Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 15)

Waz up guys sarah back here with another ep and sunerhi, Nusz where are you guys?!. Anyways guys i did not noticed 1 thing that on my ep:12 we have 40 comments thank you guys so much!. ..

lets get started…… Location: thailand. Asad:hmmm this address is kinda strange like a underworld buisness place like gangster. Zoya laughs .zoya:mr kahn what are you saying!? Asad:mrs kahn this is not funny. Zoya:what is this how could your boss will be doing a underworld buisness? Asad:i think that something is bad i think . Zoya:mr kahn lets go. Location:unknown. Tanveer:gazala you know what. Khala eating. Khala:what begum sahiba. Tanveer:the whole world is under my comand billorani plays.. Khalu:but how begum sahiba. Tanveer:you will find out soon! Evily laughs. Knock knock bell rings. Tanveer: see. Khala:who is it! Its asya. Asad: why nobody is opening the door? Zoya:no one is like you mr kahn.funnytune. Asad: what.. Zoya:ok just ring the bell. Someone comes from behimd and hits both asad zoya on head both are unconscious . Later both are wake up zoya: where are we?.. Asad:ah idk. Zoya:and why are we are tied from this rope and sttting on chair?. Asad: see i told you something is suspicious but you did not believe me you laughed at me . Zoya:iam sorry mr kahn. Person: evily claps. Well o well hahahahahahaha you are finally in my and my sister’s trap. Asad:What do you mean who are you? Person takes of the mask. Eyes are shown. The person is keeping his hands on his face removes them. Raziya tune plays.zoya:what *******FLASH BACK**** raziya hits sidique sab. Then zoya’s ami. Then traping zoya on fire..
Evil tune plays. Flash back ends.

Raziya:ab main bolun gi to bolon gai kai bolti hai. Raziya: arey bahi zamana purana ho ya naya raziya bi to zinda hi rahai gi. Laughs. Another person is shown. Aaad:what tum? Tanveer :hahaha han main .first i thought you were jamy but you both alive somehow. The things that were not today will be done. Hahahhahaha. Raziya: eats pan like always. Arey zoya mano na mano kasam khuda ki allah nai kiya sahi jodi banayin hai. Haie. Your two daughters will be dead from there and you from here. Asya:leave sanam seher its about us not them.. Scene:2 ahil:mansion ahil:sanam i loved you i trusted you but you broked my heart. Sanam: ahil there is nothing like that your ami is a murderur. Ahil:sanam shutup. Sanam:kyun suna nahi gya kia.? Ahil:sanam its enough. Ahil: i want a clue in 1 week if not you whats gonna happen.. Sanam:iam part to believe your ami killed my phupi she destroyed my whole family accept my mom my dad my sis my badi ami. And you are not believing me ! Ahil: iam leaving. Sanam searches around the house and finds a room from a wall like the scene in real qb.

Sanam: what ahil ahil ahil! Ahil:wh… Sanam: see thats the clue. Ahil:wait a minute . In the mystery room. They found najma ‘ sidique ‘ tanveer’ asya’ dilshad’ rashid’s photo! Ahil also found the photo of his father. Ahil: sanam hugs her i cannot believe it . Forgi.. Sanam places her finger on his lips. Sanam: enough ahil i have forgived you already. Junoonplays. Ahil:ami now your game is end he founds a paper named ahil raza ibrahim adopt by tanveer. Ahil raza wald nadia raza ibrahim aka his mother. Ahil:ami happy mothers day he cries and tension tune plays. I will show this to police. Ep ends. ….. I hope you enjoyed the ep pls give it a big thumbs and bye stay tuned for more love ya all.

Precap: asya founds a way to get out. Sahil romances shaziad on a date sehaan marries tanveer finds that ahil has find out everything a new entry .

Tell me in the comments below who’s the new entry. And bye see you tommorow

Credit to: Sarah khan


  1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Awesome my girl, you’re a shining star, the promo looks so interesting!! Hope you post the next one asap, I just can’t wait till this Razia gets slapped haha.
    But anyways Hun, I hope you make the episodes longer… Love you aha~Nusz

  2. kriya

    omg i loved raziya dialogues when i am reading her dialogue i felt that it is a real scene from QH………finally sahil united…….cant wait for next……love u……

    • Iam just thinking the next Ep? you know bcz its not easy so what do i do first is think whats gonna happen next and then write it on the diary and i see it again agian and again if its not cool i make cahges in it but yeah i will upload soon asap love you!?

  3. Priya tripathi

    Awesome sarah finaly Aahil knew tanveer real face i think the new entry is new sanam

  4. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Hey sweetie , sorry for commenting late , was busy with studies??????Wanted to have a break so read your FF , I am happy Sahil are re uniting ,and I love that dialogue , Mai bolongee toh bolo ge bolti hai , Alka Kaushal was fab for the show , looking forward to the next episode??
    Love you , and keep writing?????

    • O hey thanks for the time to read my ff love you zu and ya best of luck from trio of us sun ‘ nusz’ sarah! Love you. I love razia she’s my fav chracter in qubool hai as a evil well a long time ago but i love her. And her dialogues like ab main bolun gi to bolo gai kai bolti hai’ allah kasam’ haie’ arey when she something about her. ????

  5. Priya tripathi

    Hey zuha nusz sunehri sarah alexis n others i post my frist ff the name is Revenge n love story of true lovers plz read n don’t forget to comment

  6. Yaayy sahil!!@):-oh godd i hope asya gets out of dere ASAP!!:,( thnk god finally aahil came 2 noe abt tanveerz evil truth 😀 n precap sehaan married :):) n raziya bi..her dialogues..aha i felt ki im seeing qubool hai 😉 but seriously awsmm episode 😛 luvv youu <3

  7. Sunehri

    My dear Sarah ….. Mind blowing …. Now only I have submitted my ff episode I hope they will post soon … And just awesome ….. ???

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