanju love you ??? Iam really happy for you that you liked it bye

  6. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)


  7. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    pst….nxt epi…plzz…

    1. i have already you can check it out?

  8. Hey dear I’m a silent reader I’m a big fan of aahil sanam u rock dear u all qubool hai ff writes are fantastic gul khan should take tips from you all u please update everyday because I’m madly enjoying your fan fiction the episode was excellent

    1. Aww orwana you are such a sweetheart i love you .your comment made my day .hehe i usually update everyday but you know tellyupdates post it after hours? But anyways love you my friend??? and thanks making it excellent??

  9. Sunehri entry was awsm n murtaza also…….especially murtaza dialogues…..

    1. Thank you kriya my dear love you ?o well you like murtaza! Anyways thanks

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